Peter the Horselover

Extreme Stories

The clink of glass against glass woke me from my reverie
and I sat up, my head still muzzy from the heady mix of
liquor, poppers and sex. Bob was pouring himself another
bourbon from the bottle on his desk in a pool of light
cast by the antique desk lamp. His face was in semi
darkness but the desk lamp showed up his hairy thighs in
sharp relief and his large deflated penis drooping down
over that long scrotum.

It looked wrinkled and a bit sad now, especially when
only a few minutes before it had been standing proud and
erect, forcing out jets of thick grey-white cum from
those gigantic balls. His body may have lost the grace
and beauty of its youth but I think that by gratifying
himself with my youthful, hairless body had added to his

Bob went down the short corridor towards the bathroom
and I heard him urinate noisily into the bowl. I gazed
around the office, taking in the familiar scene: the
wall covered with a rainbow of different colored prize
cards and rosettes; at the Winchester ‘yellow boy’
carbine that I coveted, and at the bank of high-tech
equipment on a shelf by the window.

There was the low rumble of the flush and my uncle
reappeared. He had left the bathroom light on and was
silhouetted in its glow as he stomped back along the
corridor. With those long dangling balls swinging from
side to side as he walked, he looked like a shambling
great bear on the prowl and I couldn’t contain my

“What’s so funny, Bub.” He growled. His voice made me
think of bears even more.
“Nothing” I said between a fit of the giggles. “I’ve
just never pictured Smokey Bear looking like that

We began to exchange cheerful insults. “OK, OK,
funnyman. Let’s see if you can ‘cum’ like that when
you’re my age, you one-shot wonder! I can make it again
anytime you’re ready -buster!”

I could never resist a challenge, especially one that
promised still more pleasure, so I boasted. “One-shot
wonder? Huh! I’m like that cistern in there. You can
almost hear my balls filling up again!”

But despite our brave words, neither of us was really
ready yet, and in any case, I rather enjoy that lazy
satisfying time recovering from a good jerking session,
so I tried to change the subject. Pointing to a bank of
small TV screens on a shelf, I said “They’re new.”

“Yeah,” He walked over to a small console by his desk
and scratched his furry chest before adding. “We had
some guys stealing from farms in the County a while
back, so I got a company from Berneville to come out and
install all this. -Here, I’ll show you.” He pressed a
few switches and the screens flickered into life.

Pretty soon I began to make out familiar scenes round
the yard and the main buildings. Bob was fond of gadgets
and lost no time demonstrating how he could pan and tilt
the cameras, adjust the lighting and even record on to
tape for later playback. To be honest, I was beginning
to be sorry I had asked, but something Bob said made me
prick up my ears;-

“..I’ve kept these cameras secret -no one else even
knows they’re there.”
His voice dropped low so that I had to strain to hear.
“And you’d be surprised at what some guys get up to when
they think no-one else is around!”

“Too damn right, Unc.!” I agreed. “Look at the pair of

He laughed with me, but then he started to look
uncomfortable and I got the idea that he had let slip
more than he meant to. Since our first encounter by the
pool, I had noticed a subtle difference in his manner
toward me; the bluff ‘uncle to nephew’ act he had always
put on with me had toned down one helluva lot, replaced
by…just what? He was now treating me as an equal -like
a fellow conspirator in some great secret.

Yes, that was it! I suddenly realised that the same
thing had happened with Dad.

It was as though I had somehow been initiated into some
great campus secret society.

The liquor had loosed my tongue so I asked bluntly.

“So what do you mean by ‘guys getting up to things’?”

It’s hard to fathom how anyone could look any more
embarrassed than when they are standing in front of you
butt-naked, but Uncle Bob gave it a real good try. A
look of pain passed over his face and he muttered.
Oh,.you know.”

“I don’t!” I persisted. “Whaddya mean?.Wanking?

“Let’s leave it be, shall we? I don’t think you’re ready
for it.”

“Bullshit! Here we are dressed only in our skins,
recovering from one of the best jerk-offs I’ve had in
months and you say I’m not ready? What else is there for
chrissakes? Anyways, If you don’t tell me, you can solo
jerk for the rest of my visit!”

‘Blackmail, even’ My little voice joined in. ‘Whatever

Blackmail or not, my argument seemed to work, for Bob
took a deep breath and after a long pause for thought,
finally said.

“You know I asked you about Peter?” I nodded,
encouraging him to go on.

