Extreme Fantasy ch1.

Extreme Stories

I had only recently started dating a woman named
Brenda whom I’d met at a party. This was a compact
gal, in real good shape physically, chestnut-haired
with an acerbic sense of humor I really dug. She’s a
feisty, feminist-type (with a great physique, by the
way), who enjoyed being in charge of things. I myself
am fairly easy-going, so I didn’t mind being dictated
to, at least, if I could count on some good times in
bed eventually!

She called me one afternoon and said she wanted to
visit a certain club that evening. She asked me if I
wanted to join her.

“There’s a weird woman there who does a psychic kind
of act,” she informed me. “A couple of my friends have
been several times, and they really rave about this

The “club” turned out to be well out of town, in a
nice suburban shopping strip, with a small,
inexpensive marquee reading: “All this month:
Marvelous Mentalist Madame Mesmere!” Inside were bar,
tables, and a small stage at one end, on which the act
was already progressing.

“Madame Mesmere” was a small, somewhat sharp-featured
exotic face with dark, wide-set eyes and full but
controlled mouth, set atop a nice figure only half-
hidden by a long silken garment which closed at the
neck. There was a complete self-assurance about this
woman. It seemed more than just performer’s chutzpah.
Every gesture, every nuance of her voice lent
authority and power to this small figure.

She was having her “victims” act like rock stars, take
off their shoes without realizing it, and all the
other standard stage hypnotic stunts. I was still
enthralled, even through the corny routines. I had
seen a lot of movies and read a lot about hypnotism,
but I’d never actually been in there “in the flesh.”
I’ll explain more about my preoccupation later.

After some tacky spoon-bending stuff, the lights were
lowered further, and a “volunteer” from the audience,
a middle-aged woman with a very respectable figure,
was enlisted by the performer to aid in “a mystifying
presentation of true telepathy.” This woman gave her
name, “Lily,” in a timid voice, but I figured her to
be an assistant planted in the audience. I was wrong.

Lily stood with her back to the audience, and “Madame”
proceeded to hypnotize her. She spoke softly to the
“subject” for a short while, and took both Lily’s
hands in her own palms. Then her voice and personality
suddenly became quite firm and commanding, as she
gazed intently at Lily. She rocked slightly sideways,
back and forth in front of her and spoke aloud:

“Lily, you see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing
outside of the two of us now,” she intoned in a deep,
gentle voice. “Watch me now, see only me… that’s it,
and now you can just let yourself go, rocking…
swaying… you find you are rooted to the floor… now
just a few more seconds… there we go, Lily, now sway
very gently now left… now right… now left…
right… close your eyes now, dear… they’re so
heavy… left… right…” and so forth.

As her stream of suggestions droned on and on, I
noticed with a small start that I had been swaying
myself! I was instantly breathing hard, my face was
hot with embarrassment, but I couldn’t remove my eyes
from Lily’s pliant form. Back in the safe darkness of
the audience, I felt secure from view or ridicule. The
phenomenon of hypnotism has always had a very strong
sexual connotation for me.

As the subject’s sway grew more pronounced, “Madame”
stepped closer, and spoke in a voice only the woman
could hear. Very soon Lily’s hands were straight down
at her sides, and her head had lolled backward till
her face pointed up at the ceiling. A chair was
quickly pushed up behind her knees, which buckled
gently, and Madame guided her backward into the seat.

With a few more theatrical passes and firmer commands,
Madame Mesmere swiveled Lily around till she faced
outwards into the audience. Lily’s face was placid,
eyes closed, head upright now, and her hands rested
along the chair arms. One hand slipped off and dropped
toward the floor like a stone. It hung there until
Madame returned it to position.

A mind-reading bit followed, with the robotic voice of
Lily giving answers to questions on cards passed up
from the audience. The mental act concluded, the show
came to an end. I had been so caught up in my own
reverie I actually remember very little of the mind-
reading, but “Madame Mesmere” had made a definite
impression on me. As the house lights came up, I
noticed several other patrons shaking themselves loose
from a daze. One or two were still slumped over in
their chairs!

“The power of the mind is limitless,” intoned Mesmere,
looking outwards at the audience, “the power to
control, or to give up control… to give up all
control… but now we should all feel alert and brisk
as we leave our cocoon and rejoin the outside world. I
know you’re all fully awake now!” and she gave a
couple sharp handclaps into the microphone, and left
the stage, to scattered applause.

After the show, I finally paid attention to Brenda
again. I learned that she thought she had “gone under”
during the program, and still felt somewhat woozy. I
worried that there were residual effects, and
contacted the stage manager. We were given directions
to the woman’s dressing room, and made our way
backstage then and there.

“Madame Mesmere” had a very comfortable suite for such
a small club. The woman turned out to be just as
imposing offstage as on. Her direct gaze seemed to
penetrate all disguises and pretexts. She introduced
herself to us as “Zarah.”

I explained on my date’s behalf, as she had become
(unusually) tongue-tied. Brenda was quite flushed, I
might say, and as she leaned briefly against the door
jamb to Zarah’s room, I noticed that her breathing was
hurried. Our eyes flicked nervously around the
backstage suite.

The room contained a wide lounge chair, more like a
sofa, and seated upon it was Lily, the woman from the
recent performance. Next to her slumped a rather thin
blond girl. They were obviously still entranced, for
the thin girl’s frizzy head was laid on Lily’s
shoulder, eyes tightly closed, while the lovely,
rather dark-set eyes of the older woman were blinking
rather slowly and regularly in a languid manner.
Neither acknowledged our entrance at all.

Speaking to us, Zarah said: “As you can see, Brenda,
the phenomenon you now experience is not unusual.
Unexpected strong responses to my technique come to my
attention often. I was just in the process of clearing
these good ladies of all residual effects, and if you
will wait a moment outside, I will attend to you as
well, my dear girl.” My date nodded, and turned to

Zarah’s voice was very flexible, and there was a depth
and smoothness to her speech that I found very
appealing. As she spoke I was struck by the absolute
directness and frankness of her gaze. I knew somehow
that, as I stood before her, she was assessing me! She
came to some decision quickly.

