Woman, Husband, and Lover

Cuckold sex stories

“You’re getting emotional because I’m pregnant by him again,
aren’t you Stan darling?”
“T-That too. B-But Sheila, c-can you imagine … h-he asked
me to suck h-his c-cock for him. Can you believe the nerve of
“Why that’s so sexy honey. Yes … yes. It’d be so exotic
for me knowing you were sucking his dick, especially after he’s
impregnated me three times now. Oh yes darling. You must suck
the dick that’s given us two beautiful children and has blessed us
with a third on the way. It sound so incredibly sexy to know you
were his cocksucker in addition to me being his incubator.”
“Y-You can’t be serious.”
“You must dear. Besides being exotic and giving me such a
thrill of knowing you’d be doing such a thing for him, I just know
it will bring all three of us closer than ever.”
Her husband let her know he just couldn’t bring himself to be
a cocksucker for her lover.
“Honey, he has adapted rather well to the arrangement we
have. At one time so were you, but lately, you’ve been becoming
irritable and somewhat unreasonable. This would be an excellent
way of you showing he and I that you still want to be part of the
“I-I have been trying to adjust dear, b-but it just gets to
me once in a while. After all, he gets first priority on
everything. Including you. Whenever he come over here, he lives
like a king … a-and I have to serve him like a serf. I work a
second job just to pay him that silly stud fee he wants for
getting you pregnant.”
“By the way, have you paid off our first born yet darling?”
“I just made the last payment today.”
“Good! It only took you three years. Now you can start on
the fee for the second baby. He told me he was going to charge
less since it was a girl.”
“Yeah, he told me, but he’s cranking in inflation, so it’s
higher than the first. And with this third one, I don’t know how
long it’s going to take for me to pay him off. I’ll be in debt
forever. I don’t know why you have to go along with him wanting
you off the pill for three months each year.”
“You knew up front that he wanted me to have a child from
“I-I know, b-but I-I was thinking just one. I-I didn’t
realize it would be an annual event. Besides, I hate it that he
has you cut me off for the whole three months or until you get
pregnant. It really bothered me that for the first three months
of our marriage all I did was suck up after him and jerk off. He
could at least let me use a condom like I suggested.”
“Honey, now you know he was worried about it bursting.”
“That was just an excuse to further berate and humiliate me.”
“Now, now darling. He didn’t want to humiliate you. He just
wanted to be sure I was having his baby, not yours. As I’ve told
you before, it’ll all work out. Is it the money that’s been
bothering you?”
“Well yes, but also that I-I’ve had to jack off the last 3
months … a-and that the only time I-I get some pussy from you is
when you want me to suck you out … a-and then that’s only after
he’s had his fill of you.”
“I didn’t want to bring it up, but if you’d done a little
better job, I wouldn’t be pregnant now would I?”
“I-I knew you were going to bring that up. He tells me I have
a sporting chance of stopping you from getting knocked up, b-but
y-you know h-he’s s-so virile a-and shoots s-so deep … I-I can’t
get all his s-stuff out in time. M-My tongue is just not long
enough … I-I always suck a-as hard as I can … You know that.”
“I know you do the best you can honey. And you know I adore
the fine manner in which you treat my bruised cunt with your
licking and lapping after he’s ravished me and filled me with his
abundant gooey juices. I really like the sound of you slurping up
his thick rich stuff too. But the fact is, he’s the better man and
we all know that, right?”
“Y-yes … y-you’re right.”
“Just like in the army, generals get better privileges than a
buck private. If we look at this unemotionally, the better man
should get better privileges than the lesser man. Right?”
Her husband hung and shook his head simultaneously to
acknowledge she was correct.
“Now then, honey, it’s the best for our marriage if you
occasionally get a reality check and the reality is that, if I had
to choose, I’d go with him. Of course I’d take the kids. Even
though you aren’t the father, you know how attached you are to
them. You’re such a great daddy to them. He’s the first to admit
that. But I’d go with him if I had to choose. I need his big
dick. Your sucking is excellent, but like you know I need much
more than that. Darling, I really don’t want to choose, because I
do love you, but I need him. Please don’t force me to make a
decision. Do you want me to?”
“N-No… I-I guess not.”
“Good, then lets not talk about such a silly thing again.”
His lovely blond wife said as she opened her arms and enclosed
them around her teary eyed husband
They embraced passionately. The kiss was wet juicy and
“So dear, you will suck his dick, won’t you? Do it for me.
Don’t think about doing it for him. You know, to show that you
are dedicated to making the arrangement work.”
Stan wanted to say no to his wife, but he knew what she wanted to
“I-I’ll do what’s in the best interest of our marriage and
the family.”
“Wonderful honey, I knew you’d be the devoted loving husband
I knew you to be. It’s difficult making a marriage work, but we
have a good thing here. You two love me, each in your own way,
and I love you both. We three need each other darling.”
Stan said nothing.

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