Lucky sister


Man! It sure feels good to let go and pump a nice,
healthy load of cum into my sister Cindy. She’s so soft
and her pussy is sucking on my cock as it squirts. I
can’t tell you how good it feels.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking that any brother who would climb
between the thighs of his little sister and slide his
big nasty boner into her poor little pussy… and then
CUM in that pussy… is probably a rat bastard.

But it wasn’t that way. Really! I HAD to do it! I had
to do it for the team.

Let me explain. Then you’ll understand.

It all started when I went out for the football team at
Wilson High. It was my Senior year, and I’d never
played before. Our team had a seven year losing streak
going, and we were the laughing stock of the entire
State. But I needed something on my resume for college
to show that I’d participated in stuff, so I went out.

Turns out I have a flair for throwing the ball! Not
only that, but I have a flair for throwing the ball
right where it needs to be at any given time. So, after
our pre-season practice, the coach put me in as
quarterback. Let me tell you, it’s a whole different
thing to stand out on the field, with the lights on and
know that it’s all up to YOU to make things work.

There wasn’t much of a crowd that first night. Some of
the parents went to the games, to support their kids,
but when you haven’t won a game in seven years, people
aren’t beating down the gates to get in. On the very
first play of my “career” I told Junior Miller to run
just as hard and fast as he could straight ahead. He
did. I hit him clean. He caught it and was almost too
surprised to keep running. Touchdown. Just like that.
It was pretty cool.

Not only did we break our losing streak that night, we
beat the number two team in the state doing it. You’d
have thought we won world war three or something.
Everybody and their mother wanted to talk to me.

After the game, and after all the hooplah died down and
I was the last one in the locker room, Amber Jones
walked in while I was still in the shower. Amber is the
head cheerleader, and one of the most popular girls in
school. She was still dressed in her cheerleader
uniform. She said she’d come to tell me how pleased she
was that we had won the game. She was so pleased she
said she was there to give me my reward.

Now all the time she was saying all this she was taking
her clothes off. I thought it was some kind of joke,
and that people would jump out laughing and pointing at
my rod, which had stood right up as soon as she started
getting naked.

But it was no joke. Amber made a nest on the floor with
towels and tried to fuck my brains out.

Turns out I have a flair for something other than
throwing a ball. I seem to have a gift for making girls
very very happy too. By the time I could feel my jizz
boiling up and was thinking about how it would be
really smart if I didn’t blow my cork inside the most
popular girl in school, her fingernails were dug into
my ass so deep that I couldn’t move.

So I filled her full, and instead of screaming at me
she started babbling that if I kept winning, she’d keep
me in pussy for the whole year.

Well, that was fine with me. You see, up until I stuck
my peter in Amber, I was a virgin, and I decided that I
really liked this fucking business.

Anyway, she got the whole cheerleading squad together
and somehow she made them promise that each time we won
a game one of them would let me have one of them. I
found out about this just before our second game.

Guess who told me.

You got it. My sister, Cindy.

See, she’s on the cheerleading squad.

I’ll never forget the conversation. I was doing
homework in my room and Cindy sort of wandered in. That
wasn’t so strange. We got along pretty well. She was
one of those beautiful girls that guys don’t ever ask
out because they’re sure she already has dates booked
up until she’s about forty. Consequently, girls like
that don’t actually get asked out and a lot of them
don’t go on that many dates. And we had spent many a
Friday and Saturday night playing board games, or
watching movies or playing against each other in video

So when she walked in and sat down on the edge of the
bed I looked at her and then went back to math.

Pretty soon she says “Bobby, I need to talk to you
about something.”

So I rolled over on my side and said “What?” kind of
impatient like. I had a LOT of math to get done.

“Amber told me what you guys did.” She said this in a
sort of flat voice that, over the years, I have learned
means she’s pissed off. “Actually she told ALL of us
about what you guys did.”

Now there’s several things a guy can do in a situation
like this. Most of us try playing dumb first. “What do
you mean?” I asked, dumb like.

So then I find out that Amber got them all together and
said that I was their lucky charm, and that she’d
fucked a load out of me for good luck and that if we
kept winning it was up to the girls to keep the luck
going and so on and so forth.