“Go on now, James, isn’t it?” she commanded. “You may
return in a few moments.”

As we were retreating, I caught a startling glimpse in
the corner of the dressing-room mirror. Zarah had
moved to stand behind the sofa. She brushed her hands
down the blonde’s face and neck, and I swear I saw
them slide momentarily down the front of her sweater!
As the door closed behind us, I was more flustered
than Brenda, who seemed oblivious to the scene. Had
she missed the reflection? She must have, and I
suddenly decided not to mention it. Zarah had treated
Brenda almost as a child, and my ordinarily prickly-
pear date had not even batted an eyelid!

After a short while, the door opened, and the two
ladies emerged. Lily now seemed quite vivacious, and
sparkling, while the thin girl lowered her face, and
muttered an embarrassed “Excuse me,” as they left the
theater. I watched them leave, wishing I could have
that power, to have women offer themselves up to me,
helpless to resist. I was suddenly quite horny.

While I had been woolgathering, daydreaming about
brushing my hands all over a hypnotized woman, Brenda
had hurried back inside, closing the door. After a few
moments, I got up enough courage to poke my head
inside. The women had apparently retired to the rear
of the suite, and I crept inside, breathless with
anticipation. I was not disappointed. I heard the
hypnotist’s “stage voice” intoning continuously in the
back room.

“Of course there is no embarrassment or shame in being
susceptible to hypnosis… it’s so natural and
helpful, really… you know many people around the
country find that as they listen closely to my voice,
they can understand their feelings much better, just
as you can now, can’t you Brenda? Can’t you my dear?”

There was a soft murmur in response.

“You may speak up, Brenda… how do you feel just
now… just now?”

“I’m not sure… it’s unusual… sort of dreamy…
everything’s far away…”

“Yes, everything will recede far, far away for you…
you can hear me and see me with your deeper awareness,
while you send your upper layers off far… farther
and farther… you’ll find now that it’s very easy to
keep looking into my eyes right here, Brenda… far-r-
r away to some lovely, floaty drifting place…
especially the eyes, Brenda… you are fixated on my
glance, I see, your body feels light as a feather,
wrapping you now in a downy, drowsy trance state…
deeper and deeper as you gaze… deeper under my

I peeked around the door. They stood almost toe-to-
toe. Zarah’s forefingers massaged my date’s temples,
running lightly but firmly now and again down her
jawline and back upwards. As she talked to Brenda her
fingers concentrated their circling feathery touch
around her brows and eyelids, which were blinking
slowly now.

“You’re responding perfectly now, Brenda. Now let
yourself be aware of just that last little bit of
resistance in your eyelids… that last tiny bit of
tension as your eyelids feel soooo intolerably
heavy… oh yes, I see they are hot and flushed as
they want to close… you will love this experience,
my dear. I know how go-o-od it feels to give up all
control, your heavy, heavy eyelids are so-o-o leaden
as you respond only to me Brenda… feel them burn
now? Yes-s-s… ever so heavy!… they are watering
and burning… watering and burning so-o-o-o badly…
you feel that any second they must close down softly
and drowsily, Brenda… you love drifting and
floating… so impossibly heavy aren’t they?… you
may begin to yield now… go all the way down.”

Brenda was clearly making no effort to resist the
other’s instructions. Her breathing was uneven and
shallow, her cheekbones glistened with moisture from
watering eyes which now fluttered and blinked rapidly.
The mentalist stroked her temples just over the ears.
Each light stroke seemed to pull my date’s head
forwards into the intense gaze of Madame Mesmere.

Now Brenda’s body jerked a little, then swayed from
the ankles suddenly towards the hypnotist, who quickly
kept her upright merely by holding one finger against
Brenda’s forehead. The eyes closed, and a shuddering
sigh told me that the trance was now complete.

“Wait there rooted to the floor now, my dear,” was the
next command, given in a louder voice. Think nothing,
hear nothing, dream nothing until I address you again.
You see I can have you remain standing straight and
tall without falling. Go deeper and deeper… deeper
and deeper automatically… obey me, Brenda… you may
safely obey me completely!”

Madame quickly turned her head, and she saw me before
I could retreat. Watching Brenda hypnotized close up
had given me a bulging hard-on, and as the mesmerist
came to join me in the front room, I held my coat in
front of me.

“I’ve encountered voyeurs before, but none so fetching
as you!” were her first surprising words to me.
Looking me up and down (I fancy she approved, as I’ve
never been called wanting in the masculine looks
department), she turned and walked towards the sofa,
beckoning me to follow.

“I really think I should go… we should go… we
drove here together…” I mumbled unconvincingly. My
face burned in embarrassment.

Mesmere chuckled. “There’s more to this than you are
letting on… James, isn’t it? I find that little
talents are appealing to many men, yes, and women
too… some think it strange…” and her left hand
found its way suddenly under my coat, brushing against
my still-erect penis through my pants! The assault
made me gasp, I stepped backwards, and would have
fallen if the hypnotist’s other hand had not grasped
me strongly by the lapel and held me up.

“I’d better set you straight on a couple of important
points,” she murmured, extracting her hand smoothly.
“I have extensive experience in all forms of trance
and trance induction, James,” she said. “I offer
everything from public demonstrations in hospitals and
psychology departments to rather… specialized
personal consultations. I can see confusion and not a
little embarrassment in you… tell me now, what’s
this,” and she looked pointedly at my lap, then back
up straight at my face, “what’s this all about?”

“I-I…” No coherency yet, but I soon found myself
speaking frankly to her. I know now that I had already
surrendered some of my personal control to Zarah, but
at the time I found it surprisingly easy to confide in
her, quite quickly!

