My Wife Taken

I do like this newsgroup which I've followed for some time (Eli did such a good job, back in the day and ASSTR is upholding the tradition) and now I'm retired I've decided to write about something which happened years ago. A true story from the sixties when my wife and I were newly weds. Some of the details may not be correct because it happened so long ago and because both my wife and I were hypnotized.

Slut wife takes care of strange guys during a train ride

Our car was at the garage for repair and they didn't have a spare 'loaner', so my wife, Angel, (who is a petite 26 year old beauty) and I had to travel into town on the commuter train. We where grumbling about the train being quite full and having to stand. We didn't know how well off we where, at the next station dozens more people got on and we were packed in like sardines.