Mom and Dad

Pervert tales

My name is James. I’m 17, almost 18 and I’m bisexual. I live with my mom and my dad and I love watching them. They really love each other and I hope one day, my wife and I will love each other that much (when I have one of course). I have never seen my parents fight, and it makes me wonder if it’s because they just don’t fight or they fight when I’m not here. At night though, I do hear them and they aren’t fighting. They are making love, and it’s amazing. I love hearing it and I usually jack off to it. Tonight I hear them and I desperately want to watch. Mom is beautiful and dad is handsome, both at 38 years old. To watch them make love would probably make me cum harder than ever before. I just hope I don’t get caught.

I climb out of bed quietly and walk to my door. I creep out into the hallway down to their door, which is slightly ajar. I’ve opened this door enough to know that it’s silent, which means they won’t hear me opening it more. When I finally catch sight of them, mom is riding dad, facing the door with her eyes closed. I watch as her beautiful breasts bounce, her face flushed with arousal. Dad spanks her and her moans increase slightly in volume. God she looks so sexy riding dad’s hard cock. Even from where I stand I can see that her nipples are erect, and I can’t help but think that I’d love to suckle them, like I did as a baby. Dads hands move to her hips, and from there up her stomach to her breasts, taking them into his hand and massaging them, pulling on the nipples. I pull out my now fully erect dick and stroke it fast, using my other hand to massage my own balls. I’m imagining mom’s mouth on my cock and dad’s hand on my balls, massaging them the way he is mom’s breast. I hear him moan that he’s cumming and feel that my orgasm is close. I watch mom’s face as she feels dad’s cum hit deep inside her. As I begin to cum onto my own hand, she shouts that she’s cumming and I watch her body quiver with excitement. My orgasm feels like it’s never ending. I tuck my slowly softening cock into my pajama pants and when I look up, mom and dad are looking at me, smiling.
To be continued

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Pervert tales
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