I have had a fascination with the phenomenon of
hypnosis since some incident in very early age, and
find that the sight of a person undergoing trance has
a strong sexual effect on me… I don’t know why. I
know that I watched movies in which people were
spellbound with almost religious ecstasy. As I spoke,
Madame held onto my arm, and sat me back on the sofa,
as if I were handicapped. She nodded warmly to me.

What power she suddenly projected! The full force of
her personality was staggering. I had really forgotten
all about my “date,” so self-absorbed was I at that
moment. Of course, the mentalist was experienced at
reading faces.

“Hypnosis is a type of seduction, James,” she nodded,
“especially in my life too!… but I use it solely for
my own pleasure. Observing the mechanisms of control
and submission, those are my passions… and they are
very strong passions for me indeed… as I see they
are to you, though you hadn’t known until this…
very… moment… Control, and… deep, deep
submission… yes… submission… those who can
respond quickly and very deeply truly are gifted…
that’s right, James, it’s a very special gift, you
know… to be able to surrender control… to relax
and submit… to submit to firm, gentle control…”

I was suddenly aware that I had not blinked in several
minutes, and was sitting way back in my chair. I shook
my head slowly to try and clear the cobwebs I felt
forming. Zarah gave a small friendly smile.
Defensively, I blurted out that I felt uneasy in the
dressing room, when anyone could come in and see us,
but I know my demurrer was half-hearted at best. She
gave a small, friendly smile, and reached out to take
my coat from off my lap. As she hung it over her
chair, she continued her spiel.

“Your masculine instinct to assert domination is
naturally strong, yet there is a yielding side even in
the most aggressive,” Zarah said. “Usually in my
various tour cities, I observe people like you in my
audience during a performance. I may keep up a…
personal contact with the most… rewarding…
prospects. I often arrange… how shall I call it…
small private ‘s´┐Żances’ in my hotel suite, or in their
homes. Many of my hosts are glad to invite me back…
although some are not truly aware of why they have
done so.” Her gaze burned me yet again, and I felt my
cock respond with a surprising surge. I must have
blushed. She changed the subject abruptly.

“You don’t know Brenda yet, do you? I mean know her
intimately, as an erotic being? She arouses you, I can
see that… but you and I are already very intimate
ourselves, aren’t we? The two of you seem alike in a
curious way… very well-favored in face and physique,
but perhaps a shyness, and a self-centered nature…
Well, if we are to know each other better, you will
soon find yourself abandoning such confining

She nodded, still gazing right at me, and I found my
head nodding its agreement. Really, I was had almost
stopped paying attention to her words, her voice was
so warm! It deepened more now, as if it were coming
through a tunnel. Her unblinking gaze seemed to pass
right through my body. Her eyes had lost their focus,
and looked right through me, as if into infinite
reaches beyond.

“Submission is just the alternate side of dominance,
James, just like Yin and Yang. I respect man’s need
for both; indeed, I often attend submission rituals to
which I give my own self-ness up. You might eventually
see this other side of me, which would give me
pleasure, but right now, I prefer being in charge. You
and lovely Brenda need to learn these sides of
yourselves better, and I, James… well, I am perfect
in the teacher’s role… perfect for you… I know
you’ll enjoy your revelations… and I’m never
wrong… never…”

As these words flowed on and on, there seemed to be a
woolly sort of buzz in my ears, which shut out other
sounds. In the heavy silence, I became partially aware
that I hadn’t moved in what seemed like hours! I
didn’t even think of moving, I felt so lazy. Had she
been talking for a short time, or forever? I felt
comfortable and lethargic, yet more sexually aroused
than before. Curiously, I felt that my sexuality need
no longer be concealed… even in front of a stranger.

The outside world of the nightclub sounds now slowly
drifted back into my awareness. Zarah nodded at me.
And Brenda was now standing right by my sofa,
apparently still asleep! When had she come in?

“James… stay perfectly still for a few moments…
that’s right, just stay in your chair, so comfy, isn’t
it?” came a warm, deep voice, as if from a distance,
yet at the same time right inside my head! I remained
seated, unconcerned now with any outside events, as
the hypnotist moved over beside Brenda, and began
murmuring softly right into her ear. My date’s eyes
were tightly shut, and her head nodded to the words.

“I’m sure I can promise that a new world of unexpected
pleasure and gratification will soon be open to you,”
said Zarah to me. “When you take Brenda home, you will
participate in an interesting demonstration she will
show you. Don’t take advantage of her tonight, though,
will you James?”

My head shook in agreement, as if by its own accord.

“Just accept what happens for now, and we’ll talk at
greater length later … Brenda, kneel down right
here, now.” Miss Feminine Equality dropped instantly
to her knees, eyes still closed, at the command.

“James, your body is motionless, but I know that
you’re very aroused,” spoke the hypnotist. “Brenda, I
want to awaken some very very deep senses in you now.
I want you to lean forward, and smell something very
special. You will shortly take in a very powerful and
special scent.” She gently pushed Brenda’s head
towards my lap, and continued:

“Inhale, hold it in, exhale… again… and again now.
Hold in that smell, live that wonderful odor, let it
penetrate you to your deepest, deepest core. Go on,
Brenda, deep, deeeep breaths now… it’s a very
powerful musk that James exudes, isn’t it?” Brenda
nodded quickly, still on her knees next to me. Her
breathing seemed very loud all at once. The
irresistible voice droned on:

“James, you are so horny, now! What a powerful looking
bundle you have there, and such a strong odor too. So
unnatural to keep it confined so very tightly… let
it out, please. You must be bursting… yes you look
about to burst! You’ll find you can quickly move your
hands now. Hurry, unzip it, let it pop right out…
there you go… my my!” she said, as my fingers flew
to do her bidding. “What a lovely erection! It looks
so tingly now, is it tingly and aroused, James? Yes,
it’s tingling, I see its throbbing quite strongly!
Just look at it quiver and try to stand up even
stiffer now… stiffer… stiffer and stiffer, James!
Brenda is in heaven with the strong smell of your musk
as you now become even more aroused. I love to see a
beautiful naked penis like yours pulsing, pulsing
right up into the air, straight up in the air, it
shows how very responsive and free you have become to
me, in just a short time! I will touch it now, and you
may then release your semen.”

