Angie, our cleaning lady gets what she’s always wanted from one of her regular clients

Mixed sex stories

For over a year, my wife and I had our house cleaned
every week by Angie, who had several clients and had
established a good business over the years.

Angie, a lady about 35, would show up promptly on the
days we scheduled her for, bring in her cleaning stuff
and after a few minutes of conversation, would start to
dust and clean the house.

I would watch her a lot when she wasn’t looking as she
was paying attention to what she was doing. In the
summer, Angie would wear her loose shorts and a t-shirt
with tennis shoes. Her legs were gorgeous, fully
developed thighs, nice rounded calves and cute ankles.
She was about 5’5″ tall, with fully developed breasts
that I guessed to be at least 38D’s. I could see
through the t-shirt that she wore a bra as I imagined
how luscious they would look without one.

When she would bend over with her back to me, her ass
in those loose shorts was a beautiful sight. I often
stood there with a coffee cup in one hand and my other
hand on my cock massaging it and rubbing my balls
thinking how nice it would be fuck her.

After many weeks of her coming to the house, I often
told her how much I liked her as I put my arm around
her. A few times, I even kissed her on cheek and hugged
her as I held her tighter. She did not resist the
affection I showed for her, so one day as I was hugging
her, I slid my hand down to her ass, rubbed it and
grabbed her cheeks in a soft non-aggressive manner.
Again, she made no motion nor spoke no words to
discourage me feeling her up this way.

It took several more weeks for me to get up the nerve
to take the next step. What I did was really risky, but
it turned out great. On this day, when she was cleaning
and dusting and bending over the coffee table with her
back to me, I went behind her, put both hands on her
waist and put my half-hard cock against her ass rubbing
it gently.

She was surprised, but pleased as it turned out, that I
finally made a move toward her. Without turning around,
she reached back with her hand and took my cock in her
hand feeling it through my shorts. Then we turned and
faced each other smiling.

I forgot to mention that my wife is always home when
Angie came to clean, so we were not able to do much
more than feel each other and only for very brief
moments as my wife may come out to where we were at any
time. So that’s how it went for month after month, but
in itself, it was a lot of fun and got us both worked
up each time Angie would come to the house.

It so happened one week, that my wife had planned to go
shopping with some other wives and planned to spend a
lot of time and money at the mall. Angie arrived on
time as usual, we talked briefly and then she started
to clean the house as she had always done.

Angie’s shorts this day were even shorter and tighter
over her nice round ass and the t-shirt she had on was
skin tight showing the full shape of her huge tits. The
shirt was tight over her nipples and it looked like she
had not worn a bra that day.

As before, as she was bending over dusting, I came up
behind her, put my arms around to the front of her and
held onto both her breasts as I shoved my cock up
against her ass. As we were in this position, I told
her that we were alone because my wife would be out for
the day. She turned around to face me, smiled and we
hugged each other very tight with her tits pressed real
hard to my chest and my cock was pressing hard into her
with my hands now behind her and pulling her ass
tighter towards me.

Without hardly a word spoken, we both knew we wanted to
fuck each other. We were both hot and ready. I dropped
my shorts, got naked, held my cock up to her to show
her how huge it was. I was blessed with an 8-1/2″ cock
and huge balls I was always proud to show off. While I
was in front of her now, she pulled off her t-shirt and
I was right, she had no bra.

What a beautiful sight seeing her suckable tits and
hard nipples right in front of me. She took off her
shorts and got completely naked and we lay next to each
other on the soft rug. I started sucked her tits,
rubbing my hand over her pussy as she held and played
with my cock getting it even more hard and hot.

She was jerking my cock as I was masturbating her pussy
for awhile confessing to each other how long we waited
for this day. She told me she wanted to fuck me the
first time she saw me and I said the same to her. She
rolled over on top of me with her legs straddling my
body with her tits in full view. She pulled her pussy
lips apart and found my throbbing cock head.

She slowly let my shiny purple cock head enter her
throbbing wet pussy until it was all the way in the
full 8-1/2″ with my hot balls pressing against her
sweet ass. She then began the fucking motion and we
fucked liked it seemed forever. I came into her with a
full load of white hot creamy cum and she had a
screaming orgasm at the same time.

We rolled over exhausted and continued to hug and kiss
and feel each other all over, her hand on my cock and
balls and mine feeling her tits and warm pussy.

We got dressed, she finished cleaning the house, but we
stayed close the whole time, hugging and kissing and we
were so happy we finally got to fuck each other. There
were other times my wife was out, but not that often.
It was hard being there in the house with Angie when my
wife was home because we were only able to kiss and
touch each other when my wife was at the other end of
the house. But over the years, we fucked each other
every chance we got.

My wife had no plans to stop having Angie keep cleaning
our house, so I can always look forward to some hot
times with our cleaning lady Angie.

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