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It began as any ordinary day. Julie was in the kitchen,
cooking breakfast for me and James and listening to the
radio. As I came down for breakfast, I notice Julie was
a little nervous. I could tell that there was something
else bothering her. Maybe the prospect of her date with
James at the end of term dance at the university that

Julie went out shopping to find something to wear that
evening, she arrived home and with barely a wave to me
took off her clothes and jumped into the shower. To my
delight Julie asked me into the shower and told me I
could help wash her for her “date”. It was a sexy high
to sponge down my gorgeous wife’s body knowing tonight
her lily white flesh would be entangled with a black

Julie rebuffed my attempts to kiss her or overly fondle
her and she seemed to enjoy watching me suffer cleaning
her body. Finally she instructed me to sit on the
toilet and watch her rinse her body. Julie allowed me
to towel dry her sexy body off and then go to the
bedroom where she had me rub scented cream on her. I
couldn’t imagine anything sexier then watching Anna
looking in the mirror as she put on her earrings.

I lay back on the bed and watched as my wife picked
through her dresser drawer and pulled out a very sexy
white, see through g string. She slipped them on and it
was easy to see her blonde pubic bush through the sheer
material. My cock was straining in my pants as it
stiffened into an erect state. I couldn’t believe how
turned on I was getting.

She turned to me and said, “What do you think so far?
Do you think this might cause a stir?”

I could barely speak, “Perhaps,” I said.

She then spun around and continued to thumb through the
drawer until she pulled out white holdup stockings,
which she then proceeded to pull over her shapely legs.
When they were completely on, she walked over to the
closet and reached for a white mini dress that she had
bought. Her nipples her breasts were clearly visible
through the thin material. The tops of the stockings
were partially visible as she walked over to the mirror
and started to apply her makeup.

I went downstairs to get drink. James was on the settee
looking dapper and sophisticated in a good suit, was
waiting there for Julie, he didn’t say anything, just
gave me a sly cheeky grin.

Julie looked radiant as she made her way downstairs,
James got off the settee “wow you look fantastic” he
bellowed. She then walked over and hugged me again
saying she wouldn’t be out too late tonight and not to
worry. The taxi arrived, I watched as James led her
down the path and into the taxi.

Time passed, and by twelve o’clock I decided to try and
get some sleep. I dozed off for a while only to wake
again at 1 am, Julie had still not made it home. My
heart began to beat harder in my chest and I felt that
familiar feeling of uneasiness. I must have fallen
asleep, when I glanced at the clock again it was after
two in the morning. I lay there in the total darkness
wondering when my wife would be home.

I could hear Julie’s voice out in the front room, she
was laughing and I figured she must have arrived back
home while I was sleeping. But there was more than just
her and James’s voices I could hear. I heard her ask if
they wanted a beer and a flurry of men’s voices replied

I was lying on the bed listening when the door opened
and Julie walked into the bedroom, she leaned down and
kissed me on the lips. She asked me to come downstairs.
My heart was racing as I got up out of the bed and
followed Julie downstairs into the living room.

To my shock, I was greeted by two very large black men
and James all on the settees drinking beer. The two
guys stood up and extended their hands out to me to
shack . Their hands was twice the size as mine. I must
have appeared very pathetic standing in my shorts with
them towering over me. They introduced themselves as
Rob and Al both collage friends of James.

“Hey, little slut, why don’t you take off your dress?”
James suddenly asked. I was a bit taken aback, because
I didn’t know how Julie would react, but Julie didn’t
care. She smiled and with one quick motion, her dress
was off, exposing her small body to these three black

Your wife has small but beautiful tits!” Rob said and
winked at me. I smiled, not knowing what to say. This
was a bit awkward, but still a major turn-on, as Julie
stood there with just her white thong and white
stockings. Stunned I didn’t say a word. Sensing my
weakness they went for the kill. My wife started
laughing nervously as James lifted her head up and
twisted it towards him. James gently dipped her head
down so he could bring his mouth to meet hers. She
moaned a soft guttural sound as she opened her mouth
for him. They locked up in the most passionate kiss.
She must’ve been so fucking hot to kiss like that.

