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When my 35year old wifes 41 year old friend su told us that her 17 y old son sam is obsessed with my wife ri we were shocked as my wife is 36 though she dont look not more than 30 with young youthful and beautiful look. Which atracted young guys but sam we can say is just a juvenile boy.He usedto take home tution from her when he was 14. But now he is 17 technicaly a juvenile but looks and acts like an adult . he is in bad company and a rising goon of the area . a feared bad character. My wife ris friend requested her to keep sam away from bad women and prevent him from going to bad women even if that requires ri to seduce him. I was astonished on such a request. We were little afraid as sam has became a known young baddy of the locality . any way we called him he ccame but not alone but with two friends we took him in a room asking his two friends to sit in drawing room. Sam directly asked us if his mother told us everything we were astonished and asked what she has to say .Sam directly looked ri and said that he loves ri aunt. Hearing this ri blushed heavily and both of us was left speech less. I tried to say that how is that she is your aunt . sam did not say any thing . I said we both love him hearing this sam told that not this type of love he wants her as his lover. I was speech less and asked him how is that possible.He said if i want to see how it is possible before i could answer anything sam suddenly held ri tightly in his grip and kissed her and pushed her on her back in our large sofa cum ri tried to get free and get up i was so shosked i sat still sam again asked me if i understood but i was speechless sam held ris both hands above her head and looked straight at me and pressed his paw like hand on ris breast started opening her blouse button one by one opend the blouse thin lace bra covering her pert breast with nipple profile could be seen sam said he will open ri aunts to see and show ris boobs all i could whisper no pls no.I shivered imagining ris milky boobs being sucked by the rascal and his black from smoking lips and yellow teeth sucking and biting ris pink small nipples .sam said he wants to love ri aunt like this . Ri was struggling to free herself but sam was not releasing her sam asked me if i want to see more ways how he wants to love ri I sat speech less sam pulled down her knee length skirt and place his hands on her soft stomach her deep beautiful navel was showing sam put her finer on her navel sam asked me if i want to see how he puts his tongue in her deep navel then he will pull down her skirt further and will taste ri aunts deep navel by putting his tongue deep in her navel I knew that any further lowering her skirt will show her panty and bikini line will show her pubic hair
Sam asked me if i want to see him tasting ri aunts navel saying this sam lowerd his face to ris stomach and soft abdomen and started kissing ris navel sam whispered in ris ear I want to fuck you I want to suck your boobs I will fuck you in front of him I will tie him to a chair and tie you in your won bed. I will tie you spread eagle and fuck you .Ri shivered as soon sam inserted his tongue in her navel .Sam told me that if i dont agree to hand over ri to him then he will put his head between ris legs hearing this ri s body started shivering . Sam called out for his friend and asked him to hold ris hands and Sam held ris legs at her ankles and started to pull apart her ankles sam asked me ifI want to see it then he will remove ri aunt skirt fully sam called for his other friend the boy came and stood beside the bed where my wife was held lying helpless the rascal boy called ri hi beauty aunt open your thighs he asked sam sam open the bitches legs sam was trying to force open ris legs but ri was trying to keep her legs the boy said she will not agree let us spread her thighs wide and tie them to bed then fuck her at your lesure what smooth milky thighs i also want her pussy . He told sam that if sam put his hace between her thighs he will definately put his tool there. He said sam dont let go this young milky beauty aunt if she dont listen to you and submit then we will fuck her here and now he said he would like to knead and suck the milky boobs of this young aunt the boy told ri we all want to fuck you beauty aunt.

Hearing this i was forced to say that i will sbumit ri to sam for his enjoyment i did not want that her beautiful soft body is not uncovered by them now . sam was kissing her belly and breasts which was almost uncovered as her blouse was almost undone and i could se sam was slowly getting more and more exited as he was forcing himself on ri on our sofa cum bed sams lips were roving like a king on ris lips face neck shoulder armpit boobs belly abdomen navel every where and i felt that if this goes for few more minutes her most private parts the love spot between her thighs will be explored and i feared if he started to rape her in front of me. Sam held half naked ri in our sofa cum bed lying on her back looking at my eye sam asked if i want to see more of it ri now knew that i could not do anything and sam can shame her completely if he so wish . sam told me sternly that if i dont hand over ri aunt to him he will kidnap and rape her he have to have her beatiful body .sam told he wants to talk to ri alone about this relationship . a 17year boy want to talk about a sexual relationship with a 36year old married woman! But we were helpless. Sam lifted ri in is arm and took her in our bed room.sam put ri in our bed i could her them sam-dont get up ri- pls sam be a good girl and lie still open your blouse ri- please sam he (me) is on the other room sam let him be there ,good girl now give me your blouse and lie with your hands over your head ri-sam why are you doing this you want to shame me completely sam- yes now sam must have started to tie her hands ri- please sam why are you tying me sam – iwant to fulfil a fantasy . theere was some silence sam must be tying her . I could not stand any more i pushed the door it was closed from inside i put my eye in the key hole . I shivered with exitement what i saw

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