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Back in the early 1980's I used to work in this factory that made snack foods. At this time all the office workers had their own offices (ah, the days before cubicles had been discovered). The accounting department, where I worked, was in an add-on wing at the back. Because of the sensitive nature of our work, the offices had an outer door that was always locked, then each of our offices had their own doors.

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Marybeth is my best friend. We've known each other for years, and often go shopping together, or go see a movie, or in the summer time, go over to the lake and swim and sunbathe. She's also the first woman I ever made a pass at.

You see, I discovered that I was attracted to women a long time ago, but just kept it completely to myself. But Marybeth, who's the nicest person I know and who has a spectacular body and a pretty face, is the first woman who attracted me enough to drive me to such a thing.

My Slutty Daughter

Hi my name is David and this story is about my daughter Nancy. But before I tell her story, I want to give you some background. Her mother and I were married young. Debbie was 18 and I was 20. Our marriage was great. I say "was" because Debbie died in a terrible accident when Nancy was teen.

Debbie and I enjoyed a terrific sex life. We found everything about sex exciting and began adding new things almost immediately after we were married. Beside the "normal" things we found we enjoyed showing Debbie off. That came easy since our honeymoon was to a Caribbean paradise where Debbie wore skimpy bikinis to the beach. Watching the other men look at her was a terrific turn on.

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Lashawn Jackson sat in the empty bar and sipped her rum and coke. She eventually knew it would happen. She was the only black representative at the Junior Twirlers Regional Finals. Lashawn was alone. She'd had to arrive three days early to help set up the competition organization. Her contingent was mostly black or minority girls from the East side of Detroit. Her daughter had not made the cut but as long as Lashawn was a rep, her daughter could compete and win...But that was a real long shot. Anyway it was a nice six day trip to 'Vegas.

Laurie Fallon's Journal

"I was terrified when I wrote about Rasputin," Laurie told Professor Elkin, looking him in the eye, putting her hand on his wrist while she talked. "When Rasputin murdered Peter Lorre and that guy murdered Myrna Loy, I felt him stagger like I do when I come. Passion's connected. I didn't care if it were a movie, I wanted him. I felt it here inside my sex, bet you think I am wet. Don't look so surprised, you know me. I am that slut in your class. Don't be shy fuck. I love it how you almost stammer when I come on to you. You love it more when some stupid ass student is here listening, don't you?"


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