She started to pet his hair and stroke his back. He
told her to lay back. She giggled and dropped back on
the couch. James lifted her legs up and brought them
tight to her chest. She turned her head towards me as
he slid her thong down exposing her blonde trimmed
pussy. With a look of sheer evil she scrunched her face
and blew a kiss to me as she spread her legs for his
tongue. Fondling her tits he started mauling my wife’s
pussy in front of me. He put his hands under her ass
and lifted her petite body up a little so he can suck

I was throbbing hard at the way she was acting. She
looked absolutely beautiful getting pleased like that.
She was getting off using her power to humiliate and
satisfy me all at once. She cocked her head back and
looked at Al standing behind her. She looked at him
upside down as he strolled over releasing his cock from
his trousers. His cock was hugely fat, about the
circumference of a coke can and about eight inches
long. She smiled and opened her mouth hungrily taking
just the tip in her mouth and sucked greedily on it.
She was orgasming like crazy from the James’s tongue.
While Al was face fucking her.

After her screaming orgasm Julie said she needed a
couple of minutes break and the guys went ‘Ahhhh’ in
unison. My wife laughed and said she’d only be a minute
and would be right back, she was really loving this.
She had this almost starved look in her eyes – like she
could not get enough and would do anything to get it.
And that was exactly how she acted. When she returned,
she began telling everyone to undress. James, Al and
Rob started to take off their evening suits off, within
minutes all three were naked including me.

I looked pathetic compared to their towering muscular
bodies. James with his twelve inch cock, Al with his
fat coke can cock and Rob, who’s cock was a combination
of the two, a bit shorter than James’s cock but as fat
as Al’s cock. In fact the sheer weight of his cock
although hard was pointing towards the carpet. ‘Oh, my
god,’ I thought, ‘this is obscene, how can any man be
that big and how can a woman accommodate this monster
into her belly!’

In turn Julie went to all three of them giving each of
their cocks a good squeeze, she leaned forward and gave
his cock head a peck apart from my own six-incher.

James guider to the stairs and we all followed them
upstairs to our bedroom. He threw Julie on the bed. I
had never seen such an erotic sight, the long slit of
her cunt visible, the outer lips framed by a full tuft
of hair. Gaping open a quarter inch or so her cunt
glistened with her lubricant, she looked very

Cock in hand, James guided the knob to her cunt. Then
as the head spread her lips to gain entry and he felt
securely lodged in her sweet warm embrasure he pushed
forward and in one swoop entered her to the root of his
cock. Holding himself still for a moment, savoring the
sensation of her clinging body he grunted. Then he
pulled back out until only the head was left buried. I
could see the convulsive spasms of her orgasm from
across the room
and knew that was just the start for her. While her
pussy was grasping his dick tightly, her juices made
him wet and fiery hot. A few minutes of having his dick
squeezed by Julie’s tight pussy, James lifted off her
off his dick was shinning wet from her juices.

He got off the bed and Rob lay next to her, She pulled
the foreskin down the shaft. A large, angry looking,
purplish knob eased out and seemed to swell up even
larger. She just played with it for a while, checking
it out as if it was the first dick she ever saw. James
pushed me onto the bed, I moved between her legs and
licked her pussy. She started to moan as she played
with Rob’s massive fat prick.

Julie straggled over Rob’s cock. He couldn’t get his
cock in her it kept pushing to the side of her inner
thigh. I didn’t move so she grabbed my hand and guided
it to her pussy. I stuck my fingers up inside her and
was amazed at how wet she was. I felt Rob’s big cock
against my hand as my wife began to stuff the huge cock
into her pussy.

“Help me!” begged my wife as she tried to guide Rob’s
big tool into her cunt. “Hold him for me baby, hold his
big fucking black cock so I can get it in me.”

I grabbed Rob’s huge cock and was stunned at how large
it felt in my hand. “Use both hands Baby. Use both
hands and hold him real tight cos I’m gonna fuck the
shit out of him.”

I reached my other hand over and grabbed onto the fat
black cock and it felt like I had a hold of someone’s
arm! “Fuck him baby! Fuck this black’s fat cock” I
grunted .as I watched Rob’s thick black cock disappear
up my wife’s well stretched pussy.

Down… down… down she slid onto that thick black
cock until her pussy lips were pressed hard against my
hands. I had hold of six inches of black cock and there
had to be at least another 4 inches up my wife’s pussy.
My wife’s pussy was stretched so tight it looked like
it was gonna rip.

“Move your hands baby… I want all of it!”

I moved my hands out of the way and watched my little 5
ft wife take all ten inches of Rob’s huge cock. She
started fucking him like crazy. Up and down up and
down. My cock was rock hard as I jacked off like a
crazed pervert. Just as my wife began to scream that
she was cumming, I shot my wad all the way across the
room! I shot off over a dozen spurts of cum and
splashed a nasty trail of goo from the bed.

