The Cruel Step-Mother

Timmy Brown was eighteen years old and lived with Bob, his father, above their small family run supermarket that was situated in a row of shops in St Johns Wood, North London.

His mother had died when he was young and his father, still a good looking thirty four year old, had never found someone he would want to have a relationship with.

That was until the day that Joanna Jewson came into his shop.

Sometimes you get more of an education out of the classroom than in

I peered over from my dorm room single bed across to the open window above roomie Mark's matching bunk. It was late, very late and something was keeping me from sleep. In my waking blur I figured the culprit was the intense glow of the early autumn full moon streaming through the mini blinds on the window. As the narcoleptic haze slowly lifted from my senses I detected noise and movement, a rustling of cloth perhaps.

My Wife Taken

I do like this newsgroup which I've followed for some time (Eli did such a good job, back in the day and ASSTR is upholding the tradition) and now I'm retired I've decided to write about something which happened years ago. A true story from the sixties when my wife and I were newly weds. Some of the details may not be correct because it happened so long ago and because both my wife and I were hypnotized.