Kala's Conditioning

Cast of characters Kala ' (kay-la) young highschool senior. Petite Sindy ' Kala's younger sister, athletic, cheerleader Marla ' Kala and Sindy's mother, prominent Psychologist William ' Kala and Sindy's Father, prominent Plastic surgeon Rosa ' Marla's maid, Michelle ' William's new wife Kala has two things to be happy about, she is graduating high school in a couple of months and turning 18 two weeks later.

My Brother, My Master

My brother was waiting for me when I got done with my shower. "Carol is here," he said. "Solo alpha beta." Once again everything that had happened after I had drank the Swinefen was forgotten to me. All I could remember was talking with Steve for awhile before going to take a shower. I felt sore though, and that puzzled me. I figured I must have been masturbating too much lately, but that didn't really explain it. I felt like someone had shoved a huge dildo up inside me and left it there for hours. I went downstairs to find Carol sitting at the table, leafing through a magazine. She smiled when she saw me, and I smiled back. "Hey!" she greeted me. "I just got here a few moments ago. Have a nice shower?"

Age Of Onslaught

"Before anything," growled The Italian Representative,"I demand that.... thing be removed." He was pointing at Rogue, who glared back at him angrily, he quickly dropped his gaze, pretending interest in some unimportant documents. "This thing, as you put it, is a person who just saved us from what we've always feared - mutants using their power to rule over us." "Then let's not replace one for another!" cried The German Representative,"Where's the sense in that?" "I say we wait for The Regent!" cried The French Representative. "My Brother - The Regent - is at this moment getting the basic facts of what has just happened explained to him... while the guards he beat up on are being treated for severe injuries, I say we deal with this now."