My Wife Tina

My wife Tina and I have been married for three years now and we have been very happy. She is twenty four now but because she only stands a little over 4' '7" and looks so young, you would swear she was only thirteen. She loves sex and is very multi-orgasmic. I have never met a women who could cum so easily or so often.

Though she is very small she is very well proportioned and looks like a 6' fashion model in miniature. She has long golden blonde hair, wide hips, a tight ass, small breasts with very large and extremely long pointed nipples , a tiny narrow waist and a pussy that gets very wet when she gets aroused. She only weighs 74 pounds soaking wet.

Though she is small, she has a sharp temper that can easily get her into trouble if she doesn't control it properly. This temper of hers started a chain of events that was to change our lives forever. She thinks that because she looks only thirteen that she can get away with saying anything she pleases to anyone at anytime.

When we met, she was twenty one and still a virgin. Not that she wanted to be, but because she was so small and looked so young, guys considered her jail bait and didn't even try to put the make on her. Even though she told them how old she was, they thought she was just lying. Bars would not let her in because they thought her ID was a fake.

It all started on Friday of a weekend that we had planned for two weeks. My wife was out shopping and while on her way home she was driving down a street in a nearby town when a van pulled out of an alley and she only managed to stop just in time to keep from running right into the side of the van. Needless to say, she was very angry. The driver of the van was acting like a total asshole and that made her even more angry.

She kept yelling obscenities at the driver of the van. The driver finally got mad and climbed out of the van. He was an extremely large black man and she could tell there were other black guys in the van as well, but she was to mad to care. As this huge black guy walked toward her car she continued to yell what a dumb fuck he was and that he didn't have the brains god gave a goose.

The black guy called her a stupid little cunt and told her she was too young to have a drivers license and if she said one more "fucking" word he would pull out his big black dick and shove it up her ass. Being the little smart ass she is, she told him that even as small as she is, his cock was probably so small she would never even know that his cock had been push in her.

That did it and the black guy started running toward her car as several other very large black guys piled out of the van. When she saw this she hit the gas and drove away. As she drove away, she saw the guys pile back into the van and begin to chase after her. She told me that she lost them a few blocks later at a stop light when a Cop pulled up at the light next to her. She then drove home and called me at work to relate the entire episode to me.

I reminded her that I had warned her many times in the past about her temper and that maybe now she would believe me; but she said it was no big deal and was even kind of exciting thinking about what those huge black guys would have done to her little body if they had caught her.

I told her I didn't think it was very funny and that I loved her and worried about her getting into trouble without me there to help her. Although, I told that with that many big black guys, I didn't know what I would have been able to do to stop them. I told her we would discuss this later when I got home.

At the time this incident occurred we had been married about one year and had decided it was time to have our first child. My wife was being very scientific about her approach to getting pregnant. She had been off the pill for about three months and was watching her temperature and cycle and had told me that this weekend was going to be the absolute optimum period for her to get pregnant.

She had told me that if we spent all weekend fucking that it was an absolute certainty that she would become pregnant and that I should be prepared to fuck all weekend. She said she was hornier than she had ever been in her life and wanted to do it until she passed out. Needless to say I was ready and felt like I had a constant erection all week. She had not let me fuck her for two weeks because she didn't want my sperm count to get depleted.

I arrived home around 7:00 to find my wife already nude laying in the bed with her legs spread wide apart. She was masturbating with a black dildo. She said she was so horny that she just had to relieve herself or go crazy. I took off my close and said she didn't need a dildo when the real thing was here.

My cock was hard and I was ready to go at it, but she told me she had to use the dildo because I couldn't fuck her yet. She said we could not do it until 10:00 because that was the absolute optimum time for her to be impregnated and she didn't want my sperm count to be depleted by doing it before that time.

She said she wanted us to watch the porno flicks I had bought for this weekend to help make us really horny and she wanted me to sit down on the floor at the end of the bed and watch her use the dildo on herself so I would get really hot and my cock would be as big as it could get and to really turn me on so I would be able to cum in her many times. But she said I was not to cum or she would really get mad. She didn't want me waste the sperm.

She said if I came in her three times there would be absolutely no doubt that she would be impregnated. Besides, she said it turned her on to have me watch her use the dildo, especially because it was black. She said it was like having me watch another guy fuck her; a black guy. I thought that was an odd thing for her to say, but watching other guys fuck my wife had always been a fantasy of mine that I had hinted at many times, but never came right out and said it to her for fear she would get angry. Maybe she was reading my mind and besides, it did turn me on tremendously watching her fuck herself with the dildo.