She cried, screamed and moaned as his ivory piston
pummeled her swollen pussy. I counted at least three
massive, screaming orgasms, Julie was stretched so wide
that we could easily see her cunt lips sliding in and
out with the motion of his cock.

With his hands on her hips he bounced Julie up and down
his long fat shaft, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cummmm,” he

I could see his balls contracting as his cock spewed
hot black cum into Julie’s unprotected cunt. I could
see the cum on the base of his shaft buried deep inside
my wife. He laid there for about a minute and they
kissed romantically, then Rob pulled out of her. His
cock was wet with their juices, and as he pulled away a
string of cum hung from his dick to her pussy.

Rob smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt,
leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips
and pubic hair, and then rolled Julie off of him and
lay next to her. Thick globs of his cum dribbled from
her stretched cunt, I got a hand towel and gently wiped
her down.

I then felt a slap on the back of my head, I turned
sharply. “What the fuck you doing man?” Al snorted at
me. “Get the fuck on the bed.”

I coward on the bed. Al then lifted Julie over me, her
swollen pussy was inches from my face.

I felt her hands then lips envelope my hard cock, I
cranked my neck up and licked her hanging labia lips I
could taste the salty cum from Rob.

I looked up to the foot of the bed James stood there
stroking his massive cock. I continued to lick her
pussy as she suck my cock. I felt a weight on the bed I
almost jumped out of my skin though, when James moved
up close to my face and started to rub his bulbous end
up and down her slit only inches away, right over my

I’d seen his cock push her pussy lips wide open as he
entered her the first time, but this time it was up
close and personal. Julie moaned out load as he slowly
forced his cock between her pussy lips till his balls
rested just above my forehead. The sight was too much
for me I shot my load in Julie’s mouth He started to
rock to and fro I could feel the breeze from his
swinging balls as I watched her lips wrapped around his
cock and I could see them hold onto his cock with every

I wanted to lick her pussy so bad while he was fucking
her, with sounds of her moaning, “Ohhh… Ooohhh…
Ohhh… I’m cumming!” he grunted and I knew he was
emptying himself my wife.

In a flash he withdrew I could see his spunk bubbling
in her open cunt and Al jump in his place. Al forced
his fat black cock into Julie with ease Julie groan as
she ground her pelvis into the black man. Al’s fat cock
became a blur as he fucked Julie. I watched as Al’s
balls began to flex over and over. He was shooting his
scalding hot come up my wife’s unprotected cunt!!

Oh my God!!

He shot come up my wife’s pussy for several minutes it
seemed. He finally stopped thrusting and pulled his
huge black dick out of my wife’s white pussy with a
loud plopping noise. I watched as his fresh cum trickle
out right into my lips. I heard them laugh, he got of
the bed I fulfilled my final deep dark fantasy and I
dove into Julie’s used pussy and licked and sucked
madly on her pussy. I licked Rob’s, James’s and Al’s
cum from my wife’s swollen pussy as it ran out of her
and I pushed my tongue deep inside her trying to get
every last sticky drop of cum from my honey’s cunt,
making Julie cum again.

Julie climbed off me, I went to the toilet to clean up,
I went to go back into the bedroom but the door was
locked. I tapped on the door, the reply I got was fuck
off white boy. I sulked downstairs.

t was fairly quiet upstairs for a little while, then I
heard the bedsprings creak, followed by a loud cry of
pleasure from my wife. The cries became louder and more
urgent, as my wife accepted the large cocks I had seen
earlier into her pussy. Although I felt sick at what
was happening upstairs, the mental picture of the huge
weapons forcing its way into Julie’s tight pussy had me
rock hard. When I finally dropped off, I found myself
waking up on several occasions, and each time I did, my
wife was making the same noises.

Next morning, Julie came down, with Rob and Al kissed
them goodbye and came into the kitchen where I was
making coffee. “My God,” she laughed. “Their cocks
never seem to go soft!”

“I don’t really want to hear this,” I complained.

“Oh sorry honey,” she replied soothingly. “I should
have realized that it would be humiliating for you,
knowing your wife had to get good sex from other men.
I’ll try and be more diplomatic, and keep it to myself.
I’ll pretend it is not happening.” She sniggered as she
said this, before kissing me and returning upstairs to

Later after hearing them go for a shower I went
upstairs to grab some clothes. I was amazed the room
stunk of sex and there was puddles of black men’s cum
all over the bed sheets.

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