My Wife, My Slut

Angela and I had been planning our camping trip for months. We had saved our money so we could get all new camping gear, tent, cook stove, back packs, etc. The truck was loaded, the kids off to grandmas. Let me tell you a little about Angela my wife, she is a mother of two girls and still has a great figure.

She is 5`10 155 wears size 38 d bras. Her nipples are very large, like erasers. She and I are hard working average folks, she is a designer and I have a painting company. She is a beautiful faithful wife and good mother. With all that being said I must tell you that when it comes to sex she says she is my slut! Let me explain, she doesn't mess around with anyone else but she will suck or fuck any man that I ask her to. She will eat a woman's pussy or let a woman eat hers! She loves to watch me eat and fuck other women. That is why I say she is my slut not a slut.

My Wife Sheila

I had often fantasized about seeing my beautiful wife take on another guy, but that's all it was just a fantasy. That is until last month. Sheila is a gorgeous brunette, 5' 6" tall with long gorgeous legs, and the most beautiful set of breasts a guy could imagine. Even after two kids, aerobics kept her hot looking as ever. She loves all forms of sex and is quite an expert at sucking cock. She told me it came from her younger days when she would suck off her dates so they wouldn't get her pregnant. I'm thankful for her oral talents.

My Wife's Journey Into Lesbianism

Believe it or not, this is a true story, some of it told from my recollections and some from my wife's. First let me say, I am a truly blessed man, my wife would rather fuck than eat and she is sexually submissive.

It took me four months to get in to her pants, but since that time, she will fuck anytime, anywhere or any place and our best I think, was in a department store fur coat section. The first time we watched porn together, one of the tapes was a lesbian tape and it didn't take long after that for her to tell me to get another lesbo tape, to which she fucked my brains out watching.

I also used to tell her fuck stories and her favorite was where she moved into an apartment where a lesbian lived right across the hall and the lesbian wound up making my wife her sex slave. Of course she had a huge fantasy fuck involving one or more lesbians and I could always get her off real fast using this fantasy.

After a bit, I noticed she was always checking out the female talent we came across and I kept trying to push her into talking to one of them, because I would love to do a threesome and she wanted to try it but was a little scared of the idea. This went on for a couple of years, I really wanted to do a threesome and watch her eat pussy, so I took her to a lesbian night club, but nothing happened, much to my disappointment.

My birthday rolled around, and when she asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, so I told her I wanted to try a lesbo club again, hoping against hope, she might get interested.

Well to my surprise, she agreed to go, even asking me what she should do if she sees somebody that lights her fire and when I told her I would tell her everything to do, she seemed to be happy to go. We were in the place for about a half hour, when I noticed her eyes kind of light up and I knew she saw a woman that appealed to her.

I followed her eyes and was floored by who she was staring at. I expected it to be a really good looking lady with pretty big tits, judging by how she reacted to the porno films. It was a woman with short, jet black hair, small tits and sporting about twenty pounds too much, dressed more like a man then a women. I asked her if she would like to jump the black haired girls bones and she shook her head yes.

I thought, what the hell, it's her show, so I told her to go ask the lady to dance. She looked at me like I was nuts, and said, "You know I can't do that, I would die of embarrassment if she said no."

So I told her I was going to ask for her. She didn't say a word, just sat there, as I went over to ask the lady to dance with my wife and when I showed the lady my wife, she seemed like she wanted to run over to her. I gave her a few pointers first though, about what my wife liked, being kissed on the neck, being talked dirty to, telling her how sexy she is and touching her, she loved to be touched.

The lesbo told me her name was Luann and asked me if I was trying to give my wife away, so when I told her this was a fantasy of hers, she said she would be more then happy to make it come true. From this point on, I'm typing what my wife is relating to me on her feelings and what happened.

Luann came over to my wife, introduced herself, led her out to the dance floor, where they were playing an old time jitterbug, which they danced to. The next song was a slow one, my wife says Luann pulled her into her arms, tight against her body and told my wife how hot she was and that she was making Luann's cunt jump.

My wife said her pussy flooded with Luann talking to her like that and also sticking her tongue in my wife's ear, all the time rubbing my wife's ass. My wife said she just reacted, by pushing her pussy into Luann's pussy and when she did that, Luann kissed her. She said Luann had the most incredibly soft lips she ever felt or tasted and when Luann stuck her tongue in my wife's mouth, my wife's pussy erupted, shooting out cum like a fire hose.

