A Marriage Marred in Heaven

Extreme Stories

It’s hard to describe the turmoil of the last two years.
A part of my beautiful wife, soul mate, lover and idol
has been taken from me and I have some responsibility
for the loss.

We’re in our early forties, comfortably off, well-paying
jobs and rediscovering some freedom as our son and
daughter have fled the nest. We saw little of Paul as he
worked abroad for long stretches and very little of
Nicola but we considered our lives charmed; not by our
relative wealth but by our discovery of each other all
those years ago. We’ve often talked of how much of
everything we could give up provided we had each other
and how rare we felt our relationship was in a transient

Add to this the fact that my wife is what most men would
consider to be a… well she’s very attractive, tall,
slim and shapely with all the assets men value!

How then have we jeopardized all this. How have we got
to not knowing each other, not knowing truth from lies,
fantasy from reality?

Both of us have a healthy sexual appetite. In the months
since the kids left, it’s been re-fired with a
vengeance. It’s not just the physical acts of sex, we
really know how to push each other’s mental buttons,
well Sue really knows how to press mine. This has led to
us sharing our fantasies in detail as we’ve made love.

I’ve played with her black rape fantasies, she’s played
with my cuckold fantasies. But that’s all they are…
for both of us… fun… teasing… titillating. And now
I find us trapped in someone else’s fantasy. It amounts
to nothing short of… well let me tell you how we got

I’ve often thought that if a couple look outside of
their marriage for fulfillment there has to be something
wrong with the inside. But when you already have
everything you wanted you inevitably think of the things
you can’t have. That’s surely the purpose of dreams and
fantasies. And when our passionate lovemaking about that
time brought out fierce and obscene entreaties from each
other, something turned.

In the afterglow of that passionate lovemaking, no,
fucking session, we lay together in spent silence. I
spoke first but I already knew in the way that two
people in love often do that we were at one on the

“Could we do it? Could we play out these fantasies for

Sue didn’t react badly as some might expect. She teased
with purpose.

“Well, I think I could. I love you absolutely but it
might be fun. How do you think you would handle it? It’s
got to be hard for a man to see his wife fucked by a
stranger… and I wouldn’t do it if there was the
slightest chance it could ruin the perfect relationship
we already have.”

The separation of this matter-of-fact discussion from
the passion of the fantasies marked a turning point for
us. If we could talk about it like this, we were on the
way to its fulfillment. There’s no denying I relished
the prospect.


Over the next few days we discussed it further. How
could we pursue it? Which fantasy would we pursue? Sue
was keen to elicit any objections from me. In fact, I
was touched by her concern for my emotional wellbeing.
She began testing me. She started to tease me in a very
matter of fact way, not at all in the context of our
lovemaking but conversationally, at the dinner table or
at breakfast.

She’d ask me as I was leaving for work to imagine her
with a big black cock in her or as we washed up after
dinner she’d tell me she was looking forward to me
licking cum from her face or kissing her cum filled

I understood the psychology she was adopting. In some
ways it worked. I did feel jealousy and I did feel fear
but not in a negative way. It gave me a rush. I adopted
a similar approach with her, telling her I’d pimp her
out to any number of black thugs or tie her down and
strip her for their enjoyment. Other than a sultry look
or flash of the eyes she didn’t outwardly respond. There
was nothing to suggest she was changing her mind,

Neither of us backed off. We seemed to pass each other’s

That still left the practical arrangements and I guess
that’s when things started to go awry.

How many times are we all warned about being careful who
we deal with on the internet but it did seem the logical
place to start looking.

Mr. Mills came to our house by invitation. He was a tall
handsome black guy, late twenties and very well groomed.
He spoke gently and reassuringly to us both. He made no
attempt to do anything but establish our requirements.
He might easily have been an insurance salesman or a
financial consultant were it not for the bizarre nature
of the exchange.

We both had a sense of discomfort describing our
fantasies to him. It’s one thing to describe them to
each other, quite another to do it to a stranger. He
told us that to heighten our enjoyment of his services
he would have to play some mind games with us and that
we would have to play along willingly and obediently. He
was so matter of fact though that when he left we felt a
sense of anti-climax. Nothing had happened. He told us
he’d be in touch.

When he called me two days later it was with a price for
his services and a set of instructions if we wanted to
accept. The price was more than I’d expected but I took
his number and sat down with Sue to discuss it.

