Lillie Mae and Sharon join our interracial commune

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I am married to a man called Chris .as you may recall in my former story we have a literal interracial roost at our home. Me and my husband have been interracially involved with over 150 different black people . We got married in 1996 . Some people say I look like Elizabeth Berkley off the show ‘saved by the bell ‘. I am 5 foot eight I have a good build not fat with a thick ass and average sized tits with olive skin and long legs . Chris currently has three children with me and his girlfriend Lily roo wright who lives with us is currently going to birth her fourth child with Chris . His other three children with Lily Roo are living in Miami making good money and are very well adjusted children . Lily Roo and Chris were early parents as Lily Roo was 15 when she gave birth to Chris’s first daughter Erica then her junior year she gave birth to another daughter and her senior year she gave birth to Chris’s third daughter . Chris also had a daughter by a stunningly beautiful black woman named runtura. She is light skin and has a beautiful ass and beautiful breasts she is currently taking care of her second child with Chris another daughter . named Lashae. So we have a litter of mixed race children and white children running around the house joyfully playing with each other while the women are upstairs having massive amounts of sex with my husband Chris .I also forgot to mention Chris’s daughter has a friend Roseann who is currently pregnant with Chris’s child a short little black girl with a tight ass and a smooth body. Another welcome addition in the bedroom and into our family. I was very hesitant about Chris bringing white women in the house to fuck because I was jealous . He told me the story of how he wished that one of his old lovers would live with us that she was an older woman named Lily Mae Pearson and who had a daughter called Sharon .when Chris was married to his first wife , she had a stepmother name Sharon and Sharon’s mother was called Lily Mae . The small town that Chris lived in people knew one another and this was no different . Lily Mae at the time was 61 years old and Chris was 16 with three children already . When he was dating this white woman I’ll call her Dolores (not her real name ).. he would hang out a lot at Dolores’s house having sex with Dolores and eventually impregnated her on the couch Dolores was a thick pale white woman with a nice thick fat ass and pink nipples. One day when him and Dolores were busy fucking in her step mom’s bed Lillie Mae walked in by accident and caught them fucking .Lily Mae happened
to be nude as she opened the door.she just said ‘oh my I am so sorry ‘and closed the door like any older woman would. Prius began fucking Dolores even harder after he saw Lily Mae nude . Lily Mays body commanded attention wherever she went she had been married only wants to an alcoholic and had a beautiful fat ass little blonde daughter name Sharon who had pale white skin just like her mother . Chris was taking a break from the black women and went straight white at this point in his life . While Lily Roo and runtura had steady black boyfriends back in the mid 90’s. While Chris was about to enjoy some of the best pussy ever had in his life his girlfriend Lillian was also enjoying massive amounts of black dick in her big brown pussy as she would literally fuck one man every day almost for two years . She was at her project home while this all occurred with her mother and grandmother . Runtura actually married a black quarterback and stayed married for seven years . They had no children . Back to Chris ….. Chris had in his mind he wanted to fuck Lillie Mae . Hey said when she open the door nude he was shocked to find such a subtle body that was so shapely and pale on a older white woman such as herself. Lillie Mae was not wrinkly at all she wore glasses and was kind of squinty eyed and still wore her hair in a beehive hairdo from the 1960s . Her breasts were size 42 c and they were perfect and supple . Chris said she had a flat stomach and Curvi wide hips with a pair of pale white thighs that were so white you could see the blue veins running through them. When she turned around to close the door on Dolores and Chris fucking Chris said he watched her beautiful ass is it jiggled it had a little cellulite at the bottom and it was very sexy you could tell Lily Mae had took care of her body chris apparently thought he could get with Lily may easily… she was a churchgoing Christian woman and so was her daughter and they both were looking for lifemates . As Chris visited one day he visited Lily Mae unexpectedly while she had just sunbathe nude on the deck she lived with her daughter Sharon and her husband Patrick who