“Did he try to do.anything with you?” I had to think
quickly but I reckoned that it was OK to come clean. Bob
must already know something about his Native American
foreman that I didn’t -or why did he bring it up now? I
took a deep breath and lied in a matter-of fact way.

“Sure, we jerked each other off .It was great. I enjoyed
it.” He looked surprised and a bit envious that I hadn’t
wasted much time in getting it together with his
foreman. “Why do you ask?” I enquired with fake

He seemed lost in thought and it was a while before he
drew a deep breath and started on his tale.

“One night, a while back, I left the cameras running in
the barn. There was a mare about to foal and I wanted to
keep an eye on her as she was getting close to her time.
She didn’t foal that night, so I rewound the tape. That
was when I saw something strange as the pictures whizzed
by -It was Peter in the barn.”

“So what?” I enquired. “Knowing him and his horses, I
expect he was keeping an eye on the mare too.”

“No way.” Said Bob, sounding like Perry Mason at the end
of a case. “He was leading another mare into a loose
box.” He paused for dramatic effect adding slowly.
“And..he was stark bollocky nekkid!”

“Wowee” I said, but my voice was husky with excitement.
This was really gross, but why was my cock getting so
stiff? I couldn’t stop myself from asking.
“Did you keep the tape?”

“Dam’ right I kept the tape” Said Bob. “Although there
wasn’t much more to see since the camera only covered
the corridor. I checked the timestamp on the tape and it
was about 20 minutes later before Pete came back into
view, still as naked as a baby. He drew some water from
the faucet and washed himself down and..”

He paused to see if he still had my full attention – He
sure had!

“He made damn sure to see that his prick was clean.”

I was fondling my cock by this time as he was telling
the story, and I could see that it was having an effect
on Bob’s hardware too. That big square-looking cock was
steadily rising from its forest of curly gray hair and
pointing towards me as he looked to see my reaction to
his tale. Somewhere in the house a clock chimed and I
mentally counted the strokes -there were eleven. It was
late -very late for this early-rising household and I
hoped that Bob hadn’t noticed and bring an end to his
fascinating tale. I doubted that I would ever get to
know the end unless I could keep his whiskey-fed
eroticism going.

“Have you done anything about it since, Unc?”

A faint smile -almost a leer -changed his expression. We
were fellow conspirators again. Dam’ right I did!” Again
that leer. “I moved the camera and I keep the tapes
running every night since then!” He went over to a gray
filing cabinet, his stiff dick pointing the way like
some obscene banner. If I hadn’t been so aroused myself
I would have laughed at the ridiculous sight.

There was a dull rumble as the drawer rolled forward and
Bob fingered his way along a row of tapes and pulled one
out. Sliding the black plastic cassette out of its cover
he inserted it into the slot of player.

The screen came to life showing a row of horses standing
quietly in their stalls. Bob had spared no expense and
unlike the small security monitors, this picture was
bright and crisp -and in full color. Bob picked up the
remote and came over to sit beside me. The tape speeded
forward until he stopped it when the timestamp showed
22:45. The date was about three months earlier. After a
minute or so the real action began on the screen.

Peter came into the barn and walked up the aisle
checking each box as he went. The horses watched him
with lazy interest as he passed them by but it was clear
from his purposeful step that he had one particular
horse in mind. Bob had done his homework well and the
camera zoomed into close focus as Peter stood almost
underneath. The sound was muzzy and picked up a lot of
extra noise but we could hear Peter’s deep voice
muttering little endearments as he nuzzled his head
against one particular horse. “That’s Lucy May,” growled
Bob in my ear.

For a long time, Peter nuzzled and patted the mare’s
head and I could see that she was relishing the
attention. He moved away slightly out of shot but I
could just see him slip off his buckskin jacket and hang
it on an old lamp bracket. He drew his shirt over his
head and his long ponytail disappeared through the
collar hole only to reappear cascading down the
magnificent back I had caressed only a few days before.

I had been too interested in the action taking place
before me to think about myself, but I becoming aware of
a dull ache in my balls. They had been licked, sucked
and fondled by Bob earlier -they had even taken a
beating from his last crazy masturbatory strokes. Now,
as they regained their potency, they were letting me
know they were ready for more action. I glanced quickly
over at my uncle: He was leaning forward, entranced by
the sight of Peter slipping out of his jeans -this time
there was no black jockstrap to spoil the view, for he
wore nothing underneath them.

