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Cumming Clean

Niki is adding kohl to her baby-doll blue eyes and pouting into the mirror when her red, lip-sticked mouth falls open and she says, “Oh shit! Sasvari, I’ve fucked up.” “What is it?” you ask. “As you can see, I’m escorting tonight. But I’m supposed to be here in the …

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I love my fat slut wife

I, like many men(most men actually), have a fetish for fat chicks. Chubby matures, especially mature latina bbw’s, just have that extra something that totally does it for me. The jiggling and wiggling is a major turn on. Big girls can take a pounding like no other and give the …

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Diary of a Fat wife

So, this is going to sound really strange, but I think my husband is trying to make me gain weight. At first I didn’t notice, I just thought Jack was being sweet and considerate. At first it was just a bowl of M&M’s on the coffee table. He knows that …

XxX stories

Old woman sex oral and more

A next door neighbor from my teen years calls for help. For Oral and more. Plumbing and sex. Eating pussy, rimming ass and eating cream pie. A neighbor from my teen years moved to a new home. She is now in her eighties. She said since she moved to her …

XxX stories

Backyard Bbw

Linda carefully hung the sheets and clothes on the backyard line to dry. Of course she had a clothes dryer but it couldn’t match the fresh smell the summer breeze imparted to the clothes. Besides, hanging the laundry in her backyard was a pleasant, leisurely activity that she enjoyed on …


Old fat mother in law

Me and my mother inlaw could not stand each other,the first time I meet my future mother-inlaw, (joy) I thought see was a nasty fat bitch, me an her daughter got married a year later her is tammie, me an tammie had a daughter 2 years later an a son …

Mixed sex stories
Mixed sex stories