is a big burly truck driver with a long dick . Hey Saul Lily Mae nude through the window she went to go put a camisole on and her ass and tits were so thick the camisole all only made it halfway to her ass crack as it seemed to poof out due to the large size of her hips and ass. Chris said he did not know if Lily Mae was horny or not but said there was no way she would have came to the door dressed like that if she hadn’t have been horny . He said she open the door and asked what he was doing there . Chris said he wanted to talk to her . Lily Mae just smiled and said does this have anything to do with what I saw the other day ? And Chris said’ kind of , but it might have to do with what happens in the same bed today ‘!The smile went off of Lily Mays face is her eyes got wide her and she put her mouth on Chris and started feeling on his 7 inch white dick. They kissed passionately in the hallway as Lily Mae said under her breath I cannot believe I am going to do this . Lillie Mae took off the camisole revealing her thick luscious quite body which made Chris so hard his dick literally hurt Lillie Mae looked at his dick which was standing straight up in the air and throbbing and grab the tip of it and like a leash led him to her daughters bedroom .. she sat down on the edge of the bed slowly because her ass was so big and she scooted from the foot to the head of the bed and spread her legs open for Chris . Chris said she had a bright pink pussy and a bright pink asshole . He immediately stuck his dick in her as they started making love furiously . Chris said this was the best fuck he had ever had including myself . Hey say Lily Mays pussy was so tight he almost came in her when he entered . He noticed that there was no hair on Lily Mays pussy . She said she never grew pussy hair which was odd .Chris said they made love all day long because her daughter wouldn’t be home until the next day so Chris slept over . Wow he had Lily Mae missionary he came inside of her cunt and inseminated her . Lily Mae had told Chris to be very careful that she had not finished menopause . And she said she could not raise a child at her old age . Chris just kept stroking he said as Sharon came back early she passed by the window of her bedroom which was at a lower level in the house while the driveway was overlooking the window . Sharon Pete down and saw Dolores’s husband Chris fucking her mother Lily Mae between her legs . They were passionately kissing and flash slapping and the sound of his 7 inch dick squishing in her tight pussy . The sound of her mother Groaning with pleasure and moaning delight was a welcome sound for Sharon who felt her mother should enjoy a young teenage dick that had plenty of passion and vigor .. Lily may stick what ties were jiggling is Chris was entering her precious pussy over and over and over again allowing him to penetrate her and use her which she hadn’t done since the divorce of her husband back in the 1970’s.. every time Chris’s dick entered Lily maes tight hairless pussy she let out a moan of Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhh .is she orgasms over and over and over again as Her thin giggly layer of fat jiggled all over her luscious pale white body. One thing Sharon noticed was the tenacity and the sheer passion Chris had for making love he never missed a stroke never missed a French kiss and was constantly playing with Lily Mays asshole sticking his finger in and out of it As she was grasping to understand why he was doing that to her body . Lily Mae tell Chris to hurry up before Sharon got home and blow his load inside of her she got on top mounted him cowgirl held his hands and rocked back-and-forth with her big white fat ass engulfing his 7 inch hard cock and purple balls. Chris said he had never made love to an older lady but he said this was like making love to your grandma except she was fine ! Lily Mae had incontinence and didn’t tell Chris while she was rocking in riding his dick to an orgasm she pissed all over Chris until it was running off of his hips on to the bed she was aware of her kissing but she was not going to stop fucking Chris until she had came . And she told Chris’ oohbaby I am so sorry!.Chris told her it felt good her warm piss all over his body. He said Lily Mae tensed up her thighs didn’t her hips is she let out a scream of relief as her nipples were erect and her beehive hairdo had sweat around the edges and she still fucked with her glasses on . As Sharon came in the house she told her mother not to worry about it and that she approved of her having sex with Chris she said it was OK he was a good boy . That planted the seed of desire within Sharon of what she might share . Lily may have come running down her thighs as she was talking to her daughter nude in the hallway she also had a