Patricia Mason finds herself in need of looking to fulfill her own need

This is a story of discovery and adventure for a mature woman, mother of two twin girls, and divorced. This is a story about a woman who finds excitement, thrills, and a part of herself she had never known and certainly never had the opportunity to recognize.

Raised in a proper, conservative home, Patricia Mason was taught morality, propriety and the role of the woman in the household and a marriage. With old-fashioned ideas of the woman taking care of the house and the man providing for the family, it all seemed to clash with the world-view she encountered in society around her, her high school experience, and the media. Her rebellion after high school resulted in her first becoming pregnant, then getting married to the father. She was only 18-years-old.

The Dirty Masseur

That was tiring" Krishna sighed as they closed the doors behind them. He switched on the air conditioning on full blast.

"And sweaty. And dirty" Aeishwarya added as she took out her tank top to show her black bra and stood right under the air conditioning. They had been cleaning the terrace garden since the morning.

Krishna held her from behind and whispered into her ear, "Care to join for a bath?" His palms slithered on her sweaty abdomen.

Mark and Merianne and I

As mentioned, I had decided to have some portion of my fun in the past, and in other places, and as other people. It was time to give it a try. I had just finished setting up Mark and Merianne and I returned to my office, locking the door and telling the assistant that I didn't want to be disturbed for about fifteen minutes. That, at Reward's one hour per second rate (I assumed the rate could be adjusted to anything, but this one would do), would allow me to enter another life for a month. I had often fantasized, as have many other people, about life on a primitive, unspoiled tropical island - so I thought it would be nice to pick out some such place.