She had told me to buy the raunchiest porno flicks I could find and that's just what I did. For the next two and a half hours I watched my wife fuck herself with that black dildo, having orgasm after orgasm, while she watched women in the porno flicks being fucked in their cunts, mouths, and asses. Guys were jacking off on the women, shooting sperm all over them.

One movie showed a white woman being gang fucked by four black guys while her husband watched and encouraged the black guys to use his wife. One guy was fucking her cunt, one up her ass, and one in her mouth while the fourth black guy jacked off on the woman's face. As my wife watched this movie she started to fuck herself harder and faster with the black dildo. She was so turned on.

Finally she said, if those black guys in that van today had caught up to me, I'm certain that's what they would have done to me. I told her that she was probably right. With that she really started fucking herself with the dildo. She was building to another orgasm and I knew she was fantasizing about the black guys in the van. Then she started saying things I'd never thought I would her from my tiny little wife.

She said she bet their black cocks would have been a lot bigger and would have felt a lot better than the black dildo she was fucking herself with at that moment. Picking up on this change in her personality I told her that I was certain that their cocks would have been considerably larger and that I also was sure their cocks would have felt a hell of a lot better than the dildo she was fucking herself with and she probably would have really enjoyed what they would have done to her if they had caught up to her.

Jokingly, I told her that maybe next time she shouldn't try so hard to get away. She said that next time maybe she wouldn't try to get away at all. Then she asked me if I would be mad if she ever did anything like that with black guys.

WELL, THIS WAS IT. What should I say? Should I tell her the truth. Should I tell her that I fantasize about her fucking other guys all the time or should I tell her I would be very angry and probably divorce her? I was so horny that I decided WHY NOT TELL HER THE TRUTH and see what happens. While she kept fucking herself with the dildo, watching the woman in the movie being gang fucked by the black guys and listening to the woman's husband encourage the black guys to fill his wife's holes with sperm, I started to tell her the truth.

I told her that I knew she had never felt another guy's cock fucking her and that it would be very unfair of me if I didn't allow her to feel the experience of being free to have sex with other men. I told her that I really wanted her to feel other men's cocks fucking her. I also told her that she would make me very happy if she let her body be filled with other men's sperm and that I would never get mad at her for fucking other guys, no matter how many guys she fucked, how often she fucked them or what she allowed them to do to her.

I said that I thought it would be good for our relationship later in life, so she wouldn't feel later that she had missed out on a full and rewarding sex life. I told her that I had fantasized thousands of times about other guys shoving their huge cocks in her little body and that she would make me very happy by fucking other guys and especially letting them fill her tiny body with their sperm.

With this she started to tell me how much she wanted to fuck and suck other guys but was afraid to tell me. She also told me how much she wanted to feel their sperm in her; and especially how much she fantasized about being gang banged or repeated raped. She told me how much she really felt she needed to fuck other guys and particularly she needed to be gang fucked or raped and that she almost always fantasized about being raped and gang fucked by black guys. Being raped and gang fucked by black guys was her biggest fantasy and that she wanted me to watch while they did everything to her that men can sexually do to a woman. She said that was why she was using a black dildo.

I told her how much it would turn me on to watch her totally give herself to black guys to be gang fucked. The more I encouraged her to fuck and suck black guys and told her what I hoped they would do to her, the more intense her orgasms became. Finally, I told her that if she really loved me that she would feel black cocks being shoved in her tiny body and that I wouldn't take no for an answer, even if I had to have her raped. She started to moan and groan and grunt and squirm to the most intense orgasm I had ever seen my wife have.

While she was cumming she kept screaming how much she wanted to be fucked by huge black cocks and how much she needed to feel their sperm filling her body every day, and how much it would turn her on to make me watch while they raped and fucked her.

I was just about to cum, which I knew would make her mad, since she didn't want me to deplete my sperm count. After all, that was the reason we were here using the dildo, watching sexy movies and waiting till 10:00 to fuck; (it was now 9:45) was so she would be certain of being impregnated. Anyway, I was just about to cum and my wife was right in the middle of her most intense orgasm when I was startled by a voice behind me. As I turned around to see who was there I was grabbed by several pair of very large black hands.