So naturally I figured that this meant I was in deep
trouble, because my sister wasn’t impressed and was
going to rat me out to our parents or somebody. I was
so busy trying to think up some way of getting Cindy to
stay quiet I almost missed it when she said “Amber says
your cock is really long and you’re really good with

Let me tell you, most guys will NEVER hear ANYTHING
like that from their sister.

I was stuck dumb.

Then Cindy goes on to say “She says she came three
times before you did.” This was getting weirder and

I said “Cindy, this conversation is weirding me out.”

She looks right at me, all serious like and says “The
girls agreed to do it.”

Wow. I was struck dumb again.

Cindy stood up and I realized she was wearing a T shirt
and panties. She always had worn that to bed, but
suddenly I noticed it. She was still looking at me all
serious. “So you’d better keep winning.” And then she
just walked out.

We won our second game by 23 points. They actually
wrote it up in the County Gazette. And after that game
I got a visit from Nancy Thompson. This time they let
me get out of the locker room. She was waiting for me
at my car. She looked nervous. “Hey Bobby” she said. I
still didn’t actually believe that all the cheerleaders
had agreed to let me fuck them so I said “Hey Nancy.
Need a ride or something?” I’d known Nancy pretty much
all of my life. She was cute, but we’d never hung out
together. “I’m… um… I’m your… reward.” she said.
It was dark but I could still see her blush.

Now I’m NOT a rat bastard, regardless of what you may
think. So, like a gentleman I said “Nancy, you don’t
have to do anything.”

Imagine my surprise when she stuck her chin out at me
and said “Bobby Richards, if you don’t… you know…
If you don’t let me do this… I’ll never ever speak to
you again!” I found out later she was afraid that if we
didn’t do the deed and we lost that she’d be thrown out
of the squad or something equally stupid.

So, we went for a ride and ended up on a blanket in the
country. Once she got into kissing and petting she got
pretty hot and the next thing I knew I was buried balls
deep in her just like I had been with Amber.

Guys will say that pussy is pussy, but that’s not true.
Nancy’s body was different than Amber’s. Nancy was
softer, and she was tight. Her hips acted different,
bucking up off the ground in a way that made me
actually bounce off of her. And even though Amber said
she had three orgasms, I didn’t know it at the time.

It wasn’t that way with Nancy.

When she came anyone within forty feet would know.
Anyway, I got close and groaned “Nancy, I’m close…
you want me to pull out?” She put her arms around me
and said “NO! You have to leave it in. It’s part of the

So I pumped about a quart of my spooge into her pussy.
I know there’s a bunch of you out there saying that you
CAN’T pump a quart in a girl – nobody even HAS a quart
to pump. But it sure FELT like I was pumping a quart in
her, and that’s what really counts, isn’t it?

I decided I really REALLY liked this fucking thing.

With Nancy I stayed there, cuddling a little bit. We
talked some and I asked her what she meant about me
staying in her when I came. She said that the rules
were that each girl was only required to fuck me one
time, and that they all felt like they could take a
chance that one time. They even decided whose turn it
would be each week by scheduling out all their periods,
so that whoever might have to spread for me on a given
night was in her “safe” time.

Sounds crazy, right? All teenagers are crazy. Adults
say it’s the hormones that make them that way. I think
this time it was because these girls had a “good”
excuse to be bad and they didn’t want to miss it.

I pointed out to Nancy that there were only fifteen
girls on the squad, one of whom was my sister, and
there were fifteen regular season games, not to mention

Nancy laughed and said “Don’t get greedy Mr big shot
quarterback” There’s pretty even bets that most of the
girls won’t have to do this at all.” I reached for her
saying “Don’t count on it. I kind of like this whole
“good luck” scheme.”

But she slapped my hands away. “I wish we could Bobby,
but the rules are… just once, right after the game. I
don’t want to be the one to break our luck.”

Cindy was in my room again later that night. Turns out
all the girls decided to wait around for… whoever…
to make sure things happened like they were supposed to
happen. And, naturally, Nancy and Amber had compared
notes while all the others listened. Including Cindy.
Nancy had been very impressed too.

So Cindy is talking about this, sitting on the edge of
the bed again, in her T shirt and panties, and I
noticed that my sister had nipples. I mean she’d always
had them, right? But now I NOTICED them and they were
sticking out, making bumps in her shirt. My cock
actually started to get hard and I got embarrassed. I
said “Cindy, this is crazy. Somebody’s going to find
out about this… this… I don’t know what to call
it… but somebody’s going to find out and then we’re
ALL going to get into big trouble.”

