A young man helps a pretty pregnant co-worker out at a critical moment and is rewarded ten-fold

My name is Chris; I've worked at the same small office 
for a few years now. It's a nice place to work. Two of 
the girls I work are absolute pieces of ass. These two 
girls are what everyone thinks of when they think of HOT. 
Young, tight bodies, sweet asses, gorgeous tits... they 
are definitely nice eye candy, but they're a couple of 
other women who work there as well. Real Women.

And as nice as those two hot girls are, unlike most 20 
year olds I prefer the much older, fuller figured, real 
women! One of these is Kathy. Kathy is about 40 years 
old, and absolutely beautiful, she's about 5'5, 165 lbs, 
big full breasts, She always thought of me as just some 
nice kid, I always used to think that she'd freak out if 
she knew the things I think about doing with her.

I've been with a few girls my own age, but more and more 
I want an older woman, a real woman to show me things a 
girl my age couldn't even imagine. About 8 months ago, 
Kathy announced that she was pregnant again. Her and her 
husband already had a couple of kids, and she imagined 
this one would be the last, as she told the office about 
her pregnancy we all offered the standard 

I meanwhile, was imagining her on top of her husband, his 
cock sticking straight up with Kathy riding it. I 
imagined her big tits bouncing up and down, and her pussy 
just swallowing her husband's cock. It wasn't long before 
I found myself with a raging hard on. I soon retreated to 
the men's room and whacked off to that image.

Time passed and I found myself thinking about Kathy more 
and more. Even the other women in the office couldn't 
compete in my fantasies. Some women don't look good when 
they're knocked up. Kathy is not one of those; she's had 
this radiant glow about her ever since she first told us. 

As her belly swelled and her tits grew even larger, I 
found her even more irresistible. Soon my hard drive at 
home was filled with pictures of pregnant women. Those 
engorged breasts full of sweet milk... that completely 
feminine curve of a pregnant woman's belly, those 
enlarged areola's and swollen nipples... how any guy can 
not be completely turned on by a pregnant woman is beyond 

That brings us to what happened last week. It was about 
5:30 when Kathy came in to my office. She was working at 
night that day, and I was finding myself stuck there 
later than I had wanted to be. At about six the last of 
the day workers left. No one else was around that 

Kathy started spouting some Smalltalk like, "Are you 
going back to school?" Or, "How has your family been?" 
You know, blah blah blah.

Just looking at her, 8 months pregnant, wearing a 
maternity business suit, I started to get a hard on. I 
tried to keep my mind off her, and get my work done, the 
sooner I was done, the sooner I could get home and 
properly jerk off to her image in my mind. At about 6:30 
I noticed the office grow completely quiet. I peeked my 
head around the corner, and Kathy had stopped typing. 
When there are only two people in an office, especially 
at night, you can really hear it if one of them stops 
typing. I didn't say anything; I just stopped typing 
myself and sat there.


"Yeah Kathy?"

"I need a HUGE favor..."

"...Umm... sure, what do you need?"

"Come here..."

I walked over to her and my cock grew rock hard at what I 
saw. She was leaking. Apparently Kathy is a very heavy 
producer of breast milk, and with this being her third 
child, she was already lactating. Her blouse was soaked 
through on both her breasts; there were about 3 inches 
wet spots soaking her blouse in front of her nipples. I 
just stood there, my mouth slightly agape, my cock 
surging in my pants.

She started to cry a little, "This is so embarrassing... 
I'm sorry Chris, I'm really sorry..."

I cut her off, "It's okay. What do you need, don't be 

She let out this incredibly sexy nervous laugh, and 
started to sob, "I just can't stop it! God Damn it! These 
thing won't stop leaking!"

I felt I should comfort her, but I was scared to move, I 
was afraid if I did, she would notice the huge boner in 
my pants. But if I stood there too long I would have 
something shooting off in my pants and then I'd have my 
own wet spot to contend with!

"In my Car," She said, "on the passenger seat, I have a 
change of clothes and a breast pump, please go get them, 
I can't walk outside like this."

I took her keys and was off, I got to her car and found 
the clothes and the pump and was on my way back when I 
stopped. I started thinking, when would I ever have this 
kind of chance again! I quickly formulated a plan. It was 
crazy and it could cost me my job, and cause immense 
humiliation all over town, but I decided to go for it. I 
ran the breast pump to my car and threw it in the trunk. 
I returned to the office with the clothes but no pump.

"Kathy...bad news..."

"Oh fuck! Now what... Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, God I'm 
sorry... It's just... hormones... and... I'm sorry, your 
trying to help and this is just so embarrassing... what's 

"I found the clothes, and I searched the whole car but 
you must have forgot to pack the pump. It's not there."

