All in the extreme family


Keri Simpson was mad, hurt, and felt betrayed by her
father, whom she adored. He had told her earlier in the
day that he was planning on getting married again, to
Susan Adams, the woman he had been dating for the past
four months. It wasn’t that Keri didn’t like Susan, she
did, but she just never considered her as a mother, or
as someone who would take her own place in the life of
her father.

Since the death of her mother six years ago, twenty-
year-old Keri had taken over all the household chores
that had once been her mother’s, trying to take care of
her father as best as she could. They had managed fine
so far, so she just couldn’t understand why he felt he
needed to add another woman to their lives at this
point. And not just another woman. Susan had two sons,
Mark and Steve, who were nineteen and twenty,
respectively, and who would also be moving in with

She had met the two brothers, and while she admitted
they were both very handsome, she didn’t like the way
they looked at her with leering eyes every chance they
got. She felt as if they were undressing her with their
eyes the way they looked at her.

She was still a virgin, although she knew there were a
lot of guys who would love to remedy that particular
situation for her, but she just wasn’t interested in
them. She knew she was considered beautiful, at five-
feet-tall, a hundred and five pounds, with her large
firm tits that didn’t need a bra, her wisp of a waist
and her beautifully rounded ass, all topped off with
her waist-length platinum blonde hair and incredibly
green eyes. But the boys in the junior college she
attended were just that: boys. To her, none of them
could match the maturity, masculinity and sexuality of
her forty-year old father, whom she was really in love

She knew it was wrong to feel towards her father the
way she did, to think about crawling into his bed, his
arms, and feeling his hard muscular body against her
own as she opened her legs to receive him, giving him
all the pleasure a woman could give to a man. It was a
fantasy she lived with night after night, often using
her fingers to bring herself off, because she was
afraid to let him, or anyone for that matter, know
about her true feelings for him.

Dave Simpson, her father, was the most handsome man she
knew. He stood well over six feet tall, with wide,
strong shoulders that tapered down to a trim waist. His
arms were equally thick and powerful, and he carried an
enormous bulge between them that protruded from his
jeans all the time.

She had never actually seen her father’s cock, but she
had a feeling it was huge! She had done some
comparisons by eyeballing the guys she knew, and while
some of them seemed to be impressive, none of them
appeared to match what her father carried around. And
she wanted it! She wanted that big cock to take her
cherry, to fill her pussy like no other cock ever

Just the thought of her father’s cock started her cunt
to twitching. She reached beneath the covers of her
bed, slipping her slender fingers inside the waistband
of her bikini panties and massaging the little button
at the top of her slit, feeling the tiny sparks of
electricity shoot through her.

She closed her eyes and imagined that it was her
father’s fingers touching her, probing gently as her
hips began to arch and squirm on the bed. She eased her
middle finger into her cunt, feeling the walls clamp
down on it and knew that her tiny pussy would be
stretched to the limit by her father’s cock, and that
she might even hurt a little from it, but she didn’t
care about that. She would endure any discomfort to
feel his cock stuffing her full.

With the image of her father behind the closed lids of
her eyes, she worked another finger into her steamy
cunt, shoving them in and out, pretending they were her
dad’s cock, feeling her orgasm starting to build

She kicked the covers back and jerked her panties off.
She spread her legs wide as her fingers worked faster
and faster in and out of her cunt, which was becoming
very wet and hot from the action.

She used her other hand to massage her tits, squeezing
the large firm globes, pinching and pulling on her hard
nipples as her hips began to bounce up and down on the
bed. Faster and faster her fingers worked, driving her
wild with desire as she imagined her father’s cock
driving in and out of her burning cunt.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she cried out in the empty room as
her fingers came into contact with the barrier of skin
that was her cherry. “Fuck me! Drive your big
beautiful cock into me and make me cum! Ohhh, yess!”
she cried as her body finally exploded into climax,
flooding her fingers with her juices as her body
tensed, every muscle going rigid for nearly a minute.