Zarah pushed Brenda’s face even closer to my erection.
The girl was inhaling, and releasing each breath with
an audible sigh. Her torso trembled slightly. She
leaned forward, and I jolted as her nose touched my
shaft! Go on, I heard in my innermost thoughts, I
must, the urge is strong… let it come now, I want to
let it all go!

Zarah’s soft hand touched my cock, tickled the glans
and rubbed lightly over its length, as I threw my head
back, and held my breath. The electric feel of orgasm
quickly overtook me. A few more touches, and she left
my organ jerking into mid-air.

“Tingling… tingling and burning… burning and
pumping, pumping… there it comes pumping out now!”
chanted the hypnotist.

I felt the hot liquid burning me, forcing its way up,
up my shaft… surging up… surging and now shooting
out and up, onto the floor, dribbling back down my
slimy shaft, flowing out and over my hardness, pulse
after hot pulse.

My heaving chest finally stilled. I knew I was almost
lying back across the couch, but I felt as if I would
never want to move again… I was that drained! Brenda
had left the room while Zarah helped me clean myself
off as my dick slowly shrunk under her knowing gaze.
She zipped me up, held my chin, and burned through me
again with those eyes. The most blissful warmth surged
into my head from her fingers resting in easy
possession of my very being.

“My, James, what a powerful ejaculation you possess! I
envy the recipient of such a strong, burning jet of
lust and love…” I smiled sleepily and sighed in
blissful release. She tugged at my hands suddenly now.
“All right, you may come right out of your chair now,
out of your trance and up, back completely with us
now. Up you come, here you come, James… there! Feels
good, doesn’t it? Why don’t you just wait outside for
a minute, and you may drop Brenda off at her
apartment. It’s great to feel so completely alert
now… off you go!”

I couldn’t speak, my shock and amazement at my
exhibition was so profound. I dutifully left and
waited at a nightclub table, ordering a milkshake,
which I greedily gulped down.

When Brenda emerged after about fifteen minutes, she
seemed as animated as had the woman earlier. She
chattered gaily away as we took a cab to her

“You know, I think I was a little sucked in by that
show this evening, Jim,” she mused. “I’m glad we got
that lady to bring me back to my senses! Damn, how did
it get to be so late? I’ve got an early class
tomorrow. Just drop me off at the apartment, okay? I
better sleep it off.”

She seemed as stand-offish as ever, giving no signals
that I should put the moves on her. She had clearly no
memory of the events in the dressing room. The cab
arrived, and she asked me to see her to the door.

Inside her foyer, she had tilted her head towards me
for a kiss, when I saw it hit her. Her eyes glazed
suddenly, and her voice thickened. “James, I feel so
tingly all of a sudden… whoo!” As our lips met, her
tongue surprised me by thrusting its way into my
mouth. The kiss lasted and lasted, her breath coming
quicker, and then:

“There, that’s for being so understanding, and this…
and this…” her voice stopped, and she dropped to her
knees in front of me, her eyes closed. She rubbed her
face against the renewed lump in my trousers, inhaled
deeply, and sighed. Her voice became higher and more

“This is your… cock, isn’t it… your thick, long
cock… it feels so-o-o hard and smells so-o-o-o
good… Jimmy, I wish I could suck it… slurp it
right into my mouth now…”

She burrowed her nose into my crotch again. Her voice
was muffled as she seemed to want to climb right into
my underwear. “O-o-ooh… I’m hungry for it, Jimmy…
it could sliiide right in… Right between my lips…”
Another deep inhalation. “I wish I could feel it spurt
into me… spurting and spurting… it would make me
cum…” her voice trailed off into quick panting, then

She gulped convulsively, and with a final nuzzle, she
stood up, shivered, and seemed to snap out it a
quickly as she had went under. She tossed me a dizzy
smile, and opened the elevator door.

“Well, thanks again… see you around! Maybe I’ll buzz
you next weekend, okay?”

Without a backward look, she left me, throbbing there
in the lobby. The taxi driver probably noticed me
panting like a dog, and left me to my own bemused
reverie. Needless to say when I reached my apartment,
it took just a few tortured seconds until my penis,
truly hard, was spurting a burning load over my
bathroom floor. I slept fitfully that night, to say
the least. My imagination worked overtime, as did my
right hand. Thank God for Jergen’s Lotion – the next
morning, my room smelled like a cherry! I was so wrung
out, I took the day off from work.

Chapter 2 – Zarah’s Office

Several days passed while I tried to digest what had
happened to me that night. I had been excited almost
out of my mind, and this much intensity had to have a
reason. I was bewildered, and questioned my
masculinity. I felt as if I were a real sicko to get
that turned on by someone else’s helplessness… and
even worse when I remembered my own willingness to
give up self-control!

And through it all, the calm, intense face of Zarah
remained in my mind as if it had been burned there.

I felt angry, that I had been taken advantage of, and
finally I summoned the nerve to visit the nightclub
again, this time without Brenda.

I arrived about at the end of Zarah’s last show, and
sent word backstage. My heart lurched again when the
waitress led me back to that dressing room. Zarah was
alone, this time in her street clothes. I felt almost
physically ill with emotion.

“James, come in, please!” urged Zarah in a concerned
tone. “You are very pale… is something wrong?”

Still, I couldn’t speak, I was so afraid that
communication would begin to reforge that bond between
us again. I hung my head in fear and shame, and did
not meet her eyes.

