A very dark tale of a husband who finds out his wife has been cheating on him and uses her rape fantasy to get even

Mixed sex stories

Bobby and Lacey had been married for two years. Being
the adventurous couple that they were, sexual activity
had not been something they left out of their still
young marriage. They had experimented with blindfolds
and toys. One weekend Bobby tied Lacey up and made her
his sex slave. He brought her breakfast, lunch, and
dinner, accompanied with a side of semen for her
tasting pleasure. She enjoyed that very much being a
woman who liked to experiment.

Outside of their private life they were a pretty
normal couple. Both in their mid-thirties and very
successful, Lacey having a middle management position
in a marketing firm and Bobby being a hot shot
attorney with a position just under the DA in the
city. They had many friends and would go out to
dinners with couples and business associates. No kids
meant a lot of free time to enjoy their marriage with
weekend getaways and spur of the moment excursions,
everything seemed pretty perfect in their

It was a cool spring evening in May when everything
began. It was Lacey’s 20 year high school reunion and
she was very excited about the event. She finally
could show off her new husband to everyone from her
past and catch up with all her old friends. They were
both dressed to the tilt with Bobby in a sports
jacket, no tie and Lacey in a sleek black dress. Lacey
had always kept herself in good condition and Bobby
was always drawing female attention anywhere they
went, but Lacey didn’t mind.

“Hurry up darling, we’re gonna be late!” shouted Lacey
from downstairs. Bobby gave himself one more look in
the mirror and headed downstairs. Grabbing the keys
and kissing his wife on the way out the door they
headed for the car in their appointed spot at their
apartment complex. (their new home was under

Arriving at the event, they entered with the usual
greetings and smiles that accompany such gatherings.
Lacey, having been Captain of the cheerleading squad
and Student Council President, was sort of Mrs.
Popular. Bobby followed her lead as she broke off into
conversations with various people, friends she hadn’t
seen for years were telling her about their lives and
her and Bobby were talking about how they met and how
it was love at first sight.

This went on for a good while. Later in the party
Bobby and Lacey found themselves alone. “How about
another drink,” Bobby said to Lacey. Lacey already
having had three and having a good night replied “Why
not, just hurry back.”

Bobby left for the bar and Lacey stood waiting on the
opposite side of the makeshift dance floor. The line
was long at the bar being a little later in the
evening so Bobby took his place in line. As he waited
to be served he gazed across the room, it was a good
turnout for a 20 year reunion and he was impressed at
the group that had gathered. He looked back at his
wife and noticed someone talking to her. The man was
in a suit and tie and about 6″2. Lacey had a big smile
on her face as he watched the conversation. When the
man finally turned so that Bobby could see his face a
smile ear to ear broke out. He knew him. Bobby being
served by the bartender went back to join his wife and
his friend.

“Tom!” exclaimed Bobby. “What are u doing here? I had
no idea you knew my wife, let alone went to school
with her.” Tom was also an attorney, but worked for
another firm. Bobby and he had casual conversations
from time to time, but never really got personal.

“Hello Bobby. Yeah, I graduated with queen here.”

Lacey blushed at Tom’s compliment. “So were you two
were acquaintances, or did she pass u in the hall
without giving u a look?” Bobby asked jokingly.
“Actually Bobby, Lacey and I dated in high school and
into are first year in college, I played baseball and
got a scholarship and Lacey came along.” Bobby’s face
changed to a more inquisitive look. “Really, Funny, I
thought I knew about all her boyfriends from her past,
but she never mentioned you?”

Lacey’s smile had become uneasy as she shifted in her
dress. “We were both young and thought we knew what
relationships were supposed to be about.”

“Right,” replied Tom with a half-hearted smile seeming
a little less enthusiastic than before.

“Hmm, Well guess we all learn as we get older,” Bobby
said laughing trying to lighten the obvious tension
that had filled the air. Tom replied in almost a
whisper “Guess so,” as he gave a quick glance at Lacey
who was now totally flustered and looking at the
floor. Bobby then changed the subject with Tom and
they started talking about work. Lacey became
withdrawn as the conversation continued. Lacey,
watching them bounce off each other like best friends
was getting very uncomfortable now and began motioning
for Bobby to end the conversation. She was ready to go
home. Bobby and Lacey said their good-byes to Tom and
headed for the exit.