After a while, she began to relax, her body splayed out
on the bed, the room reeking with the odor of her musk
and pussy juices. She brought her fingers up to her
lips and slowly licked them clean before finally
getting out of bed, tiptoeing down the hallway to the

Just as she reached the door of her father’s room, she
heard the sounds of bed springs squeaking from inside,
and heard the sounds of Susan Adams urging her father
on. She crept to the door and turned the knob slowly,
opening it just a crack.

Her father’s bed was situated so that she had a side
view of both him and Susan. Susan’s legs were bent, the
ankles locked behind his powerful thighs as his hips
drove his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Oh, yes!” Susan was crying, her arms wrapped around
Keri’s dad, her own slender hips slamming up to meet
the thrusts of the cock being fucked into her.

“Oh, Dave, you have the biggest, most beautiful cock in
the world!” she cried as Keri’s father slammed his hips
down powerfully, his head bent to suck on Susan’s right
tit, drawing the large extended nipple into his mouth
and biting down on it gently, causing Susan to arch her
back and cry out again.

Keri was mesmerized by the sight. She had to admit that
Susan was a beautiful woman. She was nearly as tall as
Keri’s dad, with big firm tits, a flat tummy and a nice
rounded ass that a lot of younger women would love to
have. Even her face looked much younger than her
thirty-seven years.

“God, Susan, your pussy is so tight!” Keri heard her
dad say as he raised his head to look into Susan’s
eyes. “I’ve never had a pussy this tight before.”

“That’s because your cock is so big, darling,” Susan
told him, arching her hips to take all of his cock.
“When we get done, I’m going to lick your cock clean
and then give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had in
your life!”

“I’ll hold you to that,” her father said with a grin as
he grabbed Susan’s legs, bending her almost double as
he raised himself up and began slamming his cock into
her even harder and faster than before. Keri felt her
own cunt flooding again and reached down to finger it
as she watched in wide-eyed wonder the giant cock of
her father working in and out of the red-haired cunt of
Susan. Even though she couldn’t see it clearly, what
she could see sent shivers through her and made her
heart pound. It also gave her second thoughts about
fucking him. Even in the pale light of the moon coming
through the window, his cock looked enormous. Yet, the
more she watched, the more she wanted his cock and knew
she wouldn’t be happy until she had it inside of her.

She felt herself cumming again as Susan began to cry
out in orgasmic pleasure at the fucking she was
receiving from Keri’s father. Keri had to bite down on
her bottom lip to prevent herself from screaming as her
own climax overtook her. She finally closed the door
and made her way to the bathroom on legs that felt as
if they were made out of rubber, vowing to herself that
she would get her father to fuck her, that she would
make him forget all about marrying Susan and bringing
her into their house to live.

After cleaning herself up she left the bathroom, again
stopping at the door of her father’s bedroom to peak
in. She felt her breath catch in her throat as she saw
Susan kneeling above her father, her mouth stretched to
the limit as she slowly sucked in her father’s large

She stood rooted to the spot as more and more of her
father’s massive cock disappeared into Susan’s mouth.
She couldn’t believe that anyone could do such a thing!
But when Susan’s lips finally came to rest around the
base of the cock, Keri had to leave. All the way back
to her room she carried the image of Susan’s mouth
swallowing the entire length of her father’s organ.

She had heard about sucking a man’s cock, but it wasn’t
something she had given much thought to before, but now
she did. If that was what it took to make her father,
or to please him, and if it would keep him from
marrying Susan, then she would learn to suck his cock
and drain his balls dry, although she really didn’t
have the faintest idea as to how to go about it. I’ll
learn, she promised herself before she drifted off to
sleep, I’ll learn.


