Suzy's Honeymoon, Day five

"Oh Brad." groaned Suzy, as her husband held her naked body close to his and kissed her deeply.

Suzy reached down and took his huge manhood in her hand, caressing it softly in her dainty hand. Her chest heaved anxiously under her handsome, muscular husband. She swam in his caresses and returned them with equal desire.

"Are you ready?" Brad groaned softly into her ear.

My wife and predators of workspace

I was sitting down having lunch with several of my coworkers when I heard something that caught my attention. One of my coworkers, John, was saying that he thought that it was a turn on to have other men screw his wife. I couldn't believe John had just said that. His wife was named Julie and me and Sandy had actually had dinner with them a couple of weeks ago. It was when Gary, a guy that works with us and a self proclaimed lover boy, said that he would love to fuck John's wife. John said that he would love to watch but Gary said that a guy that lets other men fuck his wife has to be queer and he didn't want John around while he shagged Julie.

Sometimes you get more of an education out of the classroom than in

I peered over from my dorm room single bed across to the open window above roomie Mark's matching bunk. It was late, very late and something was keeping me from sleep. In my waking blur I figured the culprit was the intense glow of the early autumn full moon streaming through the mini blinds on the window. As the narcoleptic haze slowly lifted from my senses I detected noise and movement, a rustling of cloth perhaps.

Payment in Kind (MMF bi Male oral anal Mdom Fdom)

Peter was working away at his essay; he’d been working on since 6 o’clock this morning, he’d given up trying to sleep. The essay’s importance and the imminent hand in date meant that it had been constantly on his mind for days now. He’d been ill when it had been originally due, and been permitted a chance to resubmitted the work at the end of the summer break. Other than this one essay, he had graduated from his course, doing quite done well, not as well as he’d hoped, but well enough.

Age Of Onslaught

"Before anything," growled The Italian Representative,"I demand that.... thing be removed." He was pointing at Rogue, who glared back at him angrily, he quickly dropped his gaze, pretending interest in some unimportant documents. "This thing, as you put it, is a person who just saved us from what we've always feared - mutants using their power to rule over us." "Then let's not replace one for another!" cried The German Representative,"Where's the sense in that?" "I say we wait for The Regent!" cried The French Representative. "My Brother - The Regent - is at this moment getting the basic facts of what has just happened explained to him... while the guards he beat up on are being treated for severe injuries, I say we deal with this now."

My Wife, The Las Vegas Hooker

A few months ago while I was fucking my beautiful wife, when she suddenly begged me to talk dirty to her and call her a whore and slut. This was very out of character with my sweet, straight laced wife who never ever curses. She became very excited and the more dirty and slutty names the more she orgasmed!

I asked her about this when we finished making love and she said you had a very secret fantasy she wanted to share with me. She said since she had never had sex with another guy, other than me, that she fantasized about being a real hooker, just once. She said she would like to go to big city far from our home state and dress very slutty, and pick up a john to fuck and suck.

Well after recovering from the shock, I said well I'm going to Las Vegas next month on a business trip and invited her to come along. She became very excited and couldn't believe I agreed.

So we planned the trip and bought her some slutty clothes and lingerie and went to Vegas. We gambled at a couple of the major casinos and separated after entering each time. I watched her as she sat at the bar and she was approached by several men until she found this one guy she really liked. I went and hid the closet and she soon returned with the guy in tow.

She asked him for the money up front, and she said business you know! The guy handed her five hundred dollar bills and she laid the money on the night stand. She then undressed and the guy pushed my naked wife back on the bed. When the guy pulled his pants down and revealed about a seven and half inch cock, he was not circumcised and his dick was twice as thick as my 5- incher.

He said to my wife, "Since I'm the paying customer, how about you suck my dick to get me started?"

She didn't say a word, she just knelt beside him as he laid back on the bed, with her knees right beside his head. She then opened her mouth as wide as possible and glanced up at me in my hiding place, as she pressed her lips down over the head of his thick dick.

I watched as she examined the foreskin and how it slid up and down as she jacked and sucked his dick. She also fondled his big golf ball sized testicles and grabbed them both with her hand and separated his balls She did one of my favorite things and pulled one of his balls as high as possible up his dick where she held it, very close to his rod. Then she lowered her face and sucked about half his dick and mouthed and tongued his one ball at the same time.

He was really excited and started fucking her mouth and shot a big load in her mouth. She swallowed about half of it and then played with rest on her tongue as she looked to my hiding place. The image of a big sticky rope of cum stretching from his dick to her tongue, is a picture I'll never forget! It was so hot!

He lay there and recovered and while she jacked his dick until it was hard again. She then asked him... which way do you want to fuck me? He said we start with me on top and he crawled up her naked body and rubbed his dick up and down her pussy. He said you are really wet honey. My wife replied that sucking strange cock always made her pussy flow. He then put the head at he cunt and lurched forward and drove about three quarters of his dick up her pussy.

My wife let out a loud moan, asking him to take it easy. He didn't, he rammed her to the hilt! I could see his big balls tight against her ass cheeks and he said you have a very tight pussy for a hooker. My cute wife said well I do pussy exercises every morning and it keeps me tight.

Finally she put her legs around his waist and he started really fucking her hard and bouncing her off the bed with each slamming thrust. She was moaning and sighing and telling him what a big thick dick he had. She asked him to fuck her faster and her picked up the speed and could see her toes curling as she had a big orgasm.

He gave her a few more strokes and jammed is dick in as far as possible and he then came deep in her belly. When he pulled out his dick I saw a big glob of cum roll out of her pussy. He then asked if he could fuck her in the ass and she agreed for $300 more! She'd always told me that her ass was off limits!

After a few minutes the stranger was ready to go again! My wife bunched up two pillows under her lower torso and laid down face first. Her customer greased his big uncut dick with some hand cream she'd given him and with a loud grunt, began to shove his meat up my wife's virgin ass. She really let out a cry of surprise to have that much meat inside her tiny asshole.

I think she started to have second thoughts about the extra money, but it was too late. The john was too wrapped up in the effort to squeeze as much of his cock up my wife's back door. She begged him to go easy on her, but for $300, the guy wanted his money's worth.