little blood running down her left die because she hadn’t been fucked in such a long time it actually tore some of the tissue Due to the severity of the fucking she experienced , Sharon asked her how she felt . Lillie Mae said ‘never better and I’ll tell you what , he’s way way better than your dad ever was !’as they laughed and she turned around to go Piss the cum out of her pussy in the bathroom. Sharon took two steps towards the bedroom to talk to Chris as he lie nude on the bed with his dick still on hard. The bedroom smelled like sex that catfish smell and PIss . Sharon said that she wanted to fuck Chris to and took off her clothes revealing a body similar to her mothers but not as thick. Sharon was really horny after watching her mother get some dick Sharon was busy herself fucking her truck driver husband every night getting 13 inches laid in her love tunnel. Sharon was so horny she ignored the PIss that her mother had just left on the comforter. Her Walmart panties dropped immediately and hit the floor and she climbed on top of Chris and mounted his dick. Chris at this point was wondering what Lily Mae was going to say when she walked in and her daughter Sharon was riding his dick . Lily Mae walked in the bedroom nude and said ‘oh Sharon what are you doing?!’ You have a husband you cannot get pregnant with another man’s baby . Sharon just looked at her and said ‘I need a change .. I need a young man ‘… she almost said it sorrowfully Chris said . Lily Mae in a southern accent said ‘ go ahead baby it’s OK I understand ‘ as she rubbed Sharon’s back. As if to comfort her . Sharon didn’t last as long as Lily Mae as Chris erupted did all of his nuts inside of her pink pussy. Sharon asked Chris did he cum and he said yes but he was still really hard at this point you could hear the squishing sounds of sex with cum dripping down Chris’s balls along with Sharon’s pussy juice and Lily Mae sitting in the bed with Chris and her daughter watching them fuck . Chris said he turned Sharon on her back open her thighs up and begin penetrating her over and over and over again with Sharon and her mother looking at Chris’s face to see heart his reaction of getting the rare opportunity to fuck two beautiful thick white women whose pussies were very tight . Sharon and her mother knew they had a Goldmine between their thighs but were quite hesitant in giving it out until today . Chris came in Sharon went to the bathroom and PIssed and came back and mounted Lillie Mae again this time making her ass move and groove doggy style while Tammy Wynette music played in the background . They screwed all night and Chris went to school the next month making trips by the house to have sex with Lily Mae and her daughter Sharon as well is fucking his first wife Dolores when they dated so the pussy was plenty available at this house on Elm Street . When Chris was 18 years old he got married to Dolores while still fucking Lily Mae and Sharon . Lily Mae and Sharon called Chris up to come visit them one day he knew what they wanted but was he going to get the shock of his life . They sat press down on the couch where they usually fucked on and Lily Mae informed Chris that she was pregnant with her second child and started crying and told him he was going to have to man up and take care of business . Sharon just started crying and said that she was pregnant too and that they were going to have to work out an arrangement . She said she didn’t know until recently that Chris had been with a lot of black women and already at this point had four children by two different black women which Lily Mae scolded him for as she did not know that when she fucked Chris neither did Sharon . To make a long story short later in life Chris reconnected with Lily Mae and Sharon got to talking with him sexually on the phone and remembering all the good times they had and ask if they were willing to share in a open relationship with the mothers of his children which were black and his white wife who he was married to … me ! It took about six months for Chris visiting and talking to Sharon and Lily Mae to convince them to come spend a weekend with us in our home. Lily Mae showed up first and met all the women and Lillian asked Lily Mae how she got her name and how pretty it was . Runtura. Where is busy chasing Chris’s child around the house she had birthed one year before . Lily Mae had a weird look on her face but one of interest and noted how beautiful the black women were that he had fucking had children by she almost seemed curious of what was going to be offered to her why she stayed here but she had a good idea of what Chris wanted it was called pussy . And she was flat willing to give it up as well as her daughter Sharon who was on the way .

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