I didn’t know it then, but he had different riding in
mind that night. You may think me naive, but don’t
forget that I was a city boy and knew nothing of
bestiality -I wasn’t even sure that it was possible for
a man to have sex with animals. What was taking place on
the screen was totally new to me and I was hooked! There
was a snick from the soundtrack as Peter unclipped the
mare’s headstall from the rail at the front of the box
and gently shooed her hindquarters round so that she
stood almost square on to the camera. He left the box
and returned with a straw bale from the stack by the
door, which he placed behind the mare’s hind legs.

All his preparations made, Peter began to stroke the
mare’s neck, slowly working his way down her chest
towards her forelegs. All the time he was crooning
softly to her in words I couldn’t make out. From the
slow repetitious rhythm I guessed it was a love song or
lullaby learnt from his Indian mother. Lucy May turned
her head round towards him and I could see her nostrils
twitch as she sniffed at his naked body. Peter gave a
short laugh as her whiskers tickled his side and turned
towards her questing muzzle. I gave a gasp as I watched
her long pink tongue came out to explore him and saw his
balls lift and drop as she licked the salt from his
sweaty groin.

Peter arched his back in sheer delight, which gave us an
even better view of her licking at his dark brown cock,
just like a kid with a candy bar. A long gasping groan
came from beside me as Bob took in the scene. Uncaring
of my presence, his eyes were fixed on the screen while
all the time he kneaded and tugged at himself, totally
engrossed in the scene being played out before him.
Peter seemed to be close to a climax and it took an
obvious effort of will for him to pull away from the
mare’s questing tongue, but he stepped out of her reach
and stood back for a while, recovering.

After a time, he squatted down and stroked the mare’s
belly, close to where I could just see her two black
teats. As he fondled them, the muscles of her leg
twitched and she straddled her hind legs wider, making
an easier for those searching brown hands to explore
between them. Peter was in no hurry and it took several
minutes before he started to work his way steadily
upwards between her wide straddled legs.

She responded by lifting her tail like a flag and
letting loose a stream of yellow urine. Peter rebuked
her gently as he retrieved the wet bale. The damp floor
was not to his liking, especially to his bare feet, so
he placed the bale in a dry spot at an angle to the
wall. For a moment I thought we wouldn’t get to see any
more and I slumped back in my chair, disappointed, but I
soon leaned forward again with a jolt as I saw that
Peter had turned the mare’s hindquarters so that her
haunches almost faced towards the camera lens.

I could hardly believe our luck when the camera
refocused to a shot of the mare’s leathery vulva
glistening with a stringy clear discharge. Her vagina
twitched a few times then seemed to pout, exposing its
pink inner surface as though it was winking. Bob leaned
towards me and cleared his throat, “She’s telling him
she’s ready.” He whispered hoarsely.

The tall Native American stood for a while, working
furiously on his dick, bringing it to its full hard size
before he stepped up on the bale. His body shut out our
view for a while but when the mare shuffled sideways a
step or so, we could see that Peter was teasing her,
slipping his hand right inside her up to his wrist,
thrusting it back and forth in a steady rhythm as old as
time itself. Lucy May held her tail to one side and
humped her back in time with his thrusts, seeming to
relish her human lover’s attention.

He didn’t fail her and withdrew his hand, only to
replace it with his rampant dick, sliding it in and out
deeper and deeper with each slow stroke until his balls
were squeezed tightly between their two bodies. He gave
a long deep groan and the muscles of his buttocks began
to clench and release as, slowly at first, then faster
he began to pump at her willing rear end. A minute or so
later and it was all over: Peter gave a series of loud
grunts and his legs twitched rapidly as he found
release. Totally spent, he collapsed forward over the
mare’s haunches and lay there with his chest heaving.

His panting seemed to ease and he straightened his back
slowly until I saw his cock slide out of the mare and
drop limply onto his scrotum. The muscles around the
mares vagina relaxed and she expelled a string of
Peter’s sperm, leaving a row of pearly drops trapped in
the tiny hairs fringing her long leathery slit.

I felt a chill on my leg and looked down in time to see
a steady stream of my own sperm tracing a path down the
leather seat of my chair towards the cleft of my butt.
Worried that I might mark Bob’s favorite chair I looked
over at him in time to see him perform a real neat
trick: He had pulled his long ball-sack out as far as it
would stretch to catch his cum in the hollow it made
between his two balls as each pulsing jet splashed off
his cupped hand. In our excitement, we must have both
shot our cum in time with Peter, but neither of us seem
to have noticed, so engrossed had we been in watching
his dramatic climax.