For the first time I detected resistance from her. The
meeting with Mr. Mills had been so business-like and
without passion she’d begun to have doubts. I, though
had the bit between my teeth and was able to persuade
her we should at least try it out.

I explained to her some of Mr. Mills’ instructions.

We were to go to an address, a house he called “Heaven”
this coming Friday evening and be prepared to spend the
weekend. Payment was to be in cash on arrival. We were
not to take mobile phones, or a change of clothes.
Neither of us was to wear underwear.

Sue shifted uncomfortably at that last part.

By the time we were set to leave for Mr. Mills’ an
uneasy silence had descended on us, neither knowing what
to say to the other and each sensing the others

Nonetheless, my casual attire and lack of underwear
stirred my loins and I wondered how I would hide the
stain that was already forming at the front of my pants.
Still with some fear Sue had opted for a simply cut and
plain buttoned up dress, belted around her waist and
though she was nervous her braless nipples stood out
clearly. Nervous or not she was hot.

When the door of the Victorian terraced mansion opened
shock was our first reaction.

There to greet us was a young man elegantly turned out
in evening wear from the waist up and naked from the
waist down. He sported a fierce 8″ erection. He seemed
embarrassed but stuck to what sounded like a script.

“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Grant. Would you follow me

I hesitated. I looked at Sue and she returned it. She
looked bemused, not fearful, and her eyes blazed with
excitement. Her eyes turned back to follow him and as I
looked too I saw what she saw, below the black jacket
his firm rounded buttocks. As he sensed our hesitation
he turned to us again. His rock hard cock sprung forth
from beneath his shirt.

“Please, you must follow me.”

Sue looked back at me. “Are we still okay with this?”

I nodded and we followed.

We ascended the stairs behind him in silence. At the top
we found ourselves at one end of a long corridor. The
man opened the first door of a series of 4 or 5 on the
left and we followed him in.

The room was decorated in the period of the building.
Long flowing drapes; padded, patterned armchairs, high
ornately patterned ceilings and deep plush carpet. An
enormous gilt framed mirror covered the whole of one

There was Mr. Mills to greet us.

“Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Grant. I’m pleased you’ve decided
to join me and I’m looking forward to providing you with
the fulfillment of your darkest fantasies.

Our half naked escort left the room closing the door
behind himself. Mr. Mills continued.

“Please, will you sit. Mr. Grant here, and you Mrs.
Grant over there.”

We sat in the deep plush armchairs in positions several
meters apart but facing each other. Mr. Mills leaned
against the high mantelpiece of the grand open fireplace
between the two of us but forming a triangle; we could
each face each other.

I was about to speak but Mr. Mills anticipated this and
gently preempted me.

“I don’t mean to address the issue with indecent haste
but can we first settle the matter of payment.”

I knew of this but had forgotten. Apologetically I
scrambled into my pocket and extracted the wad of notes
and without ceremony handed it to him. He declined.

“I’d prefer to take it from Mrs. Grant.”

Puzzled I handed it to Sue who took it and tried to hand
it to Mr. Mills.

“Count it out, Mrs. Grant. I like the idea of being paid
by another man’s wife to arrange her fucking.”

Sue turned bright red and began to count out the notes.
I hoped her embarrassment prevented her realizing just
how much more this was costing than I’d told her. As she
finished there was an uncomfortable silence and I was
about to speak.

“You’re in my hands now, Mr. Grant. There’s no need to
engage in polite conversation. You’re paying me
handsomely for the service I’m about to provide and you
mustn’t feel any obligation to pass idle chit chat. From
this moment all you need do is listen and act on my
instruction. If at some point either of you wish to
leave or cease our games simply say so” I glanced at Sue
and she glanced back. She didn’t seem nervous other than
in an excited way. She gave me a half smile. Mr. Mills
pressed a small button on the wall close to where he
stood and I heard the faint distant sound of a bell.

Momentarily there was a knock on the door and our
earlier escort entered with a startlingly beautiful
woman, startling insofar as she was “dressed’ in a
clich�d form of a French maid outfit. Black stockings
ran the length of her long legs with just the right
glimpse of naked flesh between them and the flared,
black and white laced micro mini.

She wore a bustier which thrust her breasts up and out
and they were naked. Her nipples stood proud but she was
blushing a bright red. A silly, badly fitting black
beret sat on her head.

The man who’d let us in was with her, still dressed
immaculately from the waist up still sporting a raging
hard on. They presented a very erotic sight.