She started to cry again. "Alright, thanks anyway... 
look, can you please not say anything about this to 
anyone? I'll just call my husband..."

I stood there for a second, questioning whether or not to 
go through with my plan. What the hell? You only live 
once right? I went for it!

"Kathy...umm...I could help you... I think."

She looked up puzzled and confused.

"I could suck the milk from your breasts."

She sat there for a minute, and I just stood waiting for 
a response. Would she hit me? Would she scream? Would she 
be more embarrassed and ask me to leave? After what 
seemed like forever she spoke.

"Alright... BUT NO ONE CAN EVER KNOW! Do you understand?"

I nodded yes.

"No, say it, swear you'll never tell anyone."

"Alright. I swear it."

With that she stood up and locked the door to the office, 
we found a nice corner and she started taking off her 
top. First she unbuttoned her blouse, her rotund belly 
and her tits covered by her now soaked bra before me, I 
couldn't believe it was really happening. I stepped 
behind her and pulled her shirt off her shoulders and 
unhooked her bra, the big soaked bra fell to the floor in 
slow motion. She turned and I reached and gently rubbed 
her tits, I pinched her nipple and a squirt of milk hit 
my shirt, I suggested I take off my shirt too. 

She just nodded. Now standing in front of her, I started 
rubbing her tits again. I leaned in and kissed her nipple 
and started sucking. Right away the sweet taste of milk 
started going in my mouth and it was the most delicious 
thing I've ever had. After a minute she pushed me away 
and sat on the floor against the wall, I lay down with 
her, my head across her lap and in her arms and started 

It was like I was a baby again... just suckling at her 
tit, drinking that sweet milk. As I fed from her tit I 
reached up and started caressing her hair, soon I saw her 
eyes close and she sighed a deep sigh of pleasure and 
relief. Sucking on her tit, feeding, drinking her milk, I 
very quickly became even more aroused. My cock was now 
jumping in my pants, and the bulge was something no one 
could miss. It's a miracle I didn't just cum in my pants. 

I had just switched tits when she spoke, "Chris I can't 
thank you enough, god this feels so good. I hate those 
pumps. If only my husband was willing..."

At that point I let go of her tit and said, "I'm willing, 
whenever you want..."

She cut me off, "You really like doing this don't you?" 
At that point my eyes jumped to my crotch and hers 
quickly followed. "Chris... you're really... oh my..." 
She suddenly got mad, "WHY DID YOU STOP SUCKLING?"

In a flash I was back on her tit, drinking more of her 
milk, by now I was so full some of it was just dripping 
out my mouth and down on her pants and all over the 
place, but neither of us cared by then, her tits were 
both wet and shiny from my lips being on them, and her 
nipples were swollen and hard.

I watched her move a hand down, and start to fuss with my 
belt, I quickly realized what was happening, and started 
suckling harder in appreciation. After trying to get my 
pants open with only one hand she asked me to stand up 
and take off my clothes. I of course was happy to do as I 
was asked.

I let her tit fall out of my mouth and it just kept 
squirting milk, she told me to hurry up and get naked and 
get back to her tits. I undid my pants and let them fall; 
I dropped my boxers and stood there naked in front of 
her. My cock standing straight up, glistening at the tip 
with pre-cum.

She reached up and cupped my balls in her hand, gently 
rolling them around. Then she grabbed the base of my dick 
with one hand and rubbed her finger around the tip of my 
dick with the other; another gob of crystal clear pre cum 
came out as I moaned with pleasure. She put her finger in 
her mouth as if tasting it, and then told me to get back 
to her tit.

I lay down and started feeding at her nipple again, this 
time she was jerking me off while I did it, first she 
went real slowly, and I found myself in absolute 
ecstasy... Delirious from a belly full of milk, a tit in 
my mouth and finally a REAL WOMAN'S hand on my cock, I 
started sucking harder and she responded by jerking 

Pretty soon I was ready to cum. I sucked her tit as hard 
as I could juicing out the last of the milk, and as my 
orgasm hit I found myself rocked by pleasure, I bit down 
ever so slightly as I came, and she closed her eyes and 
snapped back a bit at the surprising pain of my bite, 
then was rocked by the greatest orgasm ever, I shot 
stream after stream of hot cum up onto by chest and 

Soon It was over, and we were laying there her tits 
glistening wet from my mouth, my face and neck still wet 
with milk and cum all over my body. 