Uncle Bob stood up, still holding his ball-sack out like
a hairy cup, and rummaged on his desk for a pocket pack
of Kleenex. He tore the film wrapper open with his teeth
and threw half of the contents at me and we began to
clean ourselves up.

“Well, whaddya think of that?” Enquired Bob. “Ain’t that

“That was truly awesome,” I said sincerely, excited
beyond measure.

“But ain’, I mean..isn’t it illegal? I asked

“Not if they don’t catch you at it, it ain’t.” He said
in a droll voice. His cheerful acceptance of what we had
just seen phased me and I could only stammer. “So! Er,
what are you going to do about Peter?”

“Nothin’.” He lifted his softened penis carefully and
mopped a blob of cum from the underside. “I reckon they
both enjoyed it, and she sure as hell won’t have no foal
by him!” He laughed heartily, relieved to see that he
hadn’t over-stepped the mark by showing me the tape. But
my mind still buzzed with questions and I said, half to
myself. “I wonder what it feels like?”

“It feels pretty good, boy…pretty good. That’s the
hottest piece of pussy that you’ll ever taste in your

“You mean…you’ve done it too?” I asked weakly. This
was getting surreal.

“When I was young and horny like you.” His look told me
he wasn’t joking. He leaned over and touched my arm and
looked earnestly into my eyes before saying quietly.
“But, hear me boy. Don’t you go trying it out on your
own. Not without me being there. Guys have gotten
themselves killed that way.”

My mouth went dry and I could scarcely whisper. “You
mean mean you’d let me try it?” I gasped. He
couldn’t mistake the anticipation and eagerness in my

“Happen I might, If you’re still of a mind to and we can
find a mare that’s willing to stand for you. It seems
that young Pete can spot ’em when they’re ripe and

He picked up his discarded jeans and I knew that our
evening was coming to a end, but Bob hadn’t quite
finished yet. He drew his belt tight round his ample
waist and sat down again beside me. “Some time back, I
was reading up on the life of the plains Indians – It’s
a kinda hobby of mine, finding out how folk lived here
before we arrived. Well, it seems that the young men of
certain tribes, (mostly the unmarried bucks, but I
reckon some of the older ones couldn’t kick the habit,
neither) They used to service their mares when they were
out on long hunting trips or on the warpath. They didn’t
see anything wrong in it. They saw it more as a
spiritual thing, a bonding, if you like – of their
spirit with the spirit of the horse. By planting their
seed in a favorite mare, they believed that they could
plant in her some of their bravery and honor as well.
That way they figured she would breed real war ponies
for them, as fit and strong and brave as themselves.” He
stood up and turned towards me.

“Perhaps Peter sees it that way -who knows?” Then with a
roguish grin, he added. “Or mebbe he’s just a horny

His laughter rang down the corridor as he turned out the
lights behind us.

There was not a sound inside the house as I made my way
stealthily down the back stairs towards the office.
Outside I could hear the distant blaring of a cow as she
called for her calf and I thought that it must be the
loneliest sound on earth. The brass key slid smoothly in
the lock and I was in. I went over to the window and
drew the drapes carefully. There was always a faint
chance that Peter might make a late night check of the
buildings – I had seen the lights were still on in the
bunkhouse as I returned from town. I switched on the
security cameras and one by one, the little monitors lit
up with a blue-gray glow. They gave out just enough
light to see by, so I settled down and started on the
sandwiches that the ever-thoughtful Carrie had left out,
together with a flask of hot coffee for my return from


Needless to say, nothing happened that night, nor the
next and I was beginning to call myself all kinds of a
fool for thinking my plan had any chance of success. The
only bit of excitement I had was when one camera caught
sight of a small herd of deer making their way across
the empty yard. This third night was definitely going to
be my last, I decided. I had become irritable and
scratchy through lack of sleep and frustration and only
that morning Carrie had laid her hand on my forehead,
inquiring. “You not well?” You’re right, I thought.

A sudden movement on one of the screens caught my eye.
The light of a small torch wavered its way steadily
along the wall of the barn, leaving whitish streaks on
the screen as it moved. I tried to zoom in with the
camera, wishing that I had watched more closely when Bob
had shown off his new toys, but by the time I had got it
sorted out, it was too late. I saw a small square of
light as the stealthy figure opened a little gate in one
of the huge barn doors and passed through. I turned my
attention to the little screen covering the inside of
the barn, just in time to see Peter Long Wolf pick up a
bale of straw and carry it along the line of boxes. I
nearly hugged myself with excitement and glee. This is
it fella! Christmas was coming early for me.