Keri approached Chris Miller somewhat apprehensively in
the junior college parking lot. She had known Chris
most of her life, but it was only recently that the two
of them had started dating one another. And, while she
knew that Chris would love to fuck her, she had been
able to thwart all his attempts so far. She had let him
fondle her tits and pussy a few times, and she had even
gone so far as to jack him off last weekend at the
drive-in, but that was the extent of their sexual

The one thing she really loved about him was that he
was a gentleman about the whole thing, being patient
with her and not pressuring her to do anything she
didn’t want to do. And he didn’t go around, like so
many other guys, bragging about what he had or had not
done with her. Even now as he approached his car, she
smiled as he leaned over and kissed her before opening
the door for her, closing it securely once she was in
the car.

“What would you like to do tonight?” he asked with a
warm smile as they pulled out of the parking lot and
headed for her house.

“Anything special in mind?” she asked, her eyes
twinkling in amusement.

“Well, my parents are going to be gone most of the
night, and there is a good movie coming on around nine
on cable, so I thought you might want to come over and
watch it instead of going to the drive-in.”

“What’s the movie about?” she asked, not really caring.

She almost laughed when he blushed and looked at her
quickly, a sheepish look on his face. “I. . . I
forget,” he replied at last.

“Okay, that sounds good to me,” she replied, laughing
at last.

“I’ll pick you up about seven, if that’s all right with
you,” he said as he pulled up in front of her house.

“Fine,” she told him, leaning over to kiss him quickly
before getting out from the car and hurrying into the

No one was home and she hurried to start supper for her
dad, knowing he would be through with work early that
day, and he would be hungry. She loved fixing dinner
for him. In fact, she admitted to herself, she loved
doing everything for him. It had become such a normal
and natural order of things that she really couldn’t
understand why he would want to go and change it all
now by marrying Susan and having her and her two sons
move in with them.

She did everything for him that her mother had done,
except for sex, and she vowed to remedy that before too
long. In fact, she had agreed to go over to Chris’
house tonight to get started on her education in the
ways of sex. She had something in mind for tonight,
something which would definitely make Chris happy, and
would teach her something as well.

She was just setting the table when her father came in.
He came up behind her and slipped his arms around her,
pulling her close as he kissed her cheek. “Hello,
Snuggles,” he said as she relaxed back against him,
feeling the bulge of his cock resting against the upper
portion of the crack of her ass. `Snuggles’ was his
nickname for her that he had given to her when she was
just a baby, because of the way she liked to snuggle up
in his arms and go to sleep.

“Hi, Daddy,” she replied contentedly. “Supper is almost
ready, but you still have time to wash up first if you

“What’s the matter?” he teased as he let go of her,
making her feel suddenly lonely. “Is the smell of good
hard labor too much for you?”

“Oh, Dad,” she replied, turning to face him, her lips
forming a wide grin, “you know I love the way you
smell. It wouldn’t matter to me at all if you wanted to
sit down right now. I just thought it might make you
feel better, that’s all.”

“You’re right, it will. Okay, give me five minutes.”

As her father left her standing in the kitchen she
could still feel the gentle press of his cock against
her in her mind, could still feel his strong arms
around her, his hands just brushing the underside of
her tits. She felt herself flush with embarrassment and
desire as she turned back to finish setting the table.

He came back downstairs a few minutes later dressed in
a clean pair of old jeans and a strap tee-shirt, which
only emphasized his rugged, handsome, well-built body.
When she looked at him it was hard for her to believe
that he was forty years old, exactly twice her age. She
knew that a couple of her girlfriends had told her they
thought her father was the best-looking father of all
the girls, and a few of them had even hinted that they
wouldn’t mind letting him fuck them if the opportunity
ever came up. When she heard that for the first time,
she made sure none of them ever got that chance.

“So, what have you got on the agenda for tonight?” he
asked her as they began eating.

“I’m going over to Chris’ house and watch a movie on
cable, if that’s okay with you.”

“That’s fine with me. You like him, don’t you?”

She turned to look at her father from the cabinet where
she was cutting him a piece of homemade bread. “Well,
of course, I like him,” she replied as she handed it to
him and sat down across from him. “I wouldn’t go out
with any guy I didn’t like.”