Now my wife just about always squirts when she cums and she said this one was huge, soaking the front of the summer dress she was wearing, because I made her go out without panties, it also was running down her legs. My wife said it also soaked the front of Luann's slacks, there was so much and Luann told her she had to have the hottest pussy in the world. She said Luann took her by the hand, leading her to the ladies room, while telling my wife, not to be upset, that she, Luann would do a good job of cleaning her up.

My wife says that when they got into the ladies room, Luann pulled her into the handicap stall, locked the door, pulled my wife to her and gave her a French kiss that curled her toes. Then Luann told my wife as she was taking my wife's dress off, that she never smelled a pussy as sweet as my wife's before, and my wife said it made her weak in the knees, especially when Luann said, she wouldn't be a able to live if she couldn't taste my wife's sweet cunt.

By this time my wife's dress was off and she was standing there in just her bra, which Luann wasted no time in taking off, then took my wife in her arms again. Luann had one hand on my wife's tit, the other hand on her back, pulling my wife into her, all the time kissing my wife again. My wife said she was so hot, she thought her pussy was going to explode form the heat and pressure and she was moaning so loud, she was surprised that they weren't heard out in the club.

She said Luann then grabbed her pussy with one hand, still had hold of her tit with the other and told her that she was going to fuck my wife until she couldn't stand up and then she told my wife she was going to make my wife eat her pussy too, before she was done with her. My wife says that when Luann told her that she was going to make her eat her pussy, her legs got so weak, Luann had to hold her up by her pussy.

My wife said that when she got her legs back, Luann had two fingers buried in her cunt and proceeded to finger fuck her hot little pussy like a madwoman, making my wife shoot cum all over both of them, twice. Then Luann took her dress and underwear off, made my wife play with Luann's pussy and being this was the first pussy my wife had ever touched beside her own, when she put her finger inside Luann's pussy, she came again.

My wife just told me, that now thinking about it, she was so fucking hot, if Luann had taken her by the hand and walked her naked into the club, she would have gone willingly. My wife said that Luann then pulled my wife into her naked body, stuck her tongue down my wife's throat and my wife says that Luann's naked body felt so hot and so good on her naked body, she knew she was going to do whatever Luann said. My wife says that between Luann kissing her, while running her hands all over my wife's body, her legs started to buckle again.

My wife's says that Luann was holding her up by the ass then, was telling my wife how wonderful she was and that she needed to be a good girl now and kiss Luann's pussy for her. My wife says that she was definitely in the sub mode now, went right to her knees and sucked Luann's pussy, right into her mouth.

My wife said she was surprised at how good Luann's pussy tasted and she began eating Luann out with much gusto, making Luann holler, "God, eat it baby, eat it!" And then she came in my wife's mouth. My wife said that first taste of hot pussy juice was all she needed to make her a confirmed cunt lapper, a fact I'll attest to, as my wife now has a reputation as being a truly awesome cunt lapper.

My wife says that Luann slid to the floor after she came and my lovely bride made Luann cum in her mouth four more times, which is when Luann says she fell in lust with my wife. You would have thought they were finished by now, but they weren't, Luann sat on the commode, pulled my wife into her lap, stuck three fingers into my wife's pussy, stuck her tongue down my wife's throat and finger fucked my wife to three more orgasms.

When they finally figured I was out there still waiting for them, they threw their clothes on, sans any underwear, figured they would clean up back at our house and walked out into the club, to find me.

I asked them what the hell was going on, my wife kissed me and I tasted pussy on her lips, so I told her she didn't have to tell me, I already knew. We left the club, I drove as fast as possible to get to our house and by the time we had gone three blocks, both ladies were nude, locked in an embrace with their tongues working like mad.

We have an auto garage door opener, so I drove right into the garage, started to get out, saw Luann had three fingers in my wife's pussy and was trying to lick my wife's tonsil, but my dick was hard and needed relief. I yelled at them to get out, we were home and they slid out together without Luann's hand ever coming out of my wife's cunt. My wife couldn't wait until we got in the house though, she bent over, telling me to stick my dick in her, while telling Luann to eat her pussy while I fucked her.

We did just what she asked for, I was pumping her pussy for all I was worth, while Luann was sucking her clit like there was no tomorrow and my wife's kept saying, "Oh, fuck me, fuck me, eat my cunt bitch , fucking eat me". She tensed up, let out a scream while shooting out pussy juice all over Luann, her legs collapsed so that I had to hold her up while I continued to fuck her and Luann kept eating her.

She was now moaning and mumbling at the same time, screamed, "Fucking cumming, fucking cumming!" And flooded Luann's mouth again, while soaking my cock and balls.