Back home in the comfort of their bed a conversation
broke out about Tom: “So, One old boyfriend was a
secret, you never told me about a guy named Tom,”
Bobby said with a sly smirk on his face. Lacey
replied, “Well a woman is allowed to have a secret or
two right,” Lacey said with a sexy grin as she took
off her jewelry to get ready for bed. “Besides, I had
no idea you guys knew each other and that was so long
ago I had forgotten about it.”

“Oh yeah, I see him around the courtrooms a lot
honey.. He is a lawyer also,” explained Bobby. “And as
far as your secrets, that depends,” said Bobby with a
dirty look on his face now watching his naked wife.

“On what?” She replied, almost purring as she entered
the bed.

“On whether those secrets involve sexual fantasies,”
he said as their lips and tongues locked together.

After the kiss Lacey rose up in a seated position, her
breast bare and beautiful, looking kind of sheepish
she stammered, “Well, there is something?”

“Really?” Bobby replied as his heart was beating out
of his chest. “A Sexual Fantasy?” he asked. “Tell me
now and it’s yours. You know how I am when it comes to

“I know,” Lacey replied in a more serious tone. “One
reason why I love you is because of your sexual
imagination, but this one….” Lacey paused suddenly
feeling uncomfortable. Bobby sat up in bed next to her
feeling her emotions change and seeing the look on her
face becoming uneasy. “Honey, I’m your husband you can
tell me anything. What is it?” Lacey sat silent for a
minute, searching for the words to explain to her
husband what she was thinking.

“Well,” she finally stumbled, “We’ve done a few things
with blindfolds and toys but…” she paused again.

“Just tell me!” exclaimed Bobby.

“It’s embarrassing!” she replied. “And I don’t know
how you’d feel about it.”

“Honey,” Bobby said comforting her, “you can tell me,
what’s your fantasy?”

“Well,” she continued, “I’ve always wanted to be
manhandled in bed.”

Bobby looked confused, “You mean rough sex, honey
we’ve done that a bunch of times. I’ve held you down
or backed you against a wall, we’ve done it.”

“No, No!” said Lacey almost shouting. “I mean really
rough,” she replied. “And it would have to be a
surprise, I mean just you taking over my whole body,
scratching, clawing, ripping me… and I wouldn’t know
when or if it was you.”

Bobby sat there dumbfounded as his wife described her
fantasy he wanted her to perform. She wouldn’t know
when or how. She described a situation of secrecy and
being tied up and gagged when it happened, she
wouldn’t even mind a few bruises. She talked about
oxygen deprivation and code words.

Finally Bobby stopped her explanation, “You mean a
rape Fantasy.”

“Yes,” replied Lacey. “I want my husband to rape me.
Crazy isn’t it?”

Bobby’s mind was swimming. The thought of raping his
own wife had never even occurred to him, but as Lacey
was going through the explanation of the event, he
noticed her nipples hardening and his cock was getting
hard also. “I don’t know Lacey, I really wouldn’t know
how to pull that off?” he said.

Lacey, now begging after getting that off her chest
said, “I know, it would be difficult, that’s why it’s
a fantasy.” Lacey turned over in the bed to her side;
Bobby turning her way reached over and pulled her back
towards him. He asked, “Now wait a minute, is this
something you really want?”

Putting her head down between her breasts, Lacey gave
him a slow nod yes. As her head came back up they
kissed again their eyes met in one last embrace. “Then
I’m gonna try and make it happen, because I love you,”
Lacey smiled as they kissed one more time. After
making love they both drifted off into a deep sleep
dreaming about the evening and there bedroom

Two weeks passed, Lacey had gotten real busy at work
because of a new account the firm had acquired and
Bobby was helping the DA on a big case. Their life
pretty much stayed the same, dinners, parties, but the
sex life had kind of dropped off a little because they
were so tired. Also, Lacey had started to get what
Bobby had referred to as mother fever. She had
mentioned wanting to start a family after their third
year of marriage and their third wedding anniversary
was getting closer.

She had started keeping track of her biological clock
and had mentioned to Bobby that she knew exactly when
her ovulation time was and could map it down to the
hours. Bobby was impressed at her efforts towards such
precision. Four more weeks had passed since the night
they had the conversation about the rape fantasy.

Over the past few weeks Lacey had noticed a slight
change in Bobby. Nothing major, but he was becoming
more and more detached. He wanted sex a little less
also. Lacey just figured it was a man’s way of
responding when a wife tells him he wants a child and
starts mapping her menstrual cycles.