“That’s not what I meant, Snuggles,” he said with a
grin. “I mean that you like him a lot, and I think
that’s great. Chris is one of the few nice young men
around, and one of the few I trust with the one person
I love most in the whole world.”

“Oh,” she replied softly, feeling a warm glow of love
for him.

For the next few minutes they ate in silence, but as
she got up to clear the table he reached out and gently
pulled her towards him. She sat down on his lap,
feeling his strong arms wrap themselves around her
lovingly. She always felt so safe, so secure in his
arms, and loved it when he held her. But lately he had
held her less and less, and she just didn’t understand
why. It seemed as if he was almost hesitant to do so.

She squirmed around on his lap to get comfortable so
she could look up into his face and felt a slight
twinge beneath her ass, realizing with a shock that his
cock was stirring. That realization almost made her
delirious with desire for him. If he had suddenly
placed her on the table, ripped off her jeans and
fucked her right there, she could die and go to heaven.

“You aren’t particularly happy about me and Susan
getting married, are you?” he asked suddenly, softly.



“No, I’m not.”

“Don’t you like her?”

“It’s not that, exactly, Dad,” she replied, turning her
face away from his to keep him from seeing the effect
his cock was having on her. “I mean, she’s nice and
all, and she is a beautiful woman, but I don’t see why
we need her, that’s all.”

“I need her, Princess,” he replied after a moment.
“After your mother died I didn’t think I could ever
love again, and I didn’t have anything to do with a
woman for a long time, but I’m still a young man,
basically, and I still have needs and desires that have
to be fulfilled, and Susan does that for me, and a lot

“If it’s just a matter of… sex,” she began, surprised
at her own bluntness.

“No, it’s not just that,” he replied with a short
laugh. “If it were just sex, I could take care of that
without getting married. No, it’s more than that. It’s
companionship, the sharing of things, and love.”

“What… what if I said I didn’t want you to marry her,
that I was totally against it? Would you still marry

He was silent for a moment as he thought about this and
she knew she was putting him on the spot, forcing him
to possibly choose between his daughter and the woman
he now loved.

“I don’t know, sweetheart,” he answered softly. “I
would never do anything to intentionally make you
unhappy, or to hurt you, and you know that. But I do
have to look out for my own life as well.

“After all, you will be leaving home soon, either in
your career, or starting a life of your own, a family
of your own with a man you love, and that will leave me
sitting here alone.”

“I would never leave you alone, Daddy,” she told him,
looking up into his eyes. “I love you and I just want
you to be happy. But…well, couldn’t you put off
marrying Susan for a while? Like, until after I
graduate from college? That’s only two more years, and
if you two really love each other, it won’t be all that

Before her father could answer, there was a knock on
the front door, causing them both to jump slightly. She
got up and hurried to open it, to find a smiling Chris
standing on the stoop. “Hi, come on in!” she told him
cheerfully, seeing that it was later than she realized.
“Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready.”

As she turned and headed for the stairs, her father
came into the living room, calling out for Chris to
come on in and have a seat, asking him if he would like
a soft drink while he waited. She hurried to her room
and stripped off her jeans and blouse, dashing to her
closet to take out amid-thigh-length skirt and a clean
blouse. She knew she should take a shower first, but
she just dabbed on a little perfume and got dressed.

As she started to put on her blouse, she looked at her
reflection in the mirror, and with an impish grin
removed her bra and tossed it on the bed. She put the
blouse on and smiled at the way her nipples gently
poked out the material of it. She tucked it in as she
slipped on her sandals and headed for the door.

Tonight she would be using Chris, she knew, but she had
a feeling he wouldn’t mind it. She was going to use him
to learn how to please her father, and if he enjoyed it
while she was learning, then so much the better.

But once she got back downstairs she found her dad and
Chris laughing about something and smiled as she went
to her dad and kissed his cheek before taking Chris’
hand as the two of them headed for the door.