Cindy just got up and started out of the room. Then she
turned around and said “You just keep winning.”

Our third game was a squeaker, but we won by a field
goal. There were people in the stands that night. It
was pretty cool. And after that game, Mindy Grant.

Mindy is a tiny little thing. You know how sometimes
they throw cheerleaders up in the air and then catch
them? She’s the one they throw because she’s so small
and light. She was actually sitting in my car when I
got out of the gym. I got in and she said “You know the

Like we were going for a coke or something.

She had keys to her uncle’s gas station, which had a
back room with a couch in it that folded down into a
bed. She folded it down and started stripping. She was
gorgeous, with flat boobs that had big nipples on them.
She demanded that she be on top, but after she got me
on my back she decided to suck on my rod for a while.
Nobody had ever done that to me, and I couldn’t believe
how good it felt.

I said “Man, Mindy, if you keep that up I’m gonna cum
right away.”

She whipped her mouth off of it and growled “You can’t
cum in my mouth you idiot.” Then she squatted over me
and went to work trying to get my cock into her pussy.
Mindy was small everywhere, and there was a point in
time when we both thought it just wasn’t going to work.
She’d bear down and my dork would bend.

Then she decided that if she just fucked the two inches
she COULD get in for a while, that maybe she’d stretch.
She was grunting and grimacing like it was terrible,
but those two inches of pussy sure felt good, kind of
like her mouth. I closed my eyes and within two minutes
I felt the sperm rocket through my cock and out into
her pussy.

The funny thing was that the reason she couldn’t get it
in was because she was in a hurry. It turned out she
was a virgin, and, not having done this before, she was
scared. Neither of us knew enough to think that she was
dry. But when my spooge splattered into her, she got
lubed up real fast. The next time she tried to slam
down on my cock, it slid into her clear to her belly.
She gasped “Ooof” and then made a kind of “Wahhhh”

There were big tears in her eyes and I could tell it
hurt her. So I pulled her down until those flat little
titties of hers were lying on my chest and kissed her
neck and told her how beautiful she was and how sexy
she was. I think getting her weight off helped some,
but when I started whispering to her and kissing her
she got turned on. That did the trick and before long
she was fucking me like a Rodeo girl. She only had one
orgasm that night, but it was a doozy. Knowing the
rules, and having just pounded a cupful of stuff in
her, I didn’t go for another cum.

Cindy came in that night too. Same thing. She sat on
the edge of the bed and gave me the report on how I
did. “You just about ruined that girl” she said in that
level voice she’d taken to using around me on these
after-game nights.”

“I’m sorry.” I said, meaning it. “I didn’t mean to hurt
her. I didn’t know she was a virgin, and it wouldn’t go
in her and…”

“That’s not what I mean, you idiot” she growled. “She
says she’s going to have to find her a boyfriend now
cause she can’t go without that from now on.”

“Oh” I said, lamely.

We kept winning, and every time there was a willing
cheerleader waiting for me after the game. I took to
bringing along condoms, because I thought their rule
was stupid, but not one of them would let me use one.
They all said it would break the luck. There were a lot
more virgins on that squad than I’d have believed.
Everybody thinks that cheerleaders all fuck, but that’s
not true. Well it wasn’t true then.

Anyway, I got pretty good at identifying them and
knowing what to do to get them ready. And every night
after “my reward” Cindy came in and told me how it
went. The only one who bad-mouthed me was Ashley
Anderson, who said that her boyfriend’s cock was
thicker and satisfied her better. None of the girls
would speak to her for the whole week until we won the
next game.

After our eleventh game, and after Maria Gonzales
nearly killed me with what I later learned was called a
snapping pussy, when Cindy came in I finally got around
to what had been on my mind the whole time. “Cindy?” I

She said “Yes?” Not “Yeah” or “What” or any of the
other things a sister usually says when her brother
calls her name. She said “Yes?” like she’d been waiting
for me to call her name for hours and I finally did.

“Um, we have four more games to go.” I said. “At

“Yes?” she said. It was that same kind of “Yes.”

“Well, aren’t we going to… run out… of
cheerleaders… so to speak?”

“No… we’re not.” she said in that flat voice.

“But… what about… you?” I said.

She looked at me, sitting there in her T shirt and
panties, with her perky little nipples poking out at
me. “I’m a cheerleader, Bobby.”