Timing and stealth were crucial now. I went down the
familiar little corridor and past the bathroom to the
door that led out to the yard. Trembling with
anticipation, I cursed as my fingers fumbled to find the
right key. “Oh God, what if there isn’t one on this
ring.” But I needn’t have worried -the third one I tried
slid sweetly into the lock and one quick turn let me out
into the cool night air.

My sneakers made no sound as I crossed the yard into the
dense shadow of the barn. I didn’t use the same door as
Peter, but slipped round the side to a wooden stairway
that led up to the hay loft. The steps creaked loudly
and I froze, my heart thumping loudly. No more scares
please! I pleaded.

I unlatched the door at the top of the stairs and made
my way along a wooden catwalk until I was almost over
Peter. The noise of the horses in their stalls drowned
my stealthy approach and I could see from his casual
manner that he had heard nothing and was still intent on
his own pleasure. Looking down, his bronzed body looked
even more magnificent: His naked torso tapered sharply
to a narrow waist and the smooth swell of his buttocks
gleamed in the dim lights of the barn. I nearly gasped
in awe, but I lay still, trying to control my panting
breath and waited for the crucial moment…my special

My cock was screaming for attention, but I was
determined to ignore it. I needed it to be at full
strength for later on. If I got my way, I would give it
the treat of its lifetime. I checked the pocket of my
jeans and felt for a cold round shape. I had prepared
everything down to the last detail and had even lifted
one of Bob’s bottle of poppers from the small store he
kept in the office ice-box. I was going to need all the
help it could give me if I had any hope of lasting
beyond first base.

Below me, things were following the same pattern as
before. The big haunches of Peter’s chosen mare for the
night were directly underneath me and I had already
recognized them as belonging to Candy, the horse I rode.
From my scanty knowledge, I counted this as a definite
plus -she would know me and, hopefully, she would stand
quietly for me. I watched as she stood placidly looking
out over the box while Peter stroked and teased her
belly. Things are moving on nicely, I thought, but I was
determined to wait a little longer.

This was pay-back time for Peter: I’d teach him a lesson
for treating my advances so coolly. I waited until he
started to bring himself up to his full, erect self,
watching hungrily as he drew his hands slowly and
lovingly along his dark brown shaft. Judging my moment
to a nicety, I called softly. “Hi Peter!”

He started and gasped in horror while his back went
rigid as if he had been shot. His long ponytail thrashed
about his shoulders as he turned his head round, looking
for the source of that mocking voice. “Look behind you!”
I said in a childish sing-song and he turned to see me
standing above him, one hand leaning against a beam
while the other was caressing my cock through the gaping
fly of my jeans. He gulped and said in a hoarse tone.

“Jee-zusss Mark, Don’t you ever, never ever, do that to
me again!”

“I won’t,” I said agreeably and slid nimbly down the
wooden beam to land on the straw by his side. Already I
could feel the heat from his naked body through my thin

“Don’t let me stop you.” I added innocently.

“ long have you been there?” He stammered,
totally thrown.

“Long enough.” Then I paused dramatically. “But on the
other hand: not long enough: -If you catch my drift.”

He was recovering his composure and tried to bluff it
out, although he had literally been caught with his
pants down. I would have loved to have heard that excuse
-it would need to be pretty convincing, but I was far
too impatient to press home my advantage. The shock of
my sudden appearance had made his cock shrivel and
withdraw so that it hung like a brown fruit over his
balls. I bet they’re really aching now. I thought smugly
as I reached forward and lifted his cock, letting it
fall back on his balls with a slight bounce.

“I haven’t done that much good, have I?” I breathed and
dropped down on my knees to take it into my mouth. It
took a long time for it to respond -I must have really
phased him. I thought as I sucked greedily. Then I felt
Peter’s body begin to relax as he realised that his
secret might still be safe. I looked up into his puzzled
brown eyes.

“Relax buddy. It’s OK. Really it is.” I breathed, my voice
husky with lust.

“I’m here for the same thing as you are; I want a piece
of the action too.”

For a moment I thought he would refuse, then his face
cleared and he said softly.

“You sure about this? Don’t you want to talk about it
first?” I shook my head.

“Nope. I’ve been watching you and it has really turned
me on.” I didn’t want to beat about the bush any longer
so I said bluntly. “You’re going to fuck Candy, aren’t

He nodded slowly.