As she looked back at her father, she wasn’t sure if it
was her imagination playing tricks on her, or if the
look of desire and lust for her in his eyes was real.
She was almost tempted to find some quick excuse to end
the night early so she could return to find out for
sure, but changed her mind. She had to go through with
what she had planned. There was too much counting on

But she couldn’t get the look in her father’s eyes out
of her mind as she and Chris drove back to his house.
She had been there before, a number of times, but his
parents were always home on those occasions, and this
was the first time the two of them had ever been alone.
She felt nervous, but knew that the evening would be a
turning point in her life.


They were halfway through the first bottle of wine
Chris had opened when the movie began, so the surprise
that it was an X-rated movie didn’t hold the shock for
her that it might have under different conditions. She
found herself watching it with fascination, feeling
herself becoming aroused at the action taking place on
the big color television screen.

She wasn’t sure just when Chris began kissing her and
fondling her big firm tits, but she didn’t care. She
opened her mouth to his kiss, sucking eagerly on his
tongue as his hands caressed the hard nipples of her
tits. She was arching her back slightly, pushing them
into his hands, delighting in his touch, aware that he
had completely removed her blouse somewhere along the

I’m doing this for Daddy, she thought to herself as she
allowed Chris to put his arms around her and draw her
closer, his lips trailing down to the hollow of her
neck, and then on down to capture one of her hard
nipples between his lips.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she moaned as Chris gently
eased her over on the couch, his hands and lips
continuing to work on her tits.

He lay on top of her and she spread her legs slightly
to allow him to lay between them, feeling the hard
press of his cock against her cunt. As he sucked on
her tits, pushing them together with his hands to suck
on both nipples at once, she could feel his cock
rubbing back and forth against her cunt mound, driving
her crazy with desire.

“You are so beautiful,” she heard him whisper as he
lifted his head for a moment to look down at her, which
pressed his cock even harder against her.

“You really think so?”

“God, yes! You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever
known, and have the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen.
Even the women in those magazines don’t have tits as
nice as you have,” he told her sincerely as he bent his
head to kiss her, forcing her lips apart with his

She responded to his words and kiss by wrapping her
legs around his thighs, grinding her pussy up against
his hard cock inside his jeans. She felt his hands
moving down to find their way beneath her skirt, and
when his fingers touched the wet crotch of her panties
she nearly swooned.

He rubbed the crotch of her panties for a while as he
continued to kiss her, then slowly, as if afraid she
would stop him, he eased one finger beneath the crotch
and into her hot wet pussy, which was dripping with

At the invasion of his finger, she arched her hips and
cried out, partially in pain and partially in pleasure.
He had fingers which were a lot thicker than hers, and
longer, and when he touched the tightly stretched piece
of skin that formed her cherry, she pulled her hips
back a little.

“Oh, Keri, I want to make love to you so badly!” Chris
moaned, grinding his jean clad cock down against her
cunt. She found herself wanting him to fuck her, more
than ever before, but she knew she had to save her
cherry for her father. “I know, but we can’t,” she told
him, realizing that her desire for him was probably as
great as his for her, but her cherry was for her
father. It was to be the ultimate gift from her to him.

She felt his fingers moving in and out of her cunt,
making little circles as they did, gently stretching
the walls, and she didn’t know if she wanted him to
stop or not, it felt so good. She had never let him go
this far with her before and she was afraid that she
wouldn’t be able to stop him if it lasted much longer.
But more than that, she was afraid she would not be
able to stop herself if she let it go on.

“Chris, wait!” she pleaded weakly, knowing she had to
stop him now or it would be too late.”

He raised his head to look at her and she could see the
glazed look of desire and passion in his eyes. “Look,
we can’t fuck,” she told him, surprising him and
herself by the use of the word, “but there’s something
else I can do for you, something I want to do.”

He raised up even higher, looking down at her in
surprise. She reached between their bodies and began
squeezing his cock through the material of his jeans.
“What…what did you have in mind?” he asked

“I…I could…we…give you a blowjob,” she said
nervously, feeling herself blush.

“Are…are you sure?” he asked, and she could tell he
thought he was dreaming.