“Mr. and Mrs. Grant, meet Mr. and Mrs. Cash.”

We nodded to each other but no words were spoken. The
silence wasn’t so much awkward as electrically charged.

“Mrs. Cash, would you lay the fire please.”

No conversation was taking place. All our eyes followed
her as she walked to the fireplace and began to kneel
next to Mr. Mills. On her knees she reached out for the
small pile of kindling by the side of the hearth. As she
did I was confronted with the most beautiful naked
bottom framing pink pussy lips. I looked at Sue. Was she
seeing what I saw?

I think she was as she seemed transfixed. I looked back
but by now Mrs. Cash was back on her haunches, her rear
covered by the skimpy skirt.

She picked up the matches from the side of the hearth,
struck one, and leant forward again to light the wood
she’d placed in the grate. There it was again. That
gorgeous butt, that glistening pussy.

This time I glanced at her husband. His cock was leaking
pre-cum and a string of it attached itself to his
shirttail. He saw me looking at him, he blushed and
looked away from my eye. His cock was almost purple and
shone like his wife’s cunt.

“Thank you, Mrs. Cash, you may leave now.”

She stood, curtsied, and left, never meeting the eye of
her husband as far as I could tell.

It was at this point that my resolve was going to be
tested. Once Mrs. Cash had left, Mr. Mills spoke to us

“We ought to start on your fantasies, don’t you think.
After all its your money we’re spending and whilst I’m
sure you’re enjoying helping Mr. and Mrs. Cash with
theirs we should begin”

He addressed me, “John, so far the thought of another
man taking your wife has stayed firmly in your

I was startled more by his familiarity, his use of my
first name, than by the content of his statement. I
immediately felt disadvantaged, subservient somehow. He
went on.

“From this moment you must both trust me and obey me
without question if you are to fully experience what it
is you want from me. You cannot demur or from this
moment on I will keep payment in full for my services.
As you both now know I am very expensive and if you
leave now you will have nothing to show for your
investment. Now, as I say this I know you want to
continue so we’ll proceed.”

“Mrs. Grant, you are beautiful. Any man would desire
you. Look at Mr. Cash’s cock. Do you think that’s
because he’s just watched his wife debase herself before
us? Maybe. I’d like to bet he quite likes the prospect
of examining your charms too, don’t you think. What do
you think John? Think Mr. Cash would like to sample some
of your pretty wife’s delights, her moist pussy, her
hard erect nipples?”

His words burned into my mind. Was I really ready for
this? Was Sue?

I got the answer to my second question first.

“Open your legs, Mrs. Grant.”

I wanted Sue to look at me for my response. She didn’t.
After a moment’s hesitation her knees separated
slightly. Very commandingly Mr. Mills spoke again.

“Wider, Mrs. Grant. It’s too late for modesty.” Sue’s
knees moved further apart and her dress began to slide
up her thighs.

“What do you think Mr. Cash? Would you like to fuck

Mr. Cash spoke, “Yes, sir.”

“And you John. Would you like him to fuck your wife
right now, right here, in front of you?”

I really didn’t know how to answer. How did Sue feel.
What would she think if I said yes? It was what we’d
come to experience but if I was unsure might she be the
same. He read me well.

“Never mind what she thinks. I’m looking after her now.
What do you think? Do you want him to fuck her? It’s
what you came for isn’t it? Is the reality too hard to

There was a faint smile from him as I failed to answer.
My mind flailed, torn.

He turned from me back to Sue. Legs apart, a dark shadow
hinted at her exposed cunt. Somehow I was relieved that
the arms of the chair prevented her opening her legs
wider. It was short-lived relief though.

“Help me John. Come here.”

I stood, not understanding my obedience, and walked
towards Sue where he too now stood.

Gently, he bent to Sue’s ankle and slowly lifted her
sandaled foot. I was transfixed by the contact of this
man’s large black hand on my wife’s person albeit only
her slim ankle.

“Get the other one.”

We lifted and settled her legs over each arm of the
chair. She showed no resistance and as I looked down
into her eyes I saw she was watching Mr. Cash’s reaction
across the room. Her face flushed the same color we’d
seen Mrs. Cash’s earlier. She seemed unaware of my need
to make eye contact with her.

Mr. Mills took his place by the fire. He directed me
back to my seat opposite Sue.

This was surreal. Three men and one woman in the same
room; the woman, my wife lewdly exposed before us. I had
further confirmation of my answer to the second question
about being ready – Was Sue?