I looked toward my wife, who was still laying on the bed, her legs spread wide apart with that black dildo still pushed all the way inside her cunt and in the middle of the most intense orgasm of her life; that was impossible for her to stop. As I looked at her and she looked at the black men in the room, I heard her say; "OH MY GOD THE VAN!"

As I looked up from where I was sitting on the floor, the four black guys holding me seemed ten feet tall. I knew then that my wife had not lost the men in the van today and that they had followed her home to get even with her for smarting off so much. While they held me down five more huge black men walked through our bedroom door and stood there watching my wife finish the orgasm she could not seem to stop.

I tried to fight them off, but it was no use. There was absolutely nothing I could do. They were in total command and they could do anything they wanted to do with virtually nothing that I or my tiny little wife could do to stop them. I felt totally helpless; and as I looked at my tiny child like wife laying naked on the bed, I knew what they were going to do. She looked back at me; her orgasm was ending but the black dildo was still deep inside her cunt and the look she gave me told me without a doubt that she also knew what they were going to do.

One of the black men, who I found out later had been the driver of the van, told us that all nine of them had been standing out in hallway for about an hour now watching and listening to everything we had been doing and saying. He said they decided to wait a while before coming in the room to give us what they heard us say we wanted. "Besides, he said, it's almost ten o'clock and your wife won't have worry about our sperm count being too low."

My wife was trying to cover herself, but they just ripped the covers off of her and push her knees up and back to get a good look at the black dildo that was still deep inside her. The driver of the van, his name was Jim, moved his hand down to the dildo and started to fuck it in and out of my wife's pussy.

As he fucked the black dildo in and out of her pussy he said, you really love big black things in your cunt don't you slut? My wife looked me directly in the eyes, knowing that there was no way to resist and said loud enough to make certain that I could hear her; "YES I DO." His hand was so large in comparison to my tiny wife that his hand covered her entire pubic area. As he move the dildo in and out of her. I watched her as she spread her legs as wide as she could and saw her twitch as if she was having an orgasm.

By this time they had me tied up with neckties so I couldn't move and had placed me in a spot on floor at the end of the bed where I couldn't miss seeing everything that they were going to do to my wife. Jim said he wanted me to have the best seat in the house.

As Jim fucked the dildo in and out of my wife the other eight black guys started taking off their clothes. When each guy dropped his shorts, each guy turned so I could see his huge black cock. They wanted me to see what was going to be shoved into the holes of my wife's tiny body. I had never seen cocks so large and had never seen anything so black. My wife watched as the eight black men walked toward her stroking their already hard cocks.
Not one guy was under 10" and each cock was so thick that even their large black hands barely went all the way around their huge cocks.

When they got to the bed they all started feeling my wife's tiny little body and pushing their black cocks at her mouth, face and tits. She looked like a toy next to them. While the eight naked black guys were busy using my wife; kissing her, sucking on her tits and rubbing their huge hard black cocks all over her face and body, Jim started to get undressed. When he dropped his shorts his cock was already hard from the excitement of fucking my wife with dildo and watching the other guys use my wife the way they were.

I could not believe the size of his huge black cock. It was at least 12" long and I couldn't begin to guess how thick it was. His cock was absolutely gigantic and the size of it made me feel very inferior and inadequate just to look at it, but it also turned me on because I knew that shortly he was going to shove that huge black cock into my wife's tiny body. When he held his huge cock down the side of his leg, it almost reached his knee. Then he lifted his cock up so I could get a good look at his huge black balls.

I thought the other guys balls were huge, but Jim's balls were like two large black pool balls hanging between his legs. I looked at my wife and saw that she just kept staring at Jim's huge cock and balls. He turned to the side so my wife could get a better view of his huge balls and said "I don't think your wife will have to worry about a depleted sperm count from these balls, do you?"

I saw Tina shudder again and knew for certain that this time she was having an orgasm. Tina was actually having an orgasm just looking at his huge black cock and gigantic black balls. She was having an orgasm knowing for certain that soon she would feel this gigantic black cock fucking her child sized cunt and blasting enough sperm in to her tiny body that there could be no doubt in any of our minds that she would be impregnated with the first load he blasted in her cunt. As I watched her orgasm from the mere knowledge of what was about to happen to her; it started to turn me on to realized that my wife actually wanted to be used and impregnated by these nine black guys and my cock started to get hard. I was tied and there was no way to hide my hard cock as it stood straight up in the air.