In response to his question she gently pushed him to
one side so that he was laying beside her on the seat.
She moved to where she was kneeling on the floor beside
the couch, and with trembling fingers she began to
unfasten his belt and jeans, finally pulling down the
zipper before looking up at his face again.

She smiled warmly, shyly at him as the two of them
pushed his jeans down to his knees, followed quickly by
his shorts, freeing his cock, which caused her to gasp,
her breath catching in her throat.

His cock was a lot larger than she had imagined!

It was about eight or nine inches long and stood up
proud and hard from his groin. Seeing it clearly for
the first time nearly caused her to change her mind,
but then she thought about the even larger cock of her
father and knew that if she were going to be able to
take her dad’s, she would have to start with one that
was a bit smaller.

She reached out and wrapped the fingers of her right
hand around it, feeling the silky texture of the skin,
letting her hand move up and down the length of it from
base to crown. The touch excited her and she could tell
by the low moan of pleasure from Chris that it made him
feel good as well.

Even though her small fingers wouldn’t go completely
around the large shaft, she took it firmly by the base
and raised herself up on her knees. Haltingly, she
stuck out her tongue and tasted the little pearl of
pre-cum that had oozed from the cock’s slit. To her
surprise, she found she liked the taste of it.

With a little more boldness, she began to lick around
the crown and then down the shaft, letting her tongue
slide up and down the long length of it, feeling
herself becoming more and more excited with each
passing second. Her pussy was heating up and she could
feel her juices starting to flow. Chris was moaning and
moving his hips in a small circle as she continued to
lick all around his cock.

But at last she made her way back up the large purple
head of it. She took a deep breath as she opened her
mouth as wide as she could and slowly lowered her head
down on the cock, feeling the way it filled her mouth.

But now that she had Chris’ cock in her mouth she
wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do next. He solved
that problem for her by placing his hands on either
side of her head and gently forcing it down on it. As
his cockhead touched the back of her throat, she
thought she was going to gag, but Chris gently eased
her head back up before that happened. He gradually
set a slow up and down motion with her head, which she
soon was able to do on her own as she sucked powerfully
on his cock, running her tongue around the shaft and
head of it as she did.

But each time she lowered her head and the crown
touched the back of her throat, she thought she was
going to gag, which upset her, because she knew about
deep throating and she wanted to be able to do that.
She didn’t know how to get all of the cock into her
mouth and throat and knew she was only taking about
half of Chris’. She wanted to feel it stuff her mouth
and throat completely full.

She raised her head and looked up at him, her eyes
pleading. “Chris, I want to take all of you, but I
don’t know how. This…this is the first time I’ve ever
done it.”

“Get on top of me,” he told her, reaching for her to
help pull her above him so that her face was directly
over his cock, with her cunt above his face. His hands
moved quickly to push her short skirt up around her
hips and then literally ripped her panties away from

“This way you’ll have a better angle,” he told her as
his hands caressed the firm cheeks of her ass, “but the
main thing is just to let your throat relax, just let
it slide in, but don’t force it. If you force it, it
will only make you gag.”

“What…what are you doing?” she gasped as she felt his
lips kiss the insides of her thighs, gently making
their way towards her dripping snatch.

“Well, if you’re going to do this for me, if you’re
gonna suck my cock, then I’m going to suck your pussy.
Turn about is fair play,” he said as he pulled her hips
down and planted a kiss directly on the swollen lips of
her cunt.

“Ohh, good,” she moaned as his tongue shot out to work
its way into her cunt, feeling like a slick snake was
crawling up inside of her.

She opened her mouth wide again and lowered her head
down on his cock, taking about half of him at once. She
sucked on that much of it for all she was worth as his
tongue worked in and out and around inside her cunt.
Her own hips were starting to rotate in small circles,
humping up and down on his mouth as he sucked the
juices from her cunt, producing more pleasure in her
than she had ever thought possible.