She was. Her cunt was clearly wet. It shone with her
juices and as Mr. Mills instructed her to put her hands
behind her head I sensed she was letting go of any

“Take a closer look, Mr. Cash”

As he approached my wife his cock was so rigid it barely

“Stand between her legs”

He did, his cock at eye level for Sue. His cock and her
cunt were only separated through height; him being stood
and her almost lying down in the chair.

“Remind me, Mrs. Grant, what is your husband’s favorite

Sue spoke for the first time in ages. “To see me fucked
by a stranger, to be cuckolded.”

“And we could very easily do that right now, Mrs. Grant,
couldn’t we? Would you like that?”

She hesitated the way I had earlier but she did reply.
“Yes, I would… I really would…”

“Do you think your husband still wants it to happen?”

She didn’t look at me. Her eyes flicked down from Mr.
Cash’s eyes to his dripping cock. It leaked cum which
dropped onto the folds of her dress now at waist height.

“I think he does…”

“Take your eyes from that strange cock and look at your

She looked replete, legs spread over the arms of the
chair, hands behind her head. She looked at me but I
sensed a glaze of lust in her eyes.

“Ask him.”

“John, shall I… do you want me to… Can we handle

As I nodded in affirmation I could hardly believe the
response I gave as I gave it.

Mills spoke, “Prove it, John. Go to her.”

I didand#8232;”Get hold of his cock”

The shock of this instruction was nearly too much to
cope with. Never in my life had I even considered the
thought of touching another man’s penis.

It’s impact effected Sue too. A moan escaped her lips.

As I held it I can’t deny it felt good… hot, hard,
slippery and alarmingly bigger than mine!

Mr. Cash seemed impassive to me. He just continued
looking down at my wife. His view would be his cock, my
hand, her cunt. I saw too. Her clit; it stood proud of
its hood like I’d never seen it, like a small penis, so
stimulated as to almost vibrate and yet all that had
touched her so far was the pre-cum that now dripped off
the folds of her dress onto her lower abdomen.

“Wank him and aim for her cunt.”

What was I doing?

I obeyed, Sue moaned again. I saw the tell tale signs of
impending orgasm and yet still no touch. I tugged him
back and forth as gently as I could. I was impressed
that he didn’t just shoot his load… he’d been hard
since we arrived with no relief that I was aware of.

Mr. Mills spoke to my wife. “Use your left hand to
caress his balls.”

Her right hand stayed behind her head, the left
descended as instructed. As she brushed the underside of
his balls I knew he would shoot. He reminded me just in

“Aim for her cunt.”

When it came I felt it pulse through his shaft and jet
onto my wife’s cunt. Her reaction was instant. As one of
the pulses streamed onto her clit I saw the orgasm

Calmly but assertively Mr. Mills told Mr. Cash to move
away, quickly grabbed both of Sue’s hands and pinned
them over her head in a single one of his. He slid the
other down the front of her dress and I guessed pinched
and caressed her nipples. More groans from Sue.

Mr. Mills began talking again. “Are you enjoying this,
Mrs. Grant?”

“Oh, oh, mmmm… oh!”

“Talk to me Mrs. Grant. Is this nice?”

“Oh, yes, yes!”

“Look at your husband, Mrs. Grant, look how stained his
pants are. Do you think you’ve succeeded in helping him
with his fantasy. He’s enjoying it isn’t he. So is Mr.
Cash, look he’s hard again.”

I looked and sure enough his cock was at full mast
again. Mr. Mills went on and my wife was still cumming.

“Use your left hand and rub some of that lovely spunk
into your belly.”

Everything he demanded she did. And Mills was right, my
own pants were wet through.

Sue rubbed the sperm into her tummy whilst Mills
continued with her breasts.

Then something happened. Without warning Mills released
her hands and walked away from her. The mood changed.

“Make yourself presentable, Mrs. Grant.”

Embarrassed and perplexed Sue closed her legs and tried
to sit demurely. Quietly, Mr. Cash was directed to leave
the room

In seconds it was like nothing had happened. With
passions apparently spent Sue and I sat in bemused

“Now, you’ve sampled some of what I offer. You, John
have shown your wife what a wimp you are and you Mrs.
Grant have enjoyed a little sexual interlude at the
hands of other men.”

I was outraged at the tone and content of his outburst
and spluttered to my own defense.

Sue stepped in though.