“Yes” I said. “But you’re my sister too.”

“I’m well aware of that” she said as she got up and
walked out of my room. Then, like always, she said “You
just keep on winning.” Then she said something else.
“And let us worry about who’s going to keep the luck

Well, we did keep on winning. It was a sensation for
the town, the county and pretty much the whole state.
Now after games there were reporters waiting to talk to
me. Sometimes I didn’t get out of the gym until late.
But there was always a cheerleader waiting for me.

And then it was time for the last game. We were already
a cinch for playing in the State championships. We’d be
in the playoffs even if we lost the last game. As we
went out on the field I wondered who would be waiting
for me after the game. Cindy was the only one left and
I didn’t think any of them would make her do that.

We won. Perfect season. Fifteen for fifteen. After the
game there were the reporters. Then the coach wanted to
take us all out for pizza. They had a bus waiting and
the whole team got on it, including the cheerleaders.
All of them. It was late when I got back to the parking
lot. All the cheerleaders lined up to kiss me good
night. But none of them got in my car.

I drove home alone.

I was reading a book, unwinding, when Cindy walked into
my room. Our parents had gone to bed long ago, worn our
from cheering at the game. I looked up when she came
in. She was dressed like usual.

Except she wasn’t wearing the panties.

This time she didn’t say anything. The T shirt only
came to her belly button, and that left everything else
completely bare. And she WAS completely bare. Of all
the cheerleaders who’d come to me, none of them had
been shaved.
But Cindy was.

Part of my brain wondered when she’d done that. I could
see her pouting little pussy lips, pressed together
like they were protecting something.

A bunch of things went through my mind right then.
First I thought about how she wasn’t dating anybody at
the moment. She’d gone out on lots of dates, but never
had a steady guy. Then I thought about the possibility
that she might be on the pill. Several of the other
cheerleaders had been, but each and every one made me
promise not to tell anybody. I didn’t think Cindy was,
though, because she hadn’t been to a doctor for years.

In that little town there was only one and it was
pretty much impossible to go see him without it being
common knowledge. Then there was the obvious fact that
she was going to offer herself to me, like the others
had. I didn’t think she really wanted to, but, seeing
that pretty pink pussy made my cock hard anyway. I was
wearing gym shorts and the fact that it was getting
hard was impossible to miss. It looked sort of like
there was a little animal in my shorts crawling around.
Cindy’s eyes were glued there.

“You don’t have to do this” I said, not meaning it, but
saying it because I loved her and she had the right to
back out.

“Yes… I do” she said simply. She bent over and ran
her hand over the front of my shorts like she was
petting a dog or something. It stiffened even more.

Then she stood back up and pulled her T shirt off. “If
you make fun of me I’ll make it so you never have
babies… ever.” she said in that serious voice. I
think she was talking about the fact that she was small
up top. She was probably a 34 B cup. Her nipples and
areolas were so pale that you almost couldn’t see them
against her breast flesh.

But to me, she looked like the perfect woman.
Everything about her screamed her sexuality. She was in
shape and she had curves that were perfectly
proportioned to her size.

“You’re beautiful” I said, meaning it.

“Thank you” she said. Then she climbed up on the bed
and kissed me.

Now, I had kissed all the cheerleaders. Some of them
were better kissers than others, and some of them liked
it more than others. But none of them reacted like
Cindy. There was an urgency to her kiss that left me
breathless. And she… writhed… that’s the only word
for it… all over me, rubbing every part of her body
against mine as she kissed me. Then she broke the kiss
and was pulling at my shorts, almost ripping them.

My prick sprang free and she stopped, frozen as it
bobbed in front of her eyes. “Ohhh Bobby” she sighed.
Her hand came up to it and wrapped around it gently.
“It’s so beautiful” she sighed. Her head bobbed down
and she licked the tip. Then she kissed it on both
sides and the tip, sticking her tongue out and tickling
the very tip.

My hips arched up off the bed and I groaned. “Ohhh suck
it, please Cindy.”

She kissed the tip again and lifted her head. “Not
tonight. Later. Tonight is for the luck.” Then she said
“I want to be on the bottom… here… in your bed.”
She didn’t sound too sure, but I got up and she lay
down where the warmth of my body still was. She spread
her legs and brought her knees up high, almost to her
breasts, opening herself up wide.