Jim, seeing my hard cock turned to my wife and said "Tina, look at your husband's cock." " He knows what we are going to do to you and it turns him on." Tina looked at my cock and knew it had turned me on knowing that these nine black guys were going fuck her and impregnated her as I watched. Then Jim said to me; "You want us to fuck your little slut wife don't you?"

There was no possible way to hide what I was feeling. All I could do now was look Tina straight in the eyes and say "Yes, I want all of you to fuck her."

As I continued to looked into Tina's eyes Jim asked me if I wanted them to impregnate Tina. Again, as looked into Tina's eyes all I could say was "yes, I want your huge black cocks to fill my wife's body with your sperm and impregnate her right in front of me while I watch."

Hearing me say this, Tina looked at me and mouthed the words "Thank you, I love you too," just before a large black cock was pushed into her mouth. Jim's cock was now totally hard and it stood out in front of him like a black baseball bat. He was definitely ready to shove his huge black cock in my wife's cunt and by the look on Tina's face, she was ready to have him shove it in her anywhere he wanted to shove it.

Jim looked at the clock on the dresser next to the bed and said, "It's 10:00, it's show time!"

When Jim abruptly yanked the black dildo out of Tina's cunt there was a popping sound and I saw Tina's juices begin to ooze out of her pussy. As Jim started rubbing her juices all over her cunt to make sure she was well lubricated, the guy in Tina's mouth grunted and I knew he was filling my wife's mouth with her first load of another man's sperm. Tina kept jacking off the guy that was filling her mouth to show him that she wanted more of his sperm.

As she jacked him off, I heard her moan and knew she was having another orgasm just from the taste of his sperm. When the other guys saw this, two of them shot their big loads of sperm all over her face. The guy in her mouth took his black cock out of her mouth and wiped it around through the sperm covering her face.

Tina then wiped her hand through the sperm on her face until her hand was coated with globs of sperm, then she reached down to Jim's huge cock and wiped the sperm all over his cock to lubricate him and let him know that she wanted his huge black cock in her now. She took a hold of his huge cock and kept starring me right in the eyes as she started rubbing the head of his huge cock up and down the slit of her cunt. I didn't know how she would be able to fuck him, since her little hand only went about one third of the way around his huge cock.

Tina kept looking right at me as I saw her cunt lips start to spread open as he pushed his huge fat black cock in to her cunt. She kept starring at me and smiling. She was teasing me as her cunt lips kept stretching more and more until her cunt lips looked like they were paper thin. Then I watched his fat black cock began to disappear inside my wife's tiny body. By the time the head of his cock had enter my wife's cunt, she was in a state of constant intense orgasm.

Then just before another black cock was shoved into her open waiting mouth; I heard her tell Jim that no matter how much it hurt her, she wanted to feel every inch of his huge black cock as deep inside her body as he could shove it. Then, loud enough to make certain everyone heard her, She told Jim how much she wanted her body filled with his sperm. Then she looked directly at me and told him she wanted me to watch him impregnate her with black sperm.

When Jim heard her say these things, he turned to me and told me to watch closely as he shoves his whole cock in my tiny wife and impregnates her with his hot black cum. As another large black cock was shoved into Tina's mouth, Jim shoved his gigantic black cock into Tina until she screamed in pain around the big cock that was moving in and out of her mouth.

When she screamed he pulled about two inches of cock out of her and then shove his cock back into her even deeper until she screamed out in pain again. I was watching him rape my wife and it was turning me on more than anything in the world ever had before. He kept shoving more and more of his huge black cock into my wife's tiny body until his huge balls were slapping against her ass. By now the guy in her mouth was shooting his load in her mouth and all over her face and hair.

Her hair was matted with cum. Sperm was running out of the corners of her mouth and laying in large white globs on her face and tits. She looked up at me with sperm all over her face and moaned in endless orgasm. She then told me to look at his huge black cock fucking in and out of her cunt because she had taken Jim's entire cock in her body and she wanted to make certain that I saw that she had taken his entire cock inside her body. She told me how great it felt to be fucked by his gigantic black cock and that I should get used to seeing black cocks fucking her because they would be fucking her a lot from now on.

