Wife and I have swinging adventure on a cruise

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Angela and I arrive at the pier about 11 am; she has
slept all the way down from Dallas, which is where we
live. We had planed this cruise 8 months ago and were
very excited to finally be getting on the ship! It’s
only a 4 day cruise, but that’s enough time to unwind
and play a little. In a way of explanation let me tell
you about my wife and I.

We have been married 17 years have 2 children and she
is still one of the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful
ladies you will ever see. She is tall, 5’9, 150lbs,
very nice 36d breast, long legs as you might expect,
wears size 10 clothing and always keeps her fat pussy
shaved. Her nipples are rather large � inch long when
hard. I’m a regular size guy 6′, 175 Angela says I have
a nice ass and she loves my rather fat cock, it’s about
61/2 long and about the diameter of a man wrist.

My wife is not a slut! She is my slut; she will do
anything or anyone I ask her to do. She is bisexual and
loves to please me. I love her with all my heart and
she knows it.

We get to our cabin, Angela wants to shower and clean
up before we go up for lunch. This is when I find out
what kind of a trip we are in for. I come out of the
shower and she has on a new swim suit that I had never
seen before. Its two piece showing a little tummy but
very low cut in the front, you could see everything but
her nipples. With her nice large breast, that’s a lot
of cleavage! She believes that if you got it flaunt it.

I love to watch her when she walks into a room and all
the men and some of the ladies watch her. She would
reach over the buffet to get something just so everyone
that wanted could see down her top. Needless to say
there were many stairs and more than one fellow got an
elbow in the ribs from his lady. I saw a few bulges in
some shorts; she loves it when she makes a man hard,
which she does often.
After the Abandon Ship drill we were underway. We had
the late dinner seating at a table for eight. There
were four couples including us. Ron and Jenny, it was
there first cruise, a fifth anniversary. He was tall
and slender, she was short, kind of chunky but had very
large breast.

Bob and Lisa, they were a thirty something couple, he
was about 6’200 with broad shoulders, looked like he
worked out often, she was petite maybe 5’4 about a size
4, small everything. Sam and Jo were a late forties
couple, he had graying hair, 6’190 very fit fellow. She
was 5’6, 160, about a size 12 I would guess. It was
there 25th wedding anniversary.

Everyone was dress casual as it is on the first night
of any cruise. Angela wore a pair of very short cut
jeans and low cut top, no bra, she as I said likes to
show off a bit. Jenny had on some shorts and her swim
suit top with a lot of cleavage showing, guess she is
proud of the large breast. Lisa had on what I call a
cover up, really not much to see. Jo had on some very
tight fitting Capri’s, her pussy lips were visible, and
a tight v-neck shirt, with bra, her nipples were still
visible, I think she liked what she saw in Angela.

After a nice dinner we ask the couples if they would
like to meet us in the lounge for drinks at 11. Sam and
Jo were the only takers. Angela and I went up to our
room to change, or luggage had arrived. She slipped
into one of her short party skirts and a black fishnet
blouse with matching bra. She always wears thong
panties, they were black as well.

When we got there Sam and Jo were on there second
drink, said there luggage had not arrived yet so they
started without us. After thirty minutes at the bar we
moved to a corner booth, the kind everyone has to scoot
into. Sam and I on the out side and the girls in the
middle, by this time we had got to know about each
others family, jobs, hobbies and what we had in common.

The drinks were beginning to take there effect, I was
rubbing my wife’s leg and she would glance over at me
with a smile on her face. After a while I slid my hand
up her skirt and found out why she was smiling. Jo had,
I guess two fingers in her pussy and her thumb on her
clit. They were talking like nothing was going on.

I just went back to her leg and let the girls play. At
about one we said goodnight to them and went to our
room. I noticed Sam had a wet spot on the front of his
pants, as did Jo. I could not help but notice, for her
pants fit so tight. As they left the bar Sam was
licking Jo’s fingers.

