Anarchy in my cunt

I'm an anarchist personally...A real one too. I don't have any dreams of utopia or even friendly campfire songs after all the governments collapse. I think it'll be pretty crazy, real hectic, so I'm stocking up on stuff now.

I'm Amerasian, female, which means I was always welcome down in Oregon with the anarchists there. Just angry young men with spray paint though really, and I was pretty torn about leaving those guys. I liked living in the woods a lot. I shared a cabin with these three guys for awhile.

My Slutty Daughter

Hi my name is David and this story is about my daughter Nancy. But before I tell her story, I want to give you some background. Her mother and I were married young. Debbie was 18 and I was 20. Our marriage was great. I say "was" because Debbie died in a terrible accident when Nancy was teen.

Debbie and I enjoyed a terrific sex life. We found everything about sex exciting and began adding new things almost immediately after we were married. Beside the "normal" things we found we enjoyed showing Debbie off. That came easy since our honeymoon was to a Caribbean paradise where Debbie wore skimpy bikinis to the beach. Watching the other men look at her was a terrific turn on.

Identity Crisis - oral

Phew! Today's Pre-Calculus lecture was murder. At least that was my last class that day. It was still early afternoon, so I headed down to the study room in the basement of the Bio-Technology Building. Some of us called it the Fish Tank because it had a wall of windows facing into a foyer where several corridors met. Another wall of glass on an opposite wall gave a view of the campus data center.

The Better Woman sitting on face

It all happened about a year after I graduated from college. I'd been spending a lot of time with one of my college girlfriends, Sharon, who had graduated the same semester I had. She and I got along great, in part because we were so different. I was shy and introverted, Sharon was vivacious and outgoing. She was a leader and I was a follower, so we got along perfectly. We were both between boyfriends at the time, and we'd taken to staying whole nights at each other's places watching movies and ordering in food.

Pegging with Olivia and her GF

"Brace yourself, Olivia - I'm going to give that lovely cunt of yours one hell of a pounding!"

The 7-year-old squealed with shocked delight at her mother's words, not noticing the smile that Carol had shared with Laura. Olivia had looked forward for months to being fucked by her mother but now that the time had come she was becoming increasingly nervous, wondering how she could possibly take the thick phallus of Carol's strap-on in her tiny holes.

Fuckable Sneaky Wives

I was mesmerized watching her. She was so damned beautiful I thought. Laying there naked her legs wide spread fully exposing her hairless tight wet pussy. Her nipples looked so hard, stiff and swollen.

Yes my wife of seven years was still just as beautiful as the day I met her and fucked her. Yes, again, I had fucked her and took her virginity on the day I met her. Yes, we now also had a daughter, just as beautiful and sexy as her mother and I must say I believed just as hot and passionate, or was going to be.

Planetfall: Homespace (sci-fi sex)

Erwer, Urim 23, 1028 The Incredible Thirty Hour Party had just entered its twentieth hour when I finally got free of my assignments and started making my way down to the forward flight lounge, now filled with all manner of sentient beings. I didn't expect to find any of the primary flight crew there; David, Kathy, Tasha and all of them would be sleeping right now, trying to shake off the effects of the first six hours of the Thirty Hours so that they would be in the kind of shape needed to take the ship out of hyperspace at the end of the last six hours.

An Historian Discusses Sex-Slavery

I sat down with an esteemed historian this afternoon to discuss his findings about American slavery. I told him that I was wrestling with a bit of a conundrum trying to figure out why it was that slavery remains so powerful within the psyche of most black men and women.

Why is it that if you call a man or woman a slave on a street corner they'll go crazy on you, yet if you mention slavery and chains in the bedroom they turn into a wild and insatiable sex maniacs? Why does the mention of slavery and chains still get afro-americans so angry, and yet so sexual aroused?

You've got marvelous tits, gir

We were having breakfast on the veranda behind my house. The view from there is excellent, with my well-designed and careful tended garden right below the house, the large swimming pool in the middle of it and the majestic mountains in the distance. The addition of Tiffani, wearing her black silk dressing gown but with it hanging open to reveal her breasts, certainly didn't make the view any worse. "I talked to a friend at the gym yesterday," she said. I didn't let her do much by herself since we signed the contract, but going to the gym was one thing I let her do.