She handled it masterfully, rummaging around in her
room, chatting idly to me about her audiences, packing
up some things into drawers and cases, until she saw
that I had recovered somewhat.

“James,” she began again, “you know that nothing can
be mended until the damage has been examined. I feel
sure I know the source of some of your discomfort, but
my time tonight is short, and I think you’re not quite
ready yet. Why not visit me at my office tomorrow
evening about 5:30?”

She handed me a card which read:


And the address of a local motel. She looked at me
intently for a moment, and said, “I have a suite there
when I am residing in this city… Yes, I think
tomorrow at 5:30 will be perfect, we can spend some
time together then. Please be prompt, won’t you?” and
ushered me outside. I saw her watching my car as I
drove away, and I shivered, I don’t know exactly why.

I drove to the luxury motel listed on the card at the
appointed time the next day. I felt calmer now that I
had seen her again. Zarah’s suite had a small plaque
on the door bearing only the cryptic legend

I was a little early for my meeting. As I walked
around the building to the secluded entryway, I was
brought up short by the sight of a stunning, red-
haired woman leaving. She seemed quite flushed,
radiant, I might say, and as I approached, she leaned
briefly against the wall, and my gaze fastened upon
her clothing. I had a quick view of a very well-filled
t-shirt, and I lowered my gaze to catch a glimpse of
her butt… I am a real ass connoisseur. I was
rewarded (and amused) by the sight of lavender panties
showing well above the waistline of her trim jeans.
Her side zipper was open at least halfway down its
length, revealing more lavender.

The woman straightened her clothing, flashed me a
“drop-dead, buddy” smile, then brushed right past me
and turned the corner. I hurried after her to check
her rear elevation once again, and was sneaking a peek
around the building, when I heard a soft voice behind

“You must be James, yes? Come on inside, please, we’re
on rather a tight schedule tonight!”

The slightly British accent belonged to a petite
brunette dressed in something white like a nurse’s
uniform. Her gaze was bright and direct, and she
dazzled me with a 500-watt smile.

As we entered the suite, she introduced herself as the
office assistant Katherine.

“Zarah is waiting for you, James!”

My glance swept across the outer motel room as we
entered. Looking around, I noticed several bits of
paraphernalia like a spiral disk machine, a light bulb
on a metronome, a crystal ball on a stand and a small
shelf of books on the subject of hypnosis.

The “consultant” herself waited behind a large desk,
and waved me to a chair. The setting was calculated to
soothe, and I felt myself settle into the large chair
opposite Zarah, prepared to state my case with
authority and confidence.

“Madame… err, Doctor…” What a joke! I started out
with a stumble over her name! She looked different in
this “office” setting, and yet… that face! Those
eyes! I felt confidence drain away. And now she spoke.

“James, wait for just a moment now… just compose
yourself… we just can’t communicate while you’re in
this state… I think I can help you… just look
here… that’s it, right here…” and her direct gaze
drew my own eyes to hers. She widened those
magnificent orbs slightly.

The sounds of the room seemed to shut themselves off
as if there were a volume control turned down
somewhere. I felt so calm! I sank back into my chair,
and let myself take a deep breath. Was she still
talking? Who cared? Those eyes were so calm, so
knowing… I closed my eyes for just a moment… a
long moment…

“There, that’s much better!” Her voice faded back into
focus as she continued: “You are NOT entranced, James,
but I know you’ll find it easier to speak frankly

I smiled and nodded in response. Everything she said
just seemed so right! My head wasn’t at all “wooly” as
it had felt the other night! My thoughts seemed to
sparkle with clarity.

She proceeded to grill me politely. I realize now that
my strange succession of violent emotions had left me
off-balance, and Zarah was using this confusion to
elicit very personal and honest talk from me on very
short acquaintance.

“James, I think I can sum up your fundamental
questions about me, and about your own needs,” she
said, finally. “The simple term for me is dominatrix.
You’ve heard that before, no?”

I nodded, surprised at her blunt honesty.

“As I said to you the other evening, I enjoy my
abilities to dominate and control others who are
receptive to my influence. I also enjoy taking the
other, submissive and obedient role occasionally!

“Now you are discovering that the prospect of giving
up self-control is exciting to you. You’re not used to
these emotions, because your life and career have
depended on structure and calculated control. This
does NOT mean that you are less of a male, or less of
a complete human… in fact, I think your experience
will be richer for your acknowledgement!” She smiled
warmly at me.

“Your ability to surrender control frightens you, but
only because it has come as a surprise. With more
practice and insight, your self-awareness will not
feel unwholesome, but will be a rewarding and maturing

I nodded. This all seemed very logical and true. She

“James, you are so very responsive to me that I think
you have allowed yourself to go into trance without
realizing it, haven’t you?”

Why, I thought, so I had! How amusing! How strange! I
tried to speak, but my voice was husky all of a

“I think… I think you’re… right…”

“James,” came the firm voice of command, “I will not
allow you to turn yourself into a slave! I don’t
believe in any type of slavery! Now look at me
closely, and listen with the very depth of your

I guess I leaned forward towards her glowing face, and
nodded. Every sound now took on a crystal clarity and
importance as her voice penetrated every fiber of me!

“There will come a time, sooner or later, when you
know that you are in complete control of your OWN
self, your own maturity. You will find it easy to
break loose from my or anyone else’s influence
whenever you know it is right that you do so… you
can USE me and my knowledge to grow into a more
complete person.” She paused a moment, and lowered her
gaze deliberately. “While you CHOOSE to be my subject,
I will show you new levels of sexual fulfillment.
Trance states are liberating as well as confining.”

“Liberating… yes…” I heard myself say.

“James, your quick and trusting responsiveness is very
stimulating to me, my dear! I am attracted to you
physically, and your particular turn-on is quite
unusual. Men like you don’t come my way often! I do
receive pleasure from command, but it is a
responsibility as well!” She sighed, and swiveled her
chair away. Instantly, I felt the “chain” break
between us. I shifted position and cleared my throat.