Two months pass now since the conversation about the
rape fantasy and Bobby had become very hard to talk to
in the evenings after work. He was very irritable, and
blamed it on problems at the office and with the trial
he and the staff were working on. Lacey, trying to be
a good wife, sought to comfort her husband with a
little whiskey and some back rubs, but Bobby remained

Ten weeks since the rape fantasy conversation pass,
Lacey decided that she wanted to confront Bobby about
the state of their relationship. “Bobby,” Lacey says,
“We need to talk.” The dreaded words any husband wants
to hear.

Bobby and Lacey enter the dining area of their
apartment and sat down at their table. “What’s wrong
said Lacey, is ever since that night after our reunion
you’ve become increasingly distant. Are you mad at me,
because of what we talked about that night? I know
I’ve been pushing to start a family, does that bother
you? Talk to me? What’s going on with you?”

Bobby responds apologetically, “No baby, I’m not angry
with you, and I want to start a family with you. I had
always dreamed about that since I first married you,
it’s just that I’ve been under a lot of pressure
lately on this case with it being so public, and as
far as that conversation after our reunion, I’ve still
got ideas.”

Lacey smiled as she became more comfortable, “So you
want to give me a baby.”

“Yes,” he replied, “but let’s do this right. When’s
your next ovulation time?”

“In about three weeks,” she said.

“Okay, no sex till then. Got it?”

“Well we haven’t been doing it much anyway, but okay,
deal,” she replied.

“On that night three weeks from now… I help you make
a baby!”

“Great!” she exclaimed heart fluttering. They kissed
and went to bed, holding each other in their arms.

Three weeks later the time had arrived. Lacey was
finishing up at the office some work she needed to get
done. It was about 4:30pm. Just as she was about to
head out, her boss Allyson rushed into her office,
“We’ve got problems! There’s a rush project that has
to be finished by morning and it’s on your team

Lacey’s heart sank. She had ordered champagne for the
evening and a special boutique of flowers for her
dining room table, now she had to work late. Her plans
were ruined. My husband is gonna be furious she
thought. Dialing her cell she was wondering how to
explain this away. “Hi honey,” she said as he picked

“Hello darling, Ready for tonight?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I have to work late, my
boss just dropped a rush project on my desk and my
team and I are going to have to work late tonight.”

“We could reschedule for tomorrow?”

“Absolutely not, we’ll just have to make it a midnight

Smiling on the other end, Lacey replied, “Okay, I’ll
try to get this wrapped up and be home as soon as I

“Can’t wait, love you dear,” Bobby said.

“You too, see you tonight,” as she hung up the phone.

It was around 11:30pm when Lacey pulled into her
apartment parking spot. She was very tired as she got
out of the car and headed up the stairs to her
apartment door. Rubbing the back of her neck on the
stairs she noticed some things out of the ordinary.
There complex was usually well lit, but tonight it was
pitch black.

Normally when she pulls into her spot, she is flanked
by coupes and mini-vans, but tonight the lot was
almost desolate. Not thinking much of it, she
proceeded up to her door the blinds were open and
apartment was pitch black, which she thought was
strange. Bobby should have been home hours ago. As she
slid the key into the door, it happened, and nothing
could prepare her for what was next:

Before she could get the door open, she felt two hands
on her shoulders pushing her inside and against the
wall. As she struggled, to get away, a large gag was
quickly dropped over her head and around her mouth. It
was tightly fastened behind her head to shut out any
screams she could make. The assailant then turned her
around. In her terror she tried to scream, but
couldn’t make a sound because of the gag. He was
wearing all black and a black ski mask.

He slapped her twice and twisted her around again,
binding her hands behind her back. Trying to struggle
to no avail, he slapped her again letting her go
almost unconscious. He then carried her to the
bedroom. Inside on the bed there were two leg
restraints waiting for her legs. She watched, weakly,
in horror as the man in the black ski mask, spread her
legs and fastened both of them into the restraints. A
gag in her mouth, arms tied behind her back and legs
spread her assailant began to kiss her. Tears
streaming down her face she tried to turn away, but he
persisted. He then decided to rip off her shirt.