Jim was fucking her hard and fast now. Taking full strokes in and out of her cunt. Pulling his cock all the way out and then shoving the full length all the way back into her child like body again. Every time he shoved his huge black cock all the way inside her small body I could see her stomach move up and down. I knew that what I was seeing was the head of his cock hitting the inside of her stomach and trying to push its way out of her body around her belly button. It was easy to tell how far up inside her tiny body he had shoved his gigantic cock.

As I watched her stomach move up and down to the rhythm of his balls slapping against her ass, I watched her hug, kiss and tongue the huge black man that was fucking her. I heard her begging him for his sperm. She was telling him that she needed to be filled with it and she needed it now. It really turned me on to hear her begging him to fill her cunt with his sperm. She knew what it would do to her when he finally pump his sperm into her body and she wanted it to happen. She actually wanted to be impregnated by black cocks.

Here I was tied up with neckties, not being able to move; my hard cock sticking straight up in the air for all to see while I listened to my loving wife actually begging this huge black guy that was fucking her to impregnate her while eight other huge black guys were fucking her mouth, shooting their cum all over her face and tits and waiting their turn to pump their loads into her fertile cunt also.

The guy that was now fucking Tina's mouth began to tense. Knowing he was about to cum, Tina was wildly jacking off his cock faster and faster. As two of the guys that were jacking off near Tina's head started spraying my wife's beautiful child like face with their sperm; the guy fucking her mouth lunged forward, shoving his entire 10" cock all the way down Tina's throat.

He started grunting and grunting and grunting. Tina started gagging and moaning around his cock and I knew he was shooting his cum straight down her throat and into her belly. I was so excited that I told Tina to swallow all of his sperm, that I wanted her to swallow the sperm from every black cock she could find. I kept telling her how much I loved to watch black guys cum in her mouth, especially big black cocks. As his cock became limp, he withdrew it from Tina's mouth. As he did, his cock drooled cum along the side of her face.

Tina grabbed hold of his big limp cock and wiped it around on her face through all the cum the other guys had just shot all over her face. When his cock was completely covered with cum, she stuffed the limp cock back in her mouth and began sucking the sperm off of it. When the black cock in her mouth was totally clean, Tina removed the cock from her mouth. She told me to look at her mouth.

As I stared at her mouth she opened her mouth to show me all the sperm that was covering the inside of her mouth. She said all their sperm was mixed together in her mouth at the same time. She said she wished all the guys could cum in her mouth at the same time. I told her that I would love to watch it if they did. I told her that I loved everything they were doing to her.

By now Jim was fucking Tina ferociously with his gigantic black cock and Tina knew he was about to fill her cunt with his sperm.

It seemed like Tina had been in a constant state of orgasm for well over 30 minutes now, ever since Jim's huge black cock first touched her once tiny cunt. The other guys were laughing at her because she was literally begging Jim to fill her body with his sperm. While looking straight at me she told him that if he did she would do anything he wanted, anytime, anywhere and with whoever he wanted. She told him that she would be his total slut and would never say "no" to anyway he wanted to use her.

I was totally shocked to hear her say this, but it turned me on so tremendously that I could hardly believe it. Jim told her that he was going to shove his huge black cock up her ass, that he would fuck her in public places while other people watched, that he would freely pass her around to his black buddies so they could use her and that he would take her to all black parties where she would be forced to perform every filthy act of sex he could devise with dozens of black cocks at a time.

Jim asked her if she understood what he was saying. Still looking right at me, she said she totally understood what he was telling her and that she would gladly do absolutely everything and anything he wanted, no matter what it was he may want her to do if he would only fill her body with his sperm right now.

While still fucking my wife deep and hard, Jim turned to me and ask me if I heard and understood what my wife had agreed to do? Would I also agree to all she said and would I give my total guarantee that I would make absolutely certain that she lived up to her end of the bargain? Jim also said that I had to agree that if she did not do what she had agreed to, that he had the right to take her and force to do what he wanted and that I would even help him.

At this point, Tina looked directly at me and told me that if I truly loved her and cared that her life was sexually fulfilled, as I had said earlier, that I would not hesitate to agree to what Jim wanted. She said that she honestly needed to be allowed to be a total slut to black cocks for a period of time in her life and that she had to be completely certain that if she couldn't do it on her own, that I would make sure she was forced to do it.