When we got to our room Angela was all over me, Jo had
her so hot and she needed to cum. pulling down my
shorts she sucked me to a raging hard-on quickly.
Laying her on the bed I pulled her short to the side,
they were soaked; I dove into her swollen pussy. She
put her legs over my shoulders to give me full access,
she was dripping wet.

After cleaning up the mess Jo had made I sucked her
clit and started fingering her, first two fingers then
three and finally after a few minutes my whole fist.
This sent her over the edge, bucking my fist and
squeezing her legs together she came until she almost
passed out.

Giving her a few minutes to get her breath, then she
was ready for her big fat cock! She likes it from
behind the best, turning her around I slid easily into
her, grabbing her by the hair I started pounding her
pussy, as I told her what a slut she was for letting a
perfect strange finger her. Continuing to tell her how
nasty she was and what that lady really wanted to do to
her, she was getting close again.

Then I told her she would have to eat JO while her
husband watched, that sent her over the edge. I’m sure
if anyone was up in any of the adjoining cabins, they
heard her cum. She cums so hard sometimes her spasms
push my cock out of her.

After she came down from her high I entered her pussy
again this time fucking her harder than before and
continuing to tell her what a slut she is and how she
will fuck other men and eat or be eat by there wives.
She always agrees with me and begins to describe what
she will do and this sends me over the edge as I begin
to unload in her pussy, first one squirt then another
then, then semen just pours out of me into her. We both
fall forward on the bed and fall fast asleep with my
cock still in her.

Up about ten we took our showers and off to get a bite
to eat. Angela had her new swim suit on again with a
cover up. After lunch we headed to the topless deck on
the ship to catch some rays. Usually there are more
guys up there than girls, imagine that, but my wife
doesn’t care, she knows she has nice tits and is not
ashamed of them.

To our surprise the young couple Ron and Jenny were
there lying out, I was right about her large tits, her
areolas were the size of a silver dollar. Her nipples
weren’t very big though, as I said she was a bit chunky
but not flabby. I noticed Ron liked what he saw when my
wife dropped her top, that boy was hung, that’s how I
know he liked what he saw. If his swim suit had been
any shorter he would have been sticking out of it.

His wife noticed also and gave him one of those
questioning looks, she then told Angela how nice her
legs were, which they are. My wife as I said is tall
with long legs, like a 34″ inseam, she keeps them
shaved and tan, she is very proud of her legs. I
noticed several guys had migrated to our side of the
deck to check out her and Jo, saw quite a few bulges in
swim trunks. After applying suntan lotion we drifted of
to sleep, good thing we use SPF 30 or we would have
been fried.

When I woke up Sam was applying more lotion to my
wife’s back and was sporting a hard-on, which she
ignored, but his wife didn’t. She told him she would
take care of it right there if he wanted, that got
everyone’s attention, with that she reached up his
pants leg and pull his cock out. She began to stroke
him and he just kept growing, I was right, that boy was
hung. He must have been close to eight inches long and
about two in diameter Angela was watching all this with
interest, her suit in the crotch was getting a little
wet and her breathing had risen.

Jo took her man in her mouth and stroked him as she
sucked, she could only get about half of his cock in
her mouth, but he was enjoying it. She would jack him
as she looked into his eyes, asking him if he would
like to fuck my wife. He answered her with jets of cum
on her face and hand, which she lapped up eagerly.
Looking at my wife she said, I see you liked what you
saw, as she pointed to the wet spot on her bottoms, and
then she laid back down and closed her eyes and
continued sunning. Ron put himself away and lay next
to her with an obvious smile of satisfaction.