Her pussy gaped and I wanted to taste it. I had licked
and sucked a couple of the other girls, later on in the
season, after I actually thought of it. That was one of
the things Cindy had talked about. The girls I had gone
down on raved about how good it felt. And looking at
her pretty pink split peach I wanted to taste her too.

I started down, but her hands caught my hair and pulled
my face up by her breasts. “Later for that too Bobby. I
want you… in me. Now. Please?”

So I mounted my little sister. As I crawled up and my
cock tip nosed between those plump pussy lips I saw her
hands were at her sides, fists clenched. She was stiff,
but her hips were moving. It came clear to me in that

She was a virgin.

She was scared, but she was turned on too somehow.
Realizing that my cock gave a lurch and a big bubble of
thick precum seeped out. I pulled back just as it did
and it gathered until there was a big glob that started
to fall off. She and I both stared as it slowly
dropped, stringing out, to land softly right in her
open pussy lips.

She gave a shudder and moaned “Ohhhh please.”

I honestly didn’t know right then whether she meant
“Please don’t” or “Please do.” But she was there,
spread out for me, so I plugged it in and gave her the
first inch. That popped the head just past her pussy
lips, which stretched tight and then sealed around the
neck of the glans. She was fiery hot, and nervous or
not, she was wet.

“Bobby?” she moaned. She was going to tell me she’d
never had a cock in her before.

“I know, baby.” I said soothingly. “I’ll go easy.” I
was trying to go slow because even though I was past
where her cherry had been, I knew she was being cruelly
stretched. Her eyes were wide open as I eased those two
inches in and out a few times.

“I used a dildo to break my hymen” she groaned.
“Several of the girls did after Nancy told us about how
hard it was for her.” She put her feet back down on the
bed, her knees still wide. Her hips wiggled and I felt
her thrust them up off the mattress.

I gave her another inch and she gasped. “But it didn’t
feel like this.” I looked at her and it was obvious she
wasn’t sorry she’d let me do this.

I leaked another glob of goo in her pussy. I suddenly
noticed that her nipples had gotten so long that they
looked like tiny little fingers sticking out from her
breasts. I leaned down and sucked one into my mouth. I
gave it an experimental suck and she just went goofy! I
felt her pussy spasm around the head of my cock and
then loosen. So I pushed until it spasmed again. It
clamped down on me so hard I had to stop, but then
loosened up again, letting me get further into her. Two
more of those rippling spasms and I felt my pubic bone
mash into hers.

I was in – all the way in – balls deep in my baby

I just stopped and let it soak. She was finishing up
her orgasm and was sort of flopping around. Later she
told me that when I sucked on that nipple it was like a
dam burst inside her and she was almost washed away by
the intensity of the feeling. Her nipples are extra
super sensitive and I’ve been able to give her orgasms
just by playing with and sucking them alone.

But I’m getting ahead of the story.

She calmed down and her eyes focused and she looked up
at me. I think I was just smiling down at her. “Did you
cum yet?” she asked, panting.

I shook my head and offered to take it out of her if it
hurt too much. “It doesn’t… hurt exactly” she said.
“I just feel… stuffed.”

I told her I’d like to move a little and she said OK so
I dragged it almost out of her and then slithered it
back in. Her eyes got real big and she said “Ohhh
Bobby, do that again.” So I did and on about the
seventh or eighth time she shuddered again and her
pussy started in rippling and squeezing again.

This time I was a lot closer and it worked on me,
milking me, almost sucking my prick. I felt an
explosion coming and I told her it was time. I knew I
shouldn’t fire that sucker off inside my sister.

But I wanted to so bad.

I said “Can I?” and she hissed, just like a cat

I drove it in and left it there, deep, the tip right
beside the little door to her womb. My cock flexed and
swelled as the first jet flashed through it. I could
feel my balls scrunch up, like they were squeezing the
cum out and into my penis. I almost cried as that first
massive spurt left my cock and splatted into Cindy’s
sweet virgin pussy. Then I was the one who went a
little crazy. I was trying to get even deeper into her
as another six or seven strings of sticky white sperm
flooded my sister’s womb. I wanted to cum in her

Finally I’d squeezed the last little bit of my spooge
into her naked pussy and I was about to collapse. I
started to pull out of her but her arms went around me
and she whispered “No!, leave it in.” So I rolled
sideways with her and she ended up on top. Her hair was
all over my chest and neck and face, but I didn’t care.
I pulled a blanket over us and we fell asleep that way.