This time her legs went completely so that I had my arms wrapped around her waist, holding her up and I shot the biggest load of my life into her boiling hot pussy. She screamed again, shot more cum out like a hose had been turned on and was mumbling, "God, so fucking good, so fucking good", over and over.

I got my legs back, saw my hot-cunted little wife still couldn't stand, so I threw her over my shoulder, left our clothes where they were, and we went into the house buck naked, right to the bedroom. I put her on the bed, she told Luann to get on the bed and spread her legs, which Luann was only to willing to do, and I watched in amazement, as my blushing bride stuck her tongue right in Luann's cunt hole.

She ate Luann like she had been doing it for years and when Luann started moaning real loud and squirming all over the bed, my wife's mouth looked like it was glued to Luann's cunt.

Luann hollered, "Yes baby, yes," then stiffened and I knew my wife had just received a mouthful of hot pussy juice, because my bride moaned too, as she sucked up Luann's cum. My wife didn't stop at making Luann cum just once, she ate that hot little pussy until she made Luann shoot pussy juice into her mouth four times.

It took Luann about two minutes to recover, then she rolled my wife onto her back and stuck her tongue into my wife's pussy and I figured this was the time for me to stick my dick in Luann's hot little cunt, but she was having none of it, so I wound up having my bride gave me a blow job while Luann sucked her little pussy dry.

After Luann finished with my wife, she looked up at me with a cum covered face and told me that she would eat out my wife while I fucked my wife, but she wasn't about to let me stick my dick in her cunt or even rub it against her.

I told my wife that she could fuck Luann one more time if she wanted, but then Luann had to go, because whoever my wife was going to eat, I was going to fuck or it wasn't happening. She ate Luann's pussy one more time while I fucked my bride in her sweet ass and then I drove Luann to her car and we said good by.

What we did get for memories though, were some really good pictures that I took of my wife eating Luann and Luann eating my wife and my wife really liked a close up I took of her eating Luann, you can see her tongue inside Luann's pussy.

When I got back to the house, I asked my wife if she enjoyed herself and she gave me an answer that I was expecting to hear, that she loved being a cunt lapping, pussy licking bitch and that she didn't expect pussy
to taste as good as it did. She asked me what I thought and I told her, it made me fucking hot as hell, watching her eat Luann's pussy but I would have really liked to fuck Luann while she ate my wife's hot little pussy out.

She said that she had an idea I might really like, since now she knew for sure she liked eating pussy, that we do our young neighbor from across the street. I told her if she could arrange it, I would be more then overjoyed to watch her eat the little hottie's pussy while I fucked her. It took my wife about a month to get into the hotties pants, after that, they fucked like minks every day, as my wife gave the hottie her first ever orgasm and the little cunt just couldn't get enough of my wife's tongue.

She also realized that when I was fucking her, while my bride was eating her, it was twice as good and as for me, I love fucking my wife, but the first time I slid my cock into the hotties' tight ass cunt, I was in total lust. Her little pussy was truly awesome, tight as the day she was born, always wet and ready to be fucked, so I told my wife she could have the little cunt any time she wanted.

Then the hotties' husband had to go out of town for a week and she moved right in with us for the week and I got to watch my wife eat that pussy in every room in the house, in the car on the way home from shopping and in the back yard at night. Of course I got to fuck her and my wife whenever I wanted, but the best part was yet to come. The hotties' husband was transferred out of state, so my wife was left without a hot pussy to eat.

She soon brought home, the librarian, the check out girl from the super market, the Doctors receptionist, the store manager from Victoria's Secret, and the counter girl from the local bakery, just to name a few. For me it was like mania from heaven, as I got to fuck all of them while my wife ate them, but lately the Victoria Secret manager has been here every night when I get home, naked in bed with my wife and their faces buried in each others pussy's.

I haven't minded a bit either, as I have been fucking them both in the ass and they both have really tight asses. Somehow I got the feeling that we are going to have a house guest real soon and I can't wait, because the manager gives the best blow job I ever had and she always swallows my cum.

To finish with a little aside, it amazes me how the two lady's can lay in bed and make out for a long time with just feeling each other up, or watching TV, holding each other's tits and kissing occasionally, without jumping each others bones. I usually get hard watching them and lucky for me, they both will suck me off when that happens.

My Wife Taken

I do like this newsgroup which I've followed for some time (Eli did such a good job, back in the day and ASSTR is upholding the tradition) and now I'm retired I've decided to write about something which happened years ago. A true story from the sixties when my wife and I were newly weds. Some of the details may not be correct because it happened so long ago and because both my wife and I were hypnotized.