That night was formal night, where everyone dresses up
in the tuxedos and evening gowns, I had on my tuxedo
and Angela looked gorgeous in her black evening gown.
Only two other couples came to dinner, Bob and Lisa
were missing. Some people just don’t care for all the
dress and would rather just hang out in the lounges in

We had a great dinner, lobster and prime rib, I was
stuffed. Sam and Jo invited everybody back to there
room for after dinner drinks, all accepted there offer
and agreed to meet in there cabin at about 11. We all
wanted to get out of our stuffy clothes, so off to our
room we went. When we got to our room Angela went to
take another shower to freshen up she said, I ask her
if she thought someone might be checking her freshness
down there, you never know she said with a naughty

She recommended that I do the same, suggesting that
someone might want to check my freshness as well. She
and I keep ourselves shaved at all times in the private
areas, she put on her short plaid skirt and a white
top, I could see her nipples through it, even though
she had on a bra. I think she was ready to play
tonight, after all the teasing of the last 24 hours, Jo
fingering her in the lounge last night and watching
Jenny jack Ron off on her face.

They had one of the largest cabins on the ship, a
balcony and everything. The drinks were pasted out and
the chatting began, we three guys were out on the
balcony talking football and the girl inside chatting
about who knows what. Sam went to get us all another
drink, when he returned he had a big smile on his face,
we ask him what, he nodded for us to look inside.

Jenny had her face buried in my wife’s pussy, while Jo
had pulled Jenny’s panties down and had three fingers
pistoning in and out of her pussy. Angela had Jenny by
the back of her head pulling her harder into her pussy,
all the while with her eyes closed, telling her “that’s
it bitch, eat that pussy and make me cum.”

My wife usually does not ever talk that way unless she
is very excited. Jenny didn’t seem to mind as she
sucked on her clit while fingering fucking her pussy.
Jo had four fingers in Jenny’s pussy and her thumb in
her ass, slowly fucking both. Jenny began to cum with
her mouth covering my wife’s pussy she let out a big
moan and fell forward on her tummy, trying to catch her

At that time, is the first that the girls even realized
we were in the room. They all looked at us like some
school girls getting caught with there panties down.
They jumped up pulled down there skirts and took turns
going to the bathroom to clean up. Angela nuzzled up to
me and said “told you I might need to be clean”. She
then let me know that she was horny as hell and had not
cum yet. Which was no surprise to me because it is very
hard to get her off orally; I know I have tried many
times and succeeded few.

Sam asked the girls what the were doing and Jenny said
she was telling Jo about what happened this afternoon
on the deck and how nice Angela’s legs were and her wet
spot, so one thing lead to another as she told how her
husband came when she ask her husband if he would like
to fuck my wife. She then related how she thought that
Angela was hot to and would like to see that wet spot
for herself, with which Angela grabbed her by the back
of her head and pulling her panties aside stuck her
face right in that wet spot.

Jo looked up at Sam and explained that she didn’t want
to be left out, so with Jenny’s ass up in the air, she
pulled her panties down and finding her very wet first
stuck her tongue inside her then one finger at a time
till she had all four fingers in her, then tonguing her
ass, stuck her thumb in her also.

With that Angela went over to Jenny pushed her down on
the bed and told her she would like to taste her pussy,
with that Jen started unbuttoning her shirt as my wife
reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off, she
then dropped to the floor and covered her pussy with
her mouth, I could see her tongue darting in and out of
her and her suck her clit into her mouth.

Ron went over to his wife and finished taking her top
off and releasing her tits, he then turned to me asking
if he could fuck my wife, I told him as long as it was
ok with her I was ok with me. Jo then took him to one
side and started sucking his large cock, he then
stepped behind my wife and started to rub his cock on
her ass, she pushed her ass back at him letting him
know she want to be fucked. I saw his big cock
disappear into her in one motion.

Jenny reached up and was rubbing my cock through my
short getting me nice and hard, for those of you who
have read our other exploits you know that my cock is
very fat and fills a lady up. As Angela was eating
Jenny’s pussy her husband was fucking hers and she was
sucking my cock, she could only get about half of it in
her mouth but it felt good. She said she wanted to
watch her husband fuck my wife, so she turned around on
the bed, now she could watch her husband fuck and suck
Angela’s clit at the same time.