As they all looked at me, waiting for my answer, I looked at Jim's huge black cock fucking in and out of Tina's incredibly stretched cunt and though I knew what it would mean if I had an orgasm now; I couldn't stop myself. My mind was filled with the images of what my beautiful tiny wife would be forced to do by all the black guys that would use her like the slut she wanted to be and I began the most intense, almost painful orgasm of my life. My sperm started shooting straight up in air. Being tied, I had no way to hide my orgasm. I kept cumming and cumming.

I couldn't believe how much sperm I was shooting in the air. It shot all the way up onto the bed and sprayed both Jim and Tina. They all laughed at me and Tina smiled at me and said, "I guess that answers your question Jim, it certainly answers the question for me. He wants me to be your slut! He knows, without a doubt in his mind, what will happen to me; specially tonight if you fill my cunt with your sperm and he wants it to happen this way! He wants your black baby in my belly and so do I!"

Jim tensed and shoved every fraction on an inch of his gigantic black cock into Tina's cunt and started to grunt and groan over and over again. Tina was starring straight into my eyes and smiling, teasing me to a point of almost humiliation, as he started to pump his huge load into her, she kept smiling at me, teasing me, telling me how she could feel his sperm shooting into her cunt, how hot his sperm was and how great it felt to have a black guys sperm being shot so deep into her body and that she could feel herself being impregnated by his sperm.

Her orgasm intensified a thousand fold knowing that she was being impregnated by a black cock as I watched and encouraged. Her orgasm was so intense that I thought sure she was going to pass out as she moaned and moaned over and over how great it felt, that she never wanted it to end and that she wanted her body to be filled with sperm from black cocks every day and every night. Tina told me to look at her cunt as she was being fucked. I looked at her incredibly stretched cunt and saw Jim's sperm foaming around his black cock as he continued to fuck it in and out of her.

Then she smiled at me again; teasing me, humiliating me; saying for everyone to hear, "You know what he is doing to me right now while you watch his cock fucking me and filling my cunt with his sperm, don't you? He is impregnating me, I can feel it happening. He is impregnating your loving willing wife with a black baby while you watch it happen. Everyone will know that your wife fucks black guys. Do you like what he is doing to me with his big black cock? Do you like what his sperm is doing to me? Do you like thinking about all the black cocks that are going to fuck my pregnant body when he is finished using me?"

While she kept telling me these things over and over again, teasing and humiliating me about how great it feels to be fucked by black guys, that my cock could never make her feel this way, that she would much rather be impregnated by the sperm from black cocks than my white cock and that she wants black guys to fuck her every day.

"Do you want it to be like this every day like I do? Does it turn you on as much as it turns me on when you watch black guy use me?"

I couldn't stand it any longer and I gave her the answer I knew she wanted by having another mind shattering orgasm and shooting my sperm all the way up on her and Jim again. When my sperm hit her she told me how much it made her feel loved that I was getting so turned on by what was happening to her and that if I really truly loved her I would prove it to her by making certain that I force her to be a total slut to black cocks and make certain that this all happens again and again and again with hundreds of black guys. But most of all, if I truly loved her, I would make certain that she was repeatedly impregnated by black guys again and again.

Jim started to slow his fucking of Tina now and began to pull his cock out of her cunt. As he tried to pull his cock out, my wife begged him not to pull his cock out of her and to please keep fucking her more, but he said the other guys were waiting for their turn in her cunt and that they all wanted to make certain that there was no possible chance that the sperm count inside her cunt would be too low.

When Jim pulled his cock out of Tina's cunt, his sperm came gushing out and then I noticed that her pussy didn't close back up. I could look right up inside her. I could see all of Jim's sperm still in my wife's cunt and it turned me on again. She had been fuck so thoroughly that she had lost all muscle control in her cunt.

The child like cunt that my tiny wife had prior to tonight was gone. Her cunt was now totally lubricated with Jim's sperm and stretched wide open for the other eight black cocks that would use it in any way they wanted.

As the next black guy got between my wife's totally spread legs and shoved his big black cock up my wife's eagerly waiting and sperm lubricated cunt in one full movement, Jim moved up to my wife's face and started rubbing his semi hard and huge cock all over her cum covered face, lips, tits and hair.

Tina quickly opened her mouth as wide as she could and Jim pushed his jet black cock in her mouth. Tina started sucking his cock and licking up and down the whole length while jacking him off with both hands and telling him how much she loved the taste of his sperm and how good it felt to suck his big black cock while she was being fucked by other black cocks, especially while I was watching her.

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