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It was surprising that Runt had survived past adolescence for he was some ten percent under standard size. He had just been spared termination because of a general amnesty as part of the celebration of the birth of the Exalted Supreme Ruler's first son and heir. Mistakenly he was literally cast out of the detention facility along with several minor criminals of the upper class. He was now an ownerless stray. He just wandered around not knowing what to do. That night he slept under some bushes in a park eating discards from the trash cans.

Ball Girls Tina's First Day

The day after Tina and her friend Nikki met the members of the club, they returned to start their first day as Ball Girls. They were still unsure exactly what their duties would be, besides wearing a very revealing uniform and accompanying golfers around the course.

"Did you tell your Mom we aren't allowed to wear panties with our uniform?" Tina asked. They were on their bicycles, two teenage girls riding to their first job. Tina, at 18, was a year younger than her friend and was still a virgin. She assumed Nikki had already started having sex, since Nikki talked freely to her about sucking her step-brother's cock.

Payment in Kind (MMF bi Male oral anal Mdom Fdom)

Peter was working away at his essay; he’d been working on since 6 o’clock this morning, he’d given up trying to sleep. The essay’s importance and the imminent hand in date meant that it had been constantly on his mind for days now. He’d been ill when it had been originally due, and been permitted a chance to resubmitted the work at the end of the summer break. Other than this one essay, he had graduated from his course, doing quite done well, not as well as he’d hoped, but well enough.