“Me too.” I said with more confidence than I felt, then
I suggested. “You go first and show me what to do.”

He studied my face with those deep brown eyes for a long
time, then amazingly a broad grin transformed his
features and an excited tone came into his voice as he
said briskly.

“OK kid. Let’s do it!”

I watched spellbound as he stepped up on the straw bale
behind the waiting mare and began to gently touch her
with his long brown fingers. Candy turned her head and
looked at me with her gentle, blue-black eyes as I
ripped open the buttons of my shirt and undid the
fastener of my jeans. Peter looked over at me, his cock
in his hand, smiling as if to say “Wait you turn, I
won’t be long.” I caught a quick glimpse of the long
pink lips of Candy’s vulva part before Peter inserted
his exposed cockhead into the void.

For a long time, he played with her, varying the depth
and speed of his strokes and thoroughly enjoying
himself. His head was thrown back and his eyes tight
closed as waves after wave of pleasure made him shudder.
He glanced over at me and smiled before he started to
thrust savagely into the mare. On the video I had
watched with Bob, I hadn’t noticed that Peter had been
particularly vocal, but having a spectator must have had
an effect on him, because he began to grunt and mutter
as he thrust faster and harder.

“Yeah..Yeah..Oh.Jeeezzzzusss!” A long moaning cry
announced his climax and he fell forward onto Candy’s
rump, just as I’d seen him do on the video days before.
Eventually he pushed himself up and looked over at me
with a smile.

“That’s how it’s done, kid.” He panted, adding with a
grin. “You want to try it now? -I’ve warmed it up nicely
for you!”

As I entered my first ever mare, my first impression was
one of intense warmth and the feel of a strong grasp on
my quivering cock. It wasn’t at all like I imagined and
the thought that the slipperiness I was feeling was
probably due to Peter’s cumming only a few minutes
before was a real turn on. I felt a tingling sensation
begin to spread over my cock, as if someone had
sprinkled pepper on it. “Don’t worry, whispered Peter.
“It’s just her ‘love-juice’ She likes you already!”

He was standing right behind me, his hands pressing
against my buttocks, encouraging me to push and
withdraw, push and withdraw. The effect was so intense
that I span the lid off my bottle of poppers and took
several hefty snorts to slow me down. Whether it was
that or just my excitement, but my senses reeled as I
felt my cock push past the hard ring of muscle just
inside the mare’s vulva and into a warm cavern beyond.

She wriggled her haunches slightly and for an anxious
moment I thought that she was going to refuse me after
having already been ravished by Peter’s long tool, but
it seemed that she was only making herself more
comfortable and she stood placidly as I began to slide
my cock rhythmically back and forth.

Another quick snort of poppers steadied me for just a
moment before the inevitable happened: I was not
prepared for the intensity of my climax and let out a
series of long drawn out “Uhh.uhhs!” as my dick throbbed
out its release into Candy’s welcoming depths.

The sensation was indescribable and my nails dug hard
into Candy’s ample haunches as I screwed up my face in
an ecstasy that was almost painful, unaware that Peter
was supporting me as my body arched backwards. I didn’t
want to leave Candy’s warm tunnel of love but she gave
me no choice: A series of pulsing thrusts spat out my
rapidly softening cock and followed it with a long
string of my cum, which dribbled slowly down my bare
legs. Peter slipped his arms under mine as I stood
panting and I clung on to him tightly until I recovered.
He bent his head and whispered in my ear.

“Was it like you imagined, Mark?”

“No way!” I gasped. “It was ten times better than that!”

He face broke into a broad grin and he slapped my butt

“Guess so. I’ll see to your new girlfriend here, then
we’d better go clean up.”

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Extreme Stories

For the first time he started pressing my tits… Then turned on to my side and took one of my tits outside the blouse byforce..i was teying to stop him but this turned me soon as he took it out ,he sucked it heavily,and my full erect nipple. I …

Extreme Stories
A story about a married lady and her desires for K9s and a horse

My name is Sara and I live out of town on a small farm. There is just my husband and I, along with a young black man who works in the stable areas. I am a little on the heavy side at 220 pounds but am big boned. Despite my …

Extreme Stories
A young lady and the neighbor’s dog

To begin with, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a middle aged lady who has a strong sex drive. I am married and my husband gives me plenty of cock, but I still crave more. I am overweight and shy when it comes to finding a …