“You’re going through a lot just now, but I know you
welcome sexual pleasure almost any time!” she said
over her shoulder. “You like to ‘peep,’ we both know
that! Now if you wish, you may observe my next visitor
from the back room, but you may make no sound to
disturb us until I give you leave to come in! Go now,
and sit quietly just inside the door.”

Of course I hurried to obey. I found a chair and
pulled it over to a crack in the door, in time to see
Katherine usher in a thin, nervous-faced girl.

“Here’s Penny to see you, Doctor,” she trilled, and
sat herself down over in a back corner of the

“Hello, Dr. Bradford,” said Penny hurriedly. “I’m glad
that you could schedule an appointment tonight on such
short notice.”

“It was no trouble at all, dear,” replied Zarah. “I
often take some evening sessions.”

Penelope chattered on with a few complaints about
boyfriend trouble, and, I gathered, some early
childhood references, and Zarah responded quite
calmly. In fact, over a very short time, Penelope’s
voice lost its abrasive quality, and her herky-jerky
gestures slowed noticeably. I could see Zarah’s
influence over this woman was quite strong.

“Penny, let’s sit ourselves down and shake out some of
that tension, shall we?” Zarah took Penny’s hands into
her own, and my heightened perceptions picked up
something in the woman’s body language that told me
that she was already responding to Zarah’s influence.
Her darting gaze now rested more calmly on Zarah’s
strong face, and in a lowered voice she assented.

Zarah continued, “I’m glad you feel that this is a
relaxing place you can come to shake out of these dark
moods. You are obviously feeling more relaxed just
standing here. Most of my clients shake off these
tensions very quickly… you feel better now, don’t
you dear? Shall we move over to our work area now.”

Hand in hand, the two women took slow steps towards a
low padded stool. My penis was already riding up hard
inside my trousers. Penelope was under Zarah’s control
already! She sat slowly down on the stool, and Zarah
knelt down smoothly in front of her.

“Penny, just watch me for a few more moments… yes,
just for a few more long moments… watch me a little
longer, dear…” as her voice quickly assumed a lower,
seductive purr. “While I help you with your tensions.
Watch me carefully, Penny… very carefully… that’s
right, dear, I can feel your fingers gaining warmth as
those arms get calm, relaxed and heavy… very heavy,
aren’t they? Do you feel that weight? You do, my dear
Penny, you feel that very heavy weight in your arms.
You can feel that heaviness just now, Penelope…”

Penny nodded slowly. Her eyes were unblinking. I was
very hard, and my hand found the lump in my trousers
quickly. I touched myself delicately as I glued my
eyes on Penny.

“You’ve done the right thing, my girl… you arrived
here at the very time I suggested to you last week…
you don’t remember my suggestion, do you?”

“No… I can’t remember… everything’s fuzzy!”

“Yes, fuzzy and warm… you’re a very good girl,
aren’t you, Penny?” Another slow nod. “Of course you
are. I promised you some excitement and fulfillment
last week, and we’ll have a wonderful time tonight.
Ready, darling? You can sink right into my gaze now,
Penny, just let it all go, and fall right in as you’ve
learned to do so very well… so very heavy those
arms, Penny, I’ll drop them to your sides now… just
let their weight hang very loosely down there, they
are hanging down, down, down, so heavy you just can’t
move them at all…”

Penny’s unblinking eyes were fixed on Zarah’s face.
White showed all-round the pupils, and her hands
immediately dropped straight down to her sides. Their
faces were close together now. Zarah held Penny’s chin
gently. Her voice crooned and stroked.

“You are faaallling right into me now… falling and
floating… faaallling and floooooating… floating
right into your trance now… your eyes are open, and
you see nothing… and there you go…” and her voice
faded softly into a profound silence.

Penny’s body leaned forward on her stool, almost
touching Zarah’s. Her lips were parted slightly, and
her breathing seemed very noisy in the hush. Zarah now
held their two faces apart with just an index finger
on the woman’s forehead.

“Close your eyelids now, take three deep breaths, and
enjoy that blissful feeling of complete submission to
me. Yes, Penny, you are mine for a while tonight!”

God, I was aroused, I pulled my rock-hard prick out of
my pants, just in time to let it spurt out violently
against the door. My face felt red-hot, and I gave an
involuntary grunt as the wonderful tingle subsided.
When I had cleared up the goo, I felt so hot, I crept
backward from the door, and washed my face in the
bathroom sink!

Catching my breath, I returned to the door, to see
that Zarah had left Penny perched on her stool.
Katherine had taken a stance behind the subject, and
her fingers now rotated the girl’s temples, and
stroked through her frizzy hair. A blissful smile
played over Penny’s lips now. Katherine saw me at the
door, and actually tossed me a wink! She turned to
Zarah, now seated at her desk, and said, ignoring

“He’s cleaned himself up, Doctor!”

“James, Penny sees and hears nothing but me, you may
come back in now,” said Zarah. I edged inside, and
waited at the door.

“Penny, I wish now that you’ll briefly and honestly
recapitulate your reasons for being one of my

Penny said: “I’d heard about some mysterious parties
from a girl friend of mine, who raved about you. I’ve
had many personal problems in life meeting and getting
to know men, and I can’t seem to hold up my end of any
relationship, especially… in… bed…” She actually
blushed, and Katherine again stroked her head briefly.

“And in the four sessions we have had together Penny,
how much you paid or given me?”

“I haven’t paid you anything, mistress! You turned
down my present that one time, too.”

“Yes, darling Penny, we both do what we do for our
pleasure and fulfillment! and now Penny, now comes
pleasure time!” chanted Zarah, whose face had taken on
a slight flush. “Stand up.”

