Sharing Boyfriend With Mom


Mandy began dating Josh after they fucked Mandy’s mother Jeanie and Jimmy broke up and it was back to just Jeanie and Mandy at home.
Jeanie liked Josh she thought he was a respectful guy and knew how to treat her daughter so she was all for Mandy and Josh dating Josh was at Mandy’s house all the time .
Of course Jeanie had no idea what her daughter and Josh were doing sexually. Mandy and Josh had been doing lots of things alot of fucking and sucking they began to experiment with anal sex one night Jeanie was working nights and Mandy and Josh were at the house alone Josh had Mandy bent over the bed eating Mandy’s pussy and liking her ass and fingering her pussy anf her tight ass Mandy had been thinking about what anal sex might feel like and decided tonight was joshs lucky night while Josh was eating her as she moaned back and said i want u to fuck my ass joshs cock twitched at yhe sound of that and was all for it Mandy turnred around and sucked Josh cock and grabbed some lube and lubed up his cock then had had Josh liube up her tight ass then Mandy said Josh do it try to fuck my tight ass Josh guided his cock in to Mandy’s ass slowly and started to janet it in and out slowly it got really hot and it began to feel amazing to Mandy she was moaning with pleasure and then she had a crazy awesome orgasm Josh kept fucking her ass mandy was moaning with pleasure.
Meanwhile Jeanie got out of work early and was headed home when she arrived home she could hear her daughter’s moaning in pleasure and knew exactly what was going on so she snuck up the stairs and looked in the cracked door to her daughter’s room and could see Josh pounding her daughter from behind at 1st she was furious but stood there watching long enough to see Mandy stop his fucking turn around and go down on his cock Jeanie’s pussy was soaking wet and was not wanting sex badly so she walked in on them Josh scrambled to cover himself while Mandy eas yelling mom what r u doing home and why r u in my room Jeanie looked at josh and said get over here did i tell u guys to stop Mandy looked at her mom with a puzzled look mandy did I tell to stop sucking joshs cock Mandy said no mom but no but Mandy don’t let me stop u from sucking that big cock wow Josh i would never had imagined that you’re cock was that big.
Mandy grabbed joshs cock and continued to suck it right there in front of her mother .
Jeanie decided that she was going to join her daughter in sucking this big cock and laid on the bed beside her daughter mom what r u doing ? Shut up Mandy anf suck it said Jeanie and began to suck joshs balls. Josh couldn’t hold out any more and came buckets into Mandy’s throat Jeanie said font swallow all that Mandy you better share with you’re mother Josh watched in awe as mom and daughter swapped his cum after that night Josh was now fucking Jeanie and Mandy on a daily basis.

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