Angela took my cock and led me into Jenny’s pussy as
she sucked her pussy she could also lick my cock as it
piston in and out of her. JO and Sam were feasting on
Jenny’s large tits as we fucked, Sam offered Angela his
cock to suck on, which she eagerly took, as I reached
around Jo and fingered her pussy to a quick orgasm.

Ron told my wife he was going to cum, asking if he
could fill her up, she reached under him and grabbed
his nuts, squeezing them and holding him in her. He
gave out a loud groan and emptied the contents of his
balls into her. She held him in her for a moment,
looking up at me as to say fill her up, at which point
I groaned as well and emptied into Jenny.

Angela told Jenny she had a special delivery for her,
with that she let Ron’s cock fall out of her as she set
her pussy on Jenny’s mouth. She then took my cock out
of Jenny, sucking it clean, diving straight into her
pussy to suck all my cum out of Jenny. She then ask her
get on top of her so all the cum would run out into her
mouth and she could have her on special delivery.

After Angela had her completely clean Sam began rubbing
his cock on Jenny’s pussy as his wife to my wife’s
place under her. Ron had recovered and was rubbing his
big cock on Jo’s pussy, teasing her, as she begged him
to fuck her. He slid easily into her as Jenny sucked on
her clit, watching her take all of her husbands cock.

Sam didn’t last long, I watched as his balls pulsated
as he emptied him load into Jenny. As his cock began to
shrink and popped out of her his wife took him her
mouth and cleaned him up. Then Jenny sat up on her
face, letting all of Sam’s cum run into his wife’s
mouth. Watching his wife sit on Jo’s face and pulling
on her big tits sent Ron over the edge, he pulled him
cock out of her, stroked it a few times, squirting
ropes of cum all over Jo tummy. Angela slid over and
began licking his cum up, holding it in her mouth for
all to see, and then she swallowed it all.

We all went to out cabins completely spent, tomorrow if
our day in port and we all had lots of shopping to do.
Angela and I were up at 8 for breakfast and on our way
shopping. We had a great time and drank quiet a few
margaritas. We got back to the ship around 3 and headed
up to the topless deck to catch some rays. There
weren’t many people up there; most of them were still
on shore.

We were surprised to see Bob and Lisa up there, we
hadn’t seen them since the first night, Bob as I
guessed was ripped and Lisa was very petite, small
lemon size breast. Bob had on a Speedo, something most
men can’t wear and look good, he looked good; at least
that is what Angela said.

I could not help notice a rather large bulge in his
Speedo, she didn’t miss it either. We spoke and settled
down to sunning, it was not long after she took of her
top that I noticed several single guys begin to lay out
in our area. I don’t mind that, as matter a fact I kind
of like it, so does Angela, says it shows she is still

I could have told her that but she likes to get more
than one opinion, from the looks of the tents in there
shorts, she must be very sexy. We returned to our room,
took or showers and then I laid her down on the bed and
tried to see how far my tongue would go inside her
pussy. With her legs over my shoulders I licked, sucked
and fingered her for thirty minutes, as I said she
doesn’t usually cum but we both loved it.

We got ready for dinner and headed up to the dining
room. All couples were in attendance, we all had a
great time in Mexico, and we all were very tired as
well. Angela and I decided to turn in early, we
declined any after dinner drinks, we knew what would
happen and we were too tired.

Angela woke me up sucking on my cock, a very nice way
to wake up; I grabbed a hand full off hair and pumped
her head up and down on my cock till she had taken
every inch down her throat. I can see her throat swell
when she hits bottom, she really likes me controlling
her this way. I also tell her what a slut she is and
how many guys and girls are going to have her at my
discretion, she agrees with me, telling me she is my
slut and my whore, to use.

Our talk gets us both very excited and soon she is
dripping and must be fucked. She rides my cocks till
her thighs give out, then we flip over and I put her
legs on my shoulders pounding away at her hot pussy as
she rubs her clit to several orgasms.