The girl rose smoothly to her feet, eyes still closed.

“I will that you disrobe before me.”

The girl’s hands flew immediately to her buttons,
zippers and clasps, and within a minute stood over the
small heap of her clothing. She seemed completely at
ease in her nudity. Her pale skin showed few
blemishes, just a smattering of freckles on her
shoulders, and over the upper side of her small bosom.
Her body was softened in contour, and showed a small
but definite bulge around the midriff. Most people
would never have displayed their nakedness so readily
in the harsh light of a strange room.

“I will give you some literature about physical
fitness later, Penny,” Zarah said. “You will read it,
and you will soon find yourself inspired to begin a
modest program of exercise for yourself. Do you

Penelope’s head lowered in assent.

“Good. I just love your beautiful body, my darling!”
Zarah lowered her voice, and stepped directly next to
the sleeping girl.

“I wish to observe all of you very intimately now You
will move your feet apart and stand straight and tall
for me. That’s it, stepping farther apart…
farther… perfect. Now breathe slowly and deeply ten
times. As you exhale you will say: ‘I obey my
mistress.’ Each breath and repetition deepens my
control. As you feel all resistance evaporate, your
two arms will become weightless. They will float right
up into the air no matter how you try to keep them
down. They will float freely. You will love the
feeling that you have no control over them. Begin your

A long inhalation, then Penny’s voice: “I will obey my
mistress… I will obey my mistress… I will obey…”

Zarah and her assistant moved around the girl,
feasting their eyes on her most secret places. Soon
one arm, then the other, jerked, shivered, and rose up
until they both hung in mid-air, drifting back and
forth slightly. This pulled up and tautened Penny’s
breasts somewhat. Zarah moved her face right next to
the torso, and breathed in Penny’s scent from her
underarms, then brushed her lips with a feather-light
touch along the outside of one pale breast. The girl
seemed oblivious as she finished her chant and stood
waiting, head drooping towards her chest now, arms in

Katherine’s small face was flushed now too. She knelt,
and drew her own cheek across Penny’s buttocks, again
and again. Her own eyes were closed, and I noticed a
pursing of her pretty little mouth as she too inhaled
of the sleeping girl’s intimate scents.

“Tell me what you feel, dear,” ordered the hypnotist.

“I must obey you, mistress.”

I watched Katherine cover a recliner chair with some
towels, and Penny was now told to sit down. She was
soon lying back. I was erect again inside my trousers.
I moved closer to the scene, but was forestalled by

“Penny, darling, open your eyes now.”

The blond head nodded slowly. With obvious labor, the
girl blinked her eyes open. Her placid face stared up
at the ceiling, with a small smile on relaxed lips.

“You will lie here, and soon you become drowsy. You
will feel so deliciously drowsy that your eyes will
close, and you will soon enter a very deep sleep, do
you understand? A true sleep.”

“A chime will sound, and you will begin to enter a
very exciting dream, all to yourself. This dream
arouses you… it’s a sexy dream, a very sexy dream,
and it lasts and lasts. The first stage is slow, as
your unconscious will provide you with stimulating
pictures and situations. You’ll be so hot and flushed!
You will feel those first pleasurable flutterings of
sexual arousal.

“The next chime will strengthen your dreamy sexual
heat, your mind will give you strongly arousing
sensations and pictures. Your body can move only a
little now. You’ll feel your ankles magically pulling
apart, separating, pulling your lovely legs right
apart, until the ankles are hooked, stuck tight to the
outer sides of the chair. The ankles will stick tight,
tight, tight.

“As you feel your thighs part and lock themselves
open, you will be able to talk about your dream aloud,

Another slow nod.

“Beautiful, my dear, you will obey me perfectly.
Finally, our last chime will provoke your dream to its
height. You will shortly feel a real touch then,
Penny. This will release your deep sexual tensions,
your longing, yearning for release from the heights of
excitement. Yes, of course you will, when you feel the
touch… the touch… then at last you can drowse and
sleep again, sleep deeply and restfully until I awaken
you, feeling rested and refreshed. Tell me you
understand, and you will then obey.”

“I understand, mistress.”

Penny’s next actions excited me still more. She
blinked and squinted her eyes, yawned prodigiously,
and with a sigh, turned her head to one side. Soon her
body gave a sleep “jerk,” and a very cute little snore
began puttering through her nose. Her jaw fell open

I studied her face and watched the eyeballs roll
upwards into her head through her closed eyelids. I
was hard as a rock, and moved very close to her face,
but Zarah stopped me shortly with a finger snap. I
knelt back and watched.

Kathy sounded a little bell on the desk. Soon, the
eyeballs jiggled, and began to flicker in the REM
motions of the dreamer. Penny sighed, sighed again,
and the corner of her mouth twitched. Suddenly, her
lips puckered, and the tip of her tongue protruded.
Once, twice, and twice more it stuck out and
retreated. It was tightly curled, and the girl sighed
again, this time with a low murmur. Her cheekbones
flushed, and I actually watched a mist of perspiration
form on her upper lip. The eyeballs were moving all
over now beneath tight lids, and Penny’s breathing
caught and quickened. One hand curled, and made a
repetitive cupping and stroking motion, half in the

I was startled when she suddenly muttered to herself.
Her knees were turned off to one side, but their
muscles twitched and a heavy, slow contortion cycle
began. The knees slid along each other, back and
forth. The glistening tongue wet her mouth, which
opened and delivered a long, deepening kiss onto the
air. I wished it was me!

The next chime brought forth a gasp from the naked
girl. I watched her tits jiggle, and her tongue make a
long licking motion. Penny inhaled deeply through her
nose, and muttered “Nice… so niiii…” the voice
trailed away, and with a groan, her head stiffened on
its extended neck. I looked down. One knee was
lifting, and turning outward from the other. The
sleeper’s hands clutched at the armrest, and it seemed
she was trying to resist her dream, but slowly, inch
by inch her feet crept outwards, until her heels
dropped over the edges of the footrest.