We kids always got up long before our parents. We’d
learned years ago how to get our own breakfast and all
that. So when my alarm went off and I woke up tangled
up with warm naked girl, I wasn’t worried. She woke up

She nuzzled my chest, kissing it and said “Thank you.”
I was pretty surprised, with her being my sister and
all, and a virgin to boot. I figured she’d be ready to
get away from me.
I was wrong. “I wish we could do it again.” she said.
“But one time is the rule.”

I couldn’t believe it. “Are you telling me the girls
know? I mean they said you had to do this?”

She nuzzled me again. “No. They said I didn’t have to
do it. Most of them volunteered to do it again when we
ran out of girls. But I told them it wasn’t worth
losing the luck. I only told them I’d give you a hand
job, or maybe a blow job. They don’t know we… did

“So why did we… do it?” I asked.

She looked into my eyes. “I love you Bobby. It seems
like I’ve loved you forever. You always cared about me
and took care of me and shared things with me. And when
those girls started talking about what a wonderful
lover you were, I got… jealous. I wasn’t about to let
them have something so wonderful about you and not get
some of it for myself.”

“So, what now?” I asked.

“Well, I talked them into letting you choose from now
on. If you win, that is. You have to keep winning to
get your reward.”

“Well, I want to choose YOU.” I said. I meant it too.
“But I can’t. It’d be all over school.”

“Well, there’s one other thing. All the girls were
willing to take the chance once. Now they want you to
wear a condom. Or they’ll give you a blowjob or hand
job if you want.”

“Oh.” I was disappointed. It must have showed. She
laughed at me. “Look, you goose, all you have to do is
choose one of the girls to go down on you. Then, after
she’s done and you’re home… who’s to know?”

“You mean…?”

“Oh yes!” she said in a husky sort of voice. “I’m not
done with you yet. I’ve waited too long to have you and
I’m going to have you lots more.

“But you just said only once. Just now. You said it was
a rule.” I whined.

“That’s once right now… as part of the luck for what
you did last night. There isn’t any rule about what
happens in the future.”

“Well, if you look at it one way, last night was the
past, and right now is the future of last night,
right?” I said hopefully. I had a morning woody and all
I could think about was how perfectly wonderful it
would be to slide it in her warm sucking pussy again.

She laughed. “Nice try buck-O. Get up and go for a run
or something. You need to keep in shape for the
She did give the tip of my cock a nice wet kiss before
she left the room. I had to beat off and I bet it
didn’t take me ten strokes, just remembering the look
of her naked back walking out of my door.

We won every game in the playoffs.

It was like I was living in a fantasy world. Not only
did we play great football, but I got great sex too. I
got blowjobs, sometimes from two girls at once. And
every night, in the middle of the night after a game,
I’d get to sink my fresh boner into my sweet sister’s
even sweeter pussy and pack it full of baby juice. I
offered to use a condom with her, but she wouldn’t do
it. She said we were soul mates and she wanted my stuff
mixing with her stuff, whatever the end result.

We won State. We were a sports sensation, going from a
seven year straight losing streak to a no loss year and
winning the State championship. Cindy started going out
with every boy in sight and, as boys will do, they all
claimed to have scored with her. None of them even got
close, but the story got around.

Which is why, when her belly began to swell it was no
real surprise to anyone. She was a cheerleader, after
all, and everybody knows about them, right? Well, I
have to admit there was an eyebrow or two raised by a
few of the other cheerleaders. It didn’t take a genius
to figure out that her due date was about nine months
after the playoffs, and she had been assigned to keep
the luck going about that time.

It was surely no surprise to us. I’d been packing her
pussy plumb full of potent teenaged sperm practically
every night for months. If she wasn’t in my room
climbing underneath me, I was sneaking into her room to
mount her and plow her furrow until I erupted in her
womb. So we both know who the father is.

She got an ultra sound last week. It’s a boy! She wants
to name him Champ. How’s that for goofy?

I got six letters from colleges that want me to play
for them. Full scholarships, all of them, WITH a
stipend for living expenses. One of them has apartments
for married students and wives get three hours of free
classes each semester. And all I have to do for all
this is play ball. What a life.

I need to go talk to my sister about going up there
with me to check it out.

But I don’t think I’m going to introduce her as my

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