My Wife, The Las Vegas Hooker

A few months ago while I was fucking my beautiful wife, when she suddenly begged me to talk dirty to her and call her a whore and slut. This was very out of character with my sweet, straight laced wife who never ever curses. She became very excited and the more dirty and slutty names the more she orgasmed!

I asked her about this when we finished making love and she said you had a very secret fantasy she wanted to share with me. She said since she had never had sex with another guy, other than me, that she fantasized about being a real hooker, just once. She said she would like to go to big city far from our home state and dress very slutty, and pick up a john to fuck and suck.

Well after recovering from the shock, I said well I'm going to Las Vegas next month on a business trip and invited her to come along. She became very excited and couldn't believe I agreed.

So we planned the trip and bought her some slutty clothes and lingerie and went to Vegas. We gambled at a couple of the major casinos and separated after entering each time. I watched her as she sat at the bar and she was approached by several men until she found this one guy she really liked. I went and hid the closet and she soon returned with the guy in tow.

She asked him for the money up front, and she said business you know! The guy handed her five hundred dollar bills and she laid the money on the night stand. She then undressed and the guy pushed my naked wife back on the bed. When the guy pulled his pants down and revealed about a seven and half inch cock, he was not circumcised and his dick was twice as thick as my 5- incher.

He said to my wife, "Since I'm the paying customer, how about you suck my dick to get me started?"

She didn't say a word, she just knelt beside him as he laid back on the bed, with her knees right beside his head. She then opened her mouth as wide as possible and glanced up at me in my hiding place, as she pressed her lips down over the head of his thick dick.

I watched as she examined the foreskin and how it slid up and down as she jacked and sucked his dick. She also fondled his big golf ball sized testicles and grabbed them both with her hand and separated his balls She did one of my favorite things and pulled one of his balls as high as possible up his dick where she held it, very close to his rod. Then she lowered her face and sucked about half his dick and mouthed and tongued his one ball at the same time.

He was really excited and started fucking her mouth and shot a big load in her mouth. She swallowed about half of it and then played with rest on her tongue as she looked to my hiding place. The image of a big sticky rope of cum stretching from his dick to her tongue, is a picture I'll never forget! It was so hot!

He lay there and recovered and while she jacked his dick until it was hard again. She then asked him... which way do you want to fuck me? He said we start with me on top and he crawled up her naked body and rubbed his dick up and down her pussy. He said you are really wet honey. My wife replied that sucking strange cock always made her pussy flow. He then put the head at he cunt and lurched forward and drove about three quarters of his dick up her pussy.

My wife let out a loud moan, asking him to take it easy. He didn't, he rammed her to the hilt! I could see his big balls tight against her ass cheeks and he said you have a very tight pussy for a hooker. My cute wife said well I do pussy exercises every morning and it keeps me tight.

Finally she put her legs around his waist and he started really fucking her hard and bouncing her off the bed with each slamming thrust. She was moaning and sighing and telling him what a big thick dick he had. She asked him to fuck her faster and her picked up the speed and could see her toes curling as she had a big orgasm.

He gave her a few more strokes and jammed is dick in as far as possible and he then came deep in her belly. When he pulled out his dick I saw a big glob of cum roll out of her pussy. He then asked if he could fuck her in the ass and she agreed for $300 more! She'd always told me that her ass was off limits!

After a few minutes the stranger was ready to go again! My wife bunched up two pillows under her lower torso and laid down face first. Her customer greased his big uncut dick with some hand cream she'd given him and with a loud grunt, began to shove his meat up my wife's virgin ass. She really let out a cry of surprise to have that much meat inside her tiny asshole.

I think she started to have second thoughts about the extra money, but it was too late. The john was too wrapped up in the effort to squeeze as much of his cock up my wife's back door. She begged him to go easy on her, but for $300, the guy wanted his money's worth.

My Wife Wants Big Cock

A year ago, I witnessed my wife with another male. I've read many stories about this and couldn't believe that some men liked to see their wives with other men, and I didn't think I would like to see that either. But as I watched them together I got excited and hard and just kept watching. I wasn't angry, I was "hot".

What I saw was my sexy 24 year old blonde wife, with her short skirt up around her waist and A sixteen year old boy with his hand on her cunt. She was stroking his huge hard cock with her hand.

Slut wife takes care of strange guys during a train ride

Our car was at the garage for repair and they didn't have a spare 'loaner', so my wife, Angel, (who is a petite 26 year old beauty) and I had to travel into town on the commuter train. We where grumbling about the train being quite full and having to stand. We didn't know how well off we where, at the next station dozens more people got on and we were packed in like sardines.