Punish Me

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Night after night of guilt and sadness had brought her to this place of desperation. The need to be punished by him was so strong. Not by anyone else, but by him. There was something in him that she craved; like she’d known him forever. Her ability to be completely open to her desires, and the level of his desires that she so easily understood, and connected with. Yet, at the same time he was a stranger to her. She wanted to feel every part of him, inside and out. She wanted more than he could ever give her, and she knew that, so she tried to fight her feelings. Her moral obligations kept her grounded, and she fought the thought of him daily. Sometimes she even got angry at him for even meeting her at all. It was so beautiful, yet so cruel.

She can never have him. He had an effect on her like no other. When he spoke, she wanted to obey his every command. When he wanted her, she desperately wanted to be right there with him, pleasing his every need and when she hurt him, or herself, she wanted every ounce of his painful, yet healing correction. She wanted all of him. She wanted to feel his hurt, his anger, his frustrations, his aggressions, and his happiness all over her.

She grabbed her paddle and walked out of her door as he demanded. She was nervous, and wanted to turn back, like she had done before. She fought her nerves as she drove and thought about him and what was about to happen. As he opened the door she gave him a nervous smile and giggled. She always felt so nervous with him, yet so happy. He gently grabbed her and pulled her into him. Softly kissing her as if to say ‘I’ve missed you’, he pulled back but she pulled herself closer to him. Kissing him was so passionate. He slowly slid his hand up around her throat as he kissed her more aggressively. Biting her lips and listening to her moan in pain, pleasure and submission. His desire towards her makes him angry; he can never completely have her.

‘Do you know why you’re here’ he asks, with a hint of anger, passion and aggression in his voice. ‘Yes, Sir” You’re going to make me yours once and for all’. ‘Good girl’ he says. He spins her around and instructs her to stand in the corner. He pulls her dress up and stares at her for a minute, taking in every inch of her submission. ‘I don’t want to see your hurt yourself with drugs or alcohol anymore and I do not like the way that you speak to me. Your attitude and behavior needs some serious work and I care about you enough to punish you, do you understand?’ ‘Yes Sir, I’m sorry, and I do understand’ she answers.

She listens as he grabs his belt. The sound of the medal buckle jingling sends nervous butterflies all through her body. As he lays her out across the couch and lifts her dress so she is exposed he thinks about what he is about to do. He’s been waiting for this moment; The moment he takes control of her, The moment he becomes her master, The moment he owns her. He cannot be easy on her. She needs this and so does he.

‘This is going to hurt, and I am not going to be easy on you. If you move out of place, your punishment will be beyond what you could ever imagine, and I will tie you down if I have to’. She was shocked at the aggression and seriousness in his voice, but she needed this, so she lay there with her bottom exposed, waiting for the first strike to land. He raised the belt in the air and brought it down hard and loved the sound it made as it hit her skin. Her painful moans, the welt that was now forming, he craved this moment and it was more than he could take. All of his anger and frustration surfaced as he became wildly turned on. He wanted to take her right then and there, but needed to finish so he knew that she would be his. He brought the belt down over and over and her bottom and thighs were now a fiery red and welts formed all over. It wasn’t over yet. She needed to cry.

He picked up the paddle that she had brought and instructed her to lie across his lap. He took a moment to look her over. She deserved this. The paddle was thick and he knew she had never felt anything like it before. He held her arm behind her back and firmly held her in place as he struck her with the paddle very quickly five times. She tried to fight him. The pain was unimaginable and she didn’t think she could take anymore. ‘We’re almost done, but you haven’t learned your lesson yet’. Her breathing was heavy as she resolved herself to stay over his lap. The paddle came down quickly over and over again as she screamed. He could hear the desperation in her voice as the bruises formed, she was almost there. He did not hold back when he started with the paddle on her again and when she begged him to stop, he didn’t.

Tears formed in her eyes as she began to sob uncontrollably. The hurt, the guilt, the pain, it was all being released now and she felt herself become his. He continued until he felt her go limp and her crying became quieter. He was filled with guilt, rage and anger and he needed a release. He needed to be angry. He held her by her hair face down as he roughly spread her legs open and felt her wetness. He forced his cock into her as he fucked her as hard as he could all while telling her that she would be a good girl and respect him from now on. The pain, pleasure and obedience in her voice sent him over the edge as he shot his cum inside of her as deep as he could.

He loved her submission and obedience. They sat there in silence as they both recovered. He caressed her as he passionately kissed her again. Words could not describe what they both just experienced, it was surreal. She smiled at him and giggled, and he could see a glimmer of the beautiful happy woman she used to be. He smiled back and she could see a glimpse of him that she desperately wanted to know……’maybe someday’ she whispered to herself as she walked away.

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