She had her hands on either side of his hips as he
began to fuck his cock up into her mouth. She
remembered what he had told her about relaxing the
muscles of her small throat and concentrated on that.
He suddenly shoved upwards with his hips, and to her
surprise the head of his cock slipped past the muscles
of her throat and she found her chin banging against
his pelvic bone, her mouth and throat stuffed full of
hard cock meat.

A thrill shot through her as she realized she had all
of him, had his entire cock trapped within the confines
of her hot, wet mouth and throat! She tried to swallow
and could feel the muscles of her throat ripple along
the length of his cock. She heard a moan of pleasure,
but didn’t know if it was from her or from him as her
own body was going through spasms of orgasmic pleasure
that she had never known before in her life.

Chris began to fuck his cock faster and faster up into
her mouth while his tongue matched the action of his
organ, driving in and out of her cunt and driving her
absolutely wild.

She could feel her climax building and knew it wouldn’t
be long before it happened. In a nearly drunken stage
of pleasure, she moved her head to match the thrusting
of his cock, realizing she was taking all of him on
each downward stroke of her bobbing head.

Suddenly, he shoved upwards with his hips, mashing her
lips against his pelvic bone. She felt the head of his
cock expand until it felt as if it had grown to twice
its size. She wondered what was happening when his cock
suddenly exploded with his first load of cum. It
splashed against the walls of her throat, searing them
with its heat.

Keri felt as if a fire hose had suddenly been shoved
down her throat as load after load of hot cum filled
her throat. She raised her head, trying to catch it in
her mouth, trapping the cockhead between her lips as it
continued to gush forth. She hadn’t believed it
possible that a man could hold so much cum in his
balls, but Chris’ cum was filling her mouth and
starting to ooze out the corners of it, no matter how
quickly she swallowed.

And then her own orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt from
the sky! Her body went rigid and she felt his cock slip
back down into her throat, blocking her airways. She
raised her head and gasped in need of air, his final
load of cum shooing out to splash hotly on her face and
eyes. But she didn’t care and didn’t notice for the
moment, so intense was the climax which was ripping
through her body.

She could feel the muscles of her cunt flexing and
contracting around his tongue, trying to trap it inside
as she flooded his face with her juices. Her body
jerked and twitched, and then seemed to collapse as her
orgasm finally subsided. She closed her eyes and lay
her head down, his cock brushing lightly against her

When she opened them again, Chris was laying beside
her, a smile on his face as he held her in his arms.
“That was fantastic!” he whispered, kissing her lightly
on the lips. “All the waiting you’ve put me through,
all the nights I’ve come home with sore balls and a
stiff dick were well worth the wait.”

She smiled and felt a sense of pleasure and pride at
his compliment. “I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do
this for you,” she told him softly, reaching up to
gently stroke his face. “I really did like doing it,
and having you suck my pussy at the same time was
something I never dreamed of. I never felt anything so
damn good before in my life!”

“You know, I’ve only done that to a couple of other
girls before, but I want to tell you something. You
have the sweetest tasting pussy I’ve ever had. Your
juice is like honey, and anytime you want, I’ll be more
than happy to let you sit on my face,” he told her with
a grin.

“Is that a promise?” she teased as she reached down
between their bodies to take his semi-hard cock in her
hand, gently squeezing it and feeling it start to stir.

“Just watch,” he told her as he sat up, raising her to
where she was sitting up on the couch.

He got down on the floor this time, lifting her legs to
place them over his shoulders. He began to kiss the
insides of her thighs lightly, running his tongue up
and down them as his fingers came up to gently fondle
her large tits, rubbing her erect nipples and causing
them to harden.

Keri could feel the reaction of her body from his light
kisses and caresses and let herself relax and enjoy it.
Her heart began to beat faster and faster as his tongue
slowly worked its way to the platinum blonde hairs that
surrounded her virgin cunt, and when he jabbed his
tongue inside of her, gently pinching her tits at the
same time, she felt her body explode in a series of
small climaxes and knew there was more to come.