I opened my eyes and she was looking right into them, 
"nobody knows." I nodded and with that she started 
running her fingers through my cum. I couldn't believe 
it, but she started eating it up! She'd take her finger 
and scoop up some and then bring it to her mouth and suck 
her finger clean. Then she'd do it again.

Then she told me to lie on my back and I quickly 
complied, she stood up and took off her remaining 
clothes. She stood over me naked, in all her pregnant 
feminine glory, her nipples hard and swollen, her pussy 
soaking wet... She got down on all fours and started 
licking and eating the cum off my chest and belly, by 
this time my cock of course was rock hard again, and 
after cleaning up all the cum, she took it in her mouth 
and put it all the way down her throat, I held the back 
of her head as she sucked me off, and it wasn't long 
before I shot another load, this time straight down her 

I lay there, totally spent, panting for breath.

"Thank you Kathy, dear god... thank you..."

She crawled next to me and kissed me, deep and 
passionately, the taste of her breast milk still fresh in 
my mouth, the taste of my cum still fresh in hers. "No, 
thank you..."

I kissed her some more, and then rolled us over so I was 
on top, I started to move down her neck and down her 
body, she stopped me, "No, I don't have any milk left."

I just smiled, I wasn't going for her tits, I had had a 
nice meal and it was time for desert.

I moved down and spread her legs, just underneath her 
rotund stomach I found the most beautiful pussy ever, 
First I just opened it up and started teasing her, 
running one finger through her snatch real slows while 
blowing on her clit, then I started fingering her, just 
one finger, in and out of her pussy, slowly while I 
kissed and sucked and flicked my tongue against her clit.

She started moaning in pleasure, and I was encouraged by 
the results, I inserted another finger and turned them 
upwards, motioning my two finger inside her in a "come 
here" motion, I soon found her G-spot, all the while I 
was licking her pussy and sucking her clit, it wasn't 
long before she rocked her body and screamed in pleasure 
as she came on my hand and face.

As her sweet pussy juice squired out I dived deeper in, I 
put My whole face and mouth into her pussy I lapped up 
her pussy juice and kept my tongue buried in her cunt, I 
started rubbing her clit with one hand, and fingering her 
asshole with the other, all the while eating her pussy. 
It wasn't long before she came again.


With that I got on my knees and lifter her up a bit, and 
just started fucking her. My cock pounding her pussy and 
my balls slapping on her asshole. I fucked her for a 
while, before telling her I wanted her doggy style. She 
got up on her hands and knees, and I just stood up and 
looked at her again, on her hands and knees, her ass in 
the air, with her legs spread and her dripping wet pussy 
shining between them, her big belly and swollen tits 
hanging down from her front side.

I dropped in front of her and kissed her again, deep and 
wet, our tongues twirling deep in each others' mouth's... 
soon she pulled away... "Just FUCK ME!"

I once again obliged, I got behind her and smacked her 
big fat beautiful ass and started pounding, having 
already cum twice I could fuck her for much longer then 
normal now and I was loving it. Every second was like 
heaven, and it wasn't long before she was cumming again. 
There I was pounding her, as she came again, her ass 
rolling with each slap, her tits bouncing wildly and the 
poor bastard inside getting the ride of a lifetime!

After a few more minutes I realized I would be cumming 
soon... remembering my original thoughts of her on top of 
her husband bouncing up and down on his big cock, I 
pulled out and laid down, "Ride me... ride my cock and 
let me shoot my load up inside you!"

This time she obliged, she got on my cock and I quickly 
approached another orgasm. There she was her full belly 
and big tits, bouncing hard on my dick. She kept fucking 
me but leaned down and kissed me, I started to cum; I 
shot my last load of the night deep in her pussy, with my 
arms around her and my tongue deep in her throat. I was 
rocked with pleasure as stream after stream of cum, 
coming from god only knows where at that point shot deep 
into her. Soon we were lying in each other's arms, both 
completely spent.

She looked at me and said, "Remember, nobody knows... 
this was great, and 1t will probably... no, it will 
definitely happen again, but I'm a married woman. No one 
can know. Go home. I'll finish the work on your desk 
before I leave tonight."

I nodded, got up and we both got dressed, I kissed her 
goodbye and left. When I got outside I grabbed her breast 
pump from my trunk and put it back in her car, and then I 
went home.

The next morning at work I saw her in the parking lot, as 
she was getting out of the car. I waited for her at the 
door, and held it open for her. She looked at me and 
said, "I forgot to bring the breast pump... you tricky 
little son of a bitch! Don't worry, I like you better." 
With that she winked, and we went into the office. We 
haven't spoke of it since. 

I can't wait until I have to work late again!

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