Gagged and tied, she watched as the black figure
licked her nipples and kissed her chest. She was
helpless, mascara running, and wincing with every slip
of his tongue against her nipples. Suddenly the figure
sat up. Reaching with his left hand on the floor of
the left side of the bed, he pulled up a knife. Lacey
was terrified now, what was he planning. Rubbing the
metal on the inside of her thighs, the dark figure
proceeded to cut Lacey’s panties off under her dress.
He flicked them away using the Knife once he had them

Lacey begging and pleading could do nothing as he
undid his pants and slipped his unprotected prick
inside her. He began to pump away on Lacey, flashing
the knife in her face for a reminder of power,
intermittently placing the cold metal on Lacey’s
nipples making them erect. Lacey, still sobbing and
trying to keep her composure from the throbbing prick
inside of her. It suddenly flashed in her head… THE

The ordeal she had talked about 3 months earlier with
her husband after her 20 year reunion. It was actually
happening. Slowly, she began to change her
expressions. Her sobbing became panting beneath the
gag. Instead of tensing and trying to pull away from
the cock, she slowly started to lift her pelvis to
help the cock inside her.

The dark figure over her with the knife, now seen as a
prop, was her husband. A brief smile started to
overtake her tears and she started to roll her head
back in ecstasy as the hard cock buried inside her
deeper and deeper.

As the dark figure continued to fuck Lacey’s fertile
womb, she thought to herself, what a way to bring a
baby into the world. He or She can never know about
this. Then, a new twist, suddenly, from the closet a
figure appeared. It was another man! But who? This
wasn’t part of what I described she thought?

Suddenly the man spoke, “Do you like it Baby?” The
dark figure continued to ram his cock inside her. That
voice… so familiar. As a demon angel wearing all
white stepped into the only light coming from the room
by the window, she froze in astonishment as Bobby
revealed himself as a spectator watching the Dark
figure fuck his wife.

Lacey’s expression changed instantly. If my husband
isn’t the one fucking me, she thought, who is? As the
Dark figure continued to pound Lacey, Bobby began to
pace the sex filled room. As the moaning of his wife
continued, now defenseless from the pleasure being
dished out by the dark figure’s cock, Bobby reached to
the top of the dark figure’s ski mask and pulled it
PLEASURE! could all be seen at one time on Lacey’s
face as the dark figure’s identity was revealed. IT

As Bobby paced the room, he began to explain to his
wife, while she was being fucked, about the past three
months. He explained how after that night at the
reunion, he and Tom got together for lunch, he
explained how Tom had confided in him that Lacey had
been cheating for about 4 months.

He explained how Tom had told him everything about
their hotel rooms and secret rendezvous. He also
explained the fact to her that Tom did not love her,
but just saw her as another piece of ass, which is
just as I see u now.

Bobby’s voice began to get stern and angry as he
lashed out at Lacey. Lacey still bound began to cry
again, Tom still fucking her. Well darling, he
explained, as I said I am going to help you make a
baby, no question about it. Bobby proceeded to the
bedroom door and opened it. To Lacey’s horror, in
walked between forty to fifty Mexican men from the
construction crew that was building their home. All of
them had their dick in their hand. All Lacey could do
was sob as she knew this was going to be a long night.

Suddenly she felt him tense inside her. Tom’s face
changed and he started to peel his head back. He’s
going to cum she thought as she looked down at his
pulsating cock. With one more quick thrust he came
with a giant moan. Lacey expected to experience the
warmth of his cum inside her, but felt nothing. He had
pulled out and spread his semen all over her tits. As
he gathered himself, he took a look at Bobby and said,
“I’m not gonna be the one responsible for getting this
bitch pregnant. I’m gonna let these guys handle that!”

One by one the Mexicans took turns inside Lacey, each
of them spreading their sperm deep into her ovulating
womb. They had all been drinking that night and
wreaked of tequila. Bobby and Tom watched as the
helpless Lacey, sobbing and crying, gagged, legs and
hands bound, accepted each man’s cum inside her womb.
Finally, the last man entered her now raw pussy at
about 4:30am.

This last one was the biggest one. As he entered her
blood started to drip from her cum-filled hole. When
he finished he gave the now almost unconscious Lacey
one last slap. Bobby and Tom watched as the last
Mexican spilled his seed into her.

After the construction crew was gone, Bobby leaned
beside Lacey and simply said,” Think twice next time
you cheat on someone who loves you.”

Bobby and Tom ungagged and untied Lacey. They left the
room as Lacey, exhaustedly curled to the corner of the
bed. “Let’s go,” said Tom. “She has a baby to think

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