I felt myself nearing orgasm, but a sharp flick on my
neck from Zarah acted like a douse of cold water on my
fevered genitals. I moved my face very close to the
twitching form, and watched the belly muscles clench
and loosen.

A little voice just above me made a cooing sound, and
a very young Penny spoke: “O-o-o-o, I want to lick it
again, Bobby… come up here so I can lick and suck
it! Want to close my legs, but they’re stuck,

I studied her thigh muscles as they clenched mightily,
with the buttocks, and the knees tried to pull
inwards, but of course lost the fight against Zarah’s
command. Again and again Penny tried to close up, and
she begged “Bobby” to “please rub me there again with
that thing… that’s it… up and dowwwn… oooh, it
feels so hot!” I realized that she was undergoing some
form of vision involving a boy she knew.

“Let me close, oh please, Bobby! I’m so-o-o horny! I’m
very horny, I can’t get them closed, I’m so open, I’m
wider open, wider, wi…” her voice trailed off, and I
breathed in great clouds of fragrance from her
distended pussy. She no longer tried to close, but her
butt muscles continued their unceasing clenching. They
raised and lowered her beautiful slickened flower
slightly into the air, their petals protruded well
past the dark blond hairs now, they were indeed an
angry red color.

“I’m wide, wide, wider open for you now,” gasped the
voice hoarsely, bring it there, tickle me with it…
aahhh… that’s so gooood… sooo good! You’re gonna
Sliide it… slide it deep inside, sliding right up
inside me… ooooohhh, do it sloooowly… that’s it…
torture me… torture…”

As she babbled on to her dream lover, I actually saw
little squirts of liquid like saliva dribble out along
her pussy lips! A dark purple clitoris was stone-hard
and begging to be sucked. It demanded sucking!

“I feeeel it, honey, I feeeel it,” crooned the
subject. Her inner thighs had begun a cycle of very
slight vibration, like a tiny wave of quivers. This
happened again and again. The towel beneath her
clenching pelvis was dark with moisture. Her voice
came again, it was almost a whimper.

“I gotta cum, lover… I’m sooo ready! I want to cum
now! I can’t wait, do it, do it!”

I stared fixedly at Zarah, and received a gesture of
approval. I pushed my face right up in between those
glistening buttock muscles. I inhaled deeply, then
flicked softly at her little button with my tongue.
The reaction was instantaneous. Something hot squirted
onto my chin, and the hips froze above the chair,
locked in an amorous rigor, a paralysis of ecstasy.

Another flick, and another squirt. Penny was hoarse,
gasping aloud “I’m wider and wider, wider and wider,
WIDER! Nnnuggh!”

The vulva spurted again, and the thighs snapped shut.
Penny’s suddenly-freed heels drummed on the footrest,
and she drew her pelvis upward, till my mouth was
directly planted on her clit. I slurped on it loudly,
and felt it throbbing, throbbing, throbbing, as she
quaked in her sleep, and cried with pleasure.

My dick was quivering. Zarah pulled me up and away
from the girl, now flushed but quiet again.

“James, you must go home right now. I think you’ve
seen enough for tonight. When you get into bed
tonight, you will masturbate, of course? Yes, you will
have to masturbate, and you’ll find now that you can
reach your orgasm simply to the sound of my voice in
your memory… urging you to release your powerful
juicy pump, just as you did at the theater. Yes, you’d
better get home and release all that burning, bursting
tension. Drive safely, enjoy yourself… and return
here tomorrow night about eight.”

I immediately thanked Zarah for the experience. As I
left the suite, I saw Katherine lifting Penny’s knees
apart, and draping them over the arms of her recliner.
Oh, man, I was hard as iron again!

It was about ten when I arrived home. No TV… no
toothbrush… no mixed drink… I just dropped my
clothes on my way upstairs to my bed. I sank back
naked onto the sheets, and just lay there. I found
myself studying my own organ as it bulged up into the
air. Each knob and vein stood out along the shaft.
Tingles and hot vibrations washed up and down its
purpling length, as it jerked and twitched before my

I didn’t touch it at all, but found myself
“pretending” to be controlled by Zarah. Each time I
heard the Voice say “clench,” I let my cock tighten,
then relax. I contracted my ass a few times, then gave
in to all the stimulation I’d received.

I was so ready, so ready to cum! I was closer to the
“point” closer… the jerking had stopped, and I stuck
up into the air… waiting… staring at my cock and

And now I was over! I no longer had the ability to
hold back. I heard Zarah say clearly: “James, you feel
hot lava rising up your length… up… up… hold
yourself back one last instant… up it comes… up…
up… up… now watch closely as your cock spurts
helplessly! Spurt and cum!”

And there it came! One pearly blob dribbled down from
my opening, then a large ropy thread of white hot
liquid shot out. Drops landed on my upper arm as it
lay clenched at my side. They felt scalding. Another
jet, then I felt myself actually swoon as more
dribbles of semen pooled onto my belly and pubic
hairs. My limbs shuddered but I felt I couldn’t move
them an inch, and I think I cried a little, the
sensation was so powerful!

My gasping soon slowed and deepened. I felt warm. I
tingled. I felt Zarah’s influence lulling me, soothing
me. My penis sank towards my belly. With each pulse,
it jerked lower and lower. Aftershocks still caused me
to clench myself, but as my eyes still stared at my
relaxing cock, I felt them droop. I imagined hearing
the command to become drowsy, and I let myself murmur
“Yes, Mistress,” and immediately felt my eyelids swell
and begin to burn. I found myself testing Zarah’s
control over me as I strained to hold them open. God,
how they stung! They squinted, they blinked, and now
they closed inexorably. Sleep overtook me like a dark,
comfortable tidal wave, and I gave in to it with a
last blissful sigh.

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