“He’s helping us role play, John. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Mills went on, “How can you possibly call yourself a
loving husband when you’ve come in your pants whilst
jacking off a stranger onto your wife’s belly and cunt.”

I still didn’t like this. Sue saw my discomfort and came
over to calm me.

“It’s okay John, it’s just fun, it’s what we came for.”

She knelt down beside the chair I was seated in and
stroked my hand as it lay on the arm of the chair.

Mills spoke again, “Perhaps we should call it a day.
Maybe this weekend is going to be too much for you

“Could you leave us for a while,” Sue requested.

“Certainly, but when I return it’s time to surrender to
me completely or to leave immediately.”

He left.

“Did you enjoy it, Sue.”

She hesitated but only momentarily.

“How can I deny it, it was exhilarating, breathtaking
but I love you John and we’ll stop if you want. Let’s go

She held out her hand in a “come on” gesture and I
couldn’t take it. She still loved me and I supposed
that’s what I was looking for …reassurance. I looked
at her wrinkled dress, I looked at her hand, her left
hand and saw cum on her wedding band. I thought about
the cum on her cunt under her dress, that dress, the one
I was looking at now. It was still there and it was
another man’s cum. My cock rose hard and fast. Sue

“If we stay you’ve got to remember the head games he’ll
play. Its why he’s so expensive, he’s good at this.”

I knew she was right.

“Are we okay?”

I nodded.

Chapter 3: Drawn Further In…

In moments he was back. Sue was stood beside my seat.

“If you’re staying get his pants off. Stand up and help

Alarmed but resigned I stood and Sue pulled off my pants
revealing an erection soaked by my earlier ejaculate.

“Get the rest off.”

I stripped. Fortunately the fire set by Mrs. Cash
earlier was now fully ablaze. I was naked now, the more
so as I stood in the room with my dressed wife and host.

“Sit on the sofa.”

I did. He directed Sue to her seat and went to the bell
on the wall by the fire. Again I heard the distant
tinkle and again the door opened. This time it was Mrs.
Cash. Still in her maid attire still looking shy and

“Turn round and bend over, Mrs. Cash.”

Obediently, she did.

“What do you see, Mrs. Grant?”

Taken aback Sue stammered.

“Her bare bottom.”

“Don’t be coy, Mrs. Grant.”

She brazened up.

“Her pussy, it’s red and wet. She’s… she’s… she’s
just been fucked… that’s cum oozing from her…”

I could see. It certainly was. “Who fucked you, Mrs.
Cash? It wasn’t your husband was it?”

She spoke quietly, “No… it was the men you sent to
service me… Carl and James…”

“Tell Mr. and Mrs. Grant when you last fucked your

“I can’t exactly remember, three weeks ago, maybe more.”

“Do you love your husband, Mrs. Cash?”

“Very much.”

“So why is it so long.”

“It’s the rules… and we like it here.”

“Fuck John for me, Mrs. Cash, now as he sits on the

My cock was like iron. She straddled me and I slipped
into her easily as her cunt was so well lubricated with
spunk. Her beautiful breasts were in my face.

“Now slowly up and down, Mrs. Cash.”

God, this was heaven. I heard him speak with my wife.
Again he went to the bell.

“Come here Mrs. Grant and sit on the floor with me.”

They sat behind Mrs. Cash as she gently rode me. In
seconds the door opened and Mr. Cash came in.

“Mr. Cash, Mrs. Grant and I can’t get a very good view
of your wife being fucked. Could you hold up her skirt
so we can see her ride his cock.”

How I didn’t come as he spoke I don’t know.

“Yes, sir.”

Now he spoke to me, “Lick her nipples.”

As I did I felt a gush off female dew bathe my cock
anew. She was loving this.

“Watch now, Mrs. Grant as your husband shoots his load
into Mr. Cash’s wife… and Mrs. Grant, please, stop
masturbating without my permission… are you watching
Mr. Cash… anytime now… there, there you go… your
wife’s a sloppy mess again… look, look. Isn’t it nice
to fuck another man’s wife, John especially whilst he
watches you”

I exploded. I felt like I came buckets. It came forever
and I felt the hot liquid run down my shaft onto my
balls triggering another spasm.

“Get up, Mrs. Cash. Now bend over and show your husband
what a dirty little slut you’ve been.”

As she did we all saw her soaking gaping cunt and I felt
immense pride. I looked at Mr. Cash with some contempt
but was then distracted as I realized from the noises
that my wife was lying on the floor masturbating.

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