Turning her around and on her knees I begin to rub my
cock on her little butt hole, she says no, I know she
wants and slid the head in, taking it very slow as to
not hurt her, it takes about five minutes to get my
balls slapping he clit. I ride her ass as she rubs her
clit to her final orgasm, from which she collapses to
the bed on her tummy, pulling my cock out of her ass. I
move up to her pretty face and jack off for her,
squirting my load in ropes of cum all over her face and
in her hair, as she squeezes and milks my balls.

We spend the last day at sea swimming and laying out,
by now we are beginning to get a little color and her
tits are really looking great, don’t know what it is
about tanned tits but they are very sexy. We have
dinner with the gang for the last time and head up to
the lounge for our farewell evening.

After several drinks we all get to dancing, if you want
to call it that, we are really feeling up each others
wives. Sam and Jo invite us all up to there large sweet
with the balcony, This time Bob and Lisa have joined
us, I soon discover that they both want a go at my hot
as hell wife, she just want to check out Bob’s bulge.
Lisa was setting next to Angela while we were talking,
rubbing her leg, commenting on how nice and soft they
are, she rubbed higher and higher till her hand was
disappearing under her skirt.

I noticed some of the other couples were beginning to
pair off; Ron and Jo were hard at it, she trying so
take his very large cock down her throat and Sam wanted
some more of Jenny, he was taking turns sucking first
one big tit then the other all the while fingering her
pussy. I could here sloshing sound coming from her
pussy; she was hot and ready to fuck. Jo was still
sucking Ron while in a 69 position, his head buried in
her pussy.

Lisa pulled her fingers from under my wife’s dress and
they glistened with pussy juice, sucking the juice from
them, she dropped to her knees spreading Angela’s legs
apart, asking her to raise up so she could remover her
panties, which she happily did. Her husband, Bob, took
the panties rubbing them all over his mouth and nose;
soon he had his cock out rubbing them on his face as he
stroked himself.

Apparently Lisa really knows how to eat pussy because
in a few minutes she had my wife rubbing the back of
her head telling her not to stop. Then Angela did
something rather unusual, she began to cum in the
girl’s mouth, sometimes my wife squirts a little and
this was one of those times, I could see her cum
running down Lisa face.

After she recovered from her orgasm she was ready for
some cock, which Bob was happy to supply, she sucked
him for a few minutes then getting on the bed on her
knees, at Lisa request, he entered her in one stroke,
to the balls. His wife crawled under her and continued
her lapping of her clit and her husbands cock and balls
as he fucked her like it was the best pussy he had ever
had, probably was!

Feeling a little left out I unzipped and offered my
lovely bride my cock, which she gladly sucked and
stroked until she was about to cum, I can tell because
she forgets about everything and castrates on her
impending orgasm. She came so hard that she pushed his
cock out; he quickly reinserted it in her and continued
his assault on her lovely ass.

In a few more minutes he was ready to cum and grabbing
her by the hips held her tight as his semen was pumped
deep inside her lovely pussy, soon he began to wilt.
When his cock feel out, his wife was there to clean him
up with her mouth, then grabbing Angela by the hips she
pulled her pussy to her mouth as she set up, letting
her retrieve all of her husbands seed.

I stood over Lisa watching my beautiful contented wife,
having been eat and fucked to multiple orgasms, setting
up feeding her husbands cum to his wife and enjoying
the licking her pussy was getting. She slowly squeezed
and pulled on her nipples as I stroked my self, she
would ask me, “You like what you see? You like your
little slut wife? You like watching me fuck another man
don’t you? You like me letting a girl eat your pussy?
Come on shot it for me!”

At which point I sprayed my load all over Lisa tummy
and tits. Angela just bent down and started licking up
my cum offering, till she sucked the last off of her
nipples. By now the other couples were spent as well
and we all went to our cabin, knowing that tomorrow we
would return to the real world.

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