Over and over his tongue drove into her pussy, scooping
out her juices and sweeping the walls of her cunt,
driving her crazy. Her small hips squirmed on the couch
as she arched her cunt up, trying to capture even more
of his tongue inside of her.

His hands came down to hold the firm cheeks of her ass,
with one finger gently touching the puckered ring of
muscles there. As she bucked her hips one of his
fingers slid up inside and she nearly screamed as it
triggered a massive climax.

Keri was going nuts as her body responded to his tongue
in her cunt and the finger sliding in and out of her
ass. Her body was jerking around on the couch and she
wasn’t aware of what was happening until she realized
that Chris’ mouth was no longer on her pussy, but was
locked on her own, his tongue shoved down her throat.
She sucked on it hungrily as her legs wrapped
themselves around his hips.

It was then she felt the head of his cock starting to
push gently against the lips of her virgin pussy. She
reached between their bodies, grasping his cock tightly
as she fought with herself. One part of her wanted to
let him go ahead and fuck her, to ram his cock into her
cunt and fuck her until she couldn’t stand it, but
another part of her told her she had to deny him this.

In the struggle that ensued she found the head of his
cock had been removed from her pussy and was now
pressed against the tight ring of muscles of her ass.
As her hand slipped from his cock, Chris lunged forward
and his cock, which was coated with pussy juice, pushed
its way into her ass.

She opened her mouth to cry out, but made nothing but a
gargled, choking sound. She tried to grab his hips, but
he shoved forward again and more of his fat cock slid
into her tight ass.

Chris pulled his cock back to where just the head was
trapped inside the tight ring of muscles, stretching
her ass, and then, just when she thought he was going
to take it out, he shoved forward with all his might
and rammed his cock all the way up into her chute.

This time she did cry out as Chris’ cock began to saw
in and out of her, stretching her rectal canal wider
than she thought possible.

He grunted as he pistoned his hips even faster than
before, driving his cock into her. Then he lowered his
head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

This couldn’t be happening, she thought. Not with
Chris! Chris was always so sweet, always the gentleman,
but now he was acting like an animal! But as she
thought this, her body was telling her something
completely different.

With a start she realized the muscles of her ass were
gripping and clamping down on his cock each time he
pulled it back, and that the lips of her pussy were
swollen once again, with her juices starting to flow
from between them. She also realized that her nipples
were hard, straining to the point where they felt as if
they were going to explode. They were more sensitive
than she had ever known them to be, and the slightest
touch of Chris’ tongue or lips sent electric sparks
shooting throughout her entire body.

“Ohhh, yes!” she cried as she realized she was on the
brink of an orgasm.

Only seconds ago she would have thought it was totally
impossible to have an orgasm this way, but now she felt
more alive, more vibrant than she ever had before in
her life. His large cock seemed to fit her ass as if it
were made just for that. She grabbed his face and
brought it up to her own, mashing their lips together
as she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him
to her.

“Yes, Chris, do it! Fuck my ass with your big beautiful
cock! Oh, I never knew anything could feel so good!
Fuck me!” she screamed as she felt her body starting to
tense up for the onset of the most intense orgasm ever.

Chris drove his cock into her as hard as he could, his
fingers gripping the cheeks of her ass tightly. “Here
it comes!” he cried, slamming his cock into her so hard
he nearly knocked the breath out of her.

She felt his cockhead expand and then her rear entry
flooded with his hot cum. She could feel the burning,
stringy ropes of it shoot out to fill her ass and
that’s all it took to trigger her own climax.

Her body jerked and thrashed beneath his and she cried
out as the two of them clung to one another tightly,
riding out the storm of passion washing over them. As
her body went rigid she felt the muscles of her ass
clamp down tightly around the base of his cock, which
was jerking spasmodically inside her as his cum
continued to flood her.

But at last Chris expelled his held breath and slowly
sagged against her. She squeezed her anal muscles and
felt his cock slowly deflating as it slipped from her
hole. She looked at him and smiled, knowing that this
was just the beginning for the two of them. There would
be more such pleasure in the future, but first there
was her father.

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