Horny Lady Cop

The group of them sat excitedly in the van, looking at the innocent-looking tailor shop across the street through the surveillance panels lined with one way glass. Lucenta had a camera set up behind one of them, and Dean was monitoring a tape recorder near another. Laurel crouched down between the two men and watched the front of the tailor shop intently. She knew that inside the shop, men she didn't even know and never wanted to meet – awful, ugly men who made and distributed porno films for a living – were viewing her and Dean in their torrid coupling. Men she loathed were watching Dean fucking her brains out!

Stacey's Adventures - Part 2 (Down On Old Creek Road)

Teen Stacey woke up and hurriedly dressed in shorts and a tank top. It was Tuesday and she was going to ride her bike over to Boone Talbott's house. She was looking forward to this day for more than a week. The week since her first real life sex encounter was filled with anticipation and frantic masturbation sessions. The memory of having her pussy fondled by the middle aged man and sucking his cock filled her with incredible sensations. Knowing she would be with him shortly and probably do more sex stuff was causing her pubescent puss to leak and butterflies to flutter in her stomach.

Easter Birthday Taboo Sex

Hurry up or you'll be late, daddy.˛

Why do I let my daughter get me into these things? I didn't want to play the Easter Bunny, on the Sunday of the big game. I wanted to be sitting on the sofa, feet up, popcorn and munchies at the ready with my favorite beverage, cold, on the table. Instead, I'd be sweltering inside of an old smelly flea-bitten rabbit suit, passed down from volunteer to volunteer never getting cleaned or deodorized in the process.

Identity Crisis - oral

Phew! Today's Pre-Calculus lecture was murder. At least that was my last class that day. It was still early afternoon, so I headed down to the study room in the basement of the Bio-Technology Building. Some of us called it the Fish Tank because it had a wall of windows facing into a foyer where several corridors met. Another wall of glass on an opposite wall gave a view of the campus data center.

Teasing Wife Gives-In

My wife, Becky, has always been a tease. She doesn't flirt with men... On the contrary, she ignores advances or gives a quick, cold glance and walks away if a guy gets too friendly. But she always dresses sexy, and she secretly loves it when people notice... Everybody notices, and with good reason.

Vampire nights

Joyce relaxed, taking her customary seat in the crowded room. It was so good to get some time alone and leave the 'dig' to its own devices. The last couple of months had been a constant battle against time and the ham fisted construction crews.

The auctioneer walked in and the murmur in the salesroom reduced to a polite whisper. Joyce shifted slightly in her seat and was finally able to get a clear view. She hoped the substantial man in front of her would stay put for the next hour or so. On the whole Joyce enjoyed being what the polite would call "petite" and the more direct